Risks Notice

When a person wants to get the best service possible, they are looking for an advanced and experienced company. This is true for any sphere of activity, and online dating is not an exception. We can offer you more than a decade of experience in helping people find their perfect match and become finally happy. Our company appreciates each client and can even provide you with a tailor-made approach in some cases. Nonetheless, since online space cannot be completely safe, and the area of online dating carries some inevitable risks that cannot be fully eliminated, our obligation is to brief you on them.

Please review this Risks Notice attentively since it may influence your decision to register on our site and start using the services provided on it.

Services Provided on the Site

First, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that this site is an online dating platform where you can communicate with the representatives of the opposite sex. We are NOT a dating agency or a marriage broker. The scope of the services provided doesn’t include looking for a spouse, assistance in starting a family, an arrangement of face-to-face meetings with other users and that kind of thing. We provide only communication services and don’t register users on the site instead of them.

  • We shall not be liable for the behavior of any user both online and offline;
  • Any user can refuse to start or continue communication with you on their own initiative;
  • Any user can delete their profile from the site at any time;
  • Not all users are open to communication;
  • We neither guarantee nor take responsibility for the accuracy of the information that you can find in the users’ profiles, including but not limited to their marital status as well as the credibility of the information that you receive in the process of communication with any user. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of contact info provided by Agreed users;
  • During the communication with other users, there are chances that you can be humiliated, mortified, cheated or offended by them. They are real people, and we cannot influence their behavior. So, if you are an easily wounded person, you should better desist from using the site.
  • Even though any erotic or adult content is strictly prohibited on our site, some users can violate this rule, and you can receive sex-related content while communicating with other users on the site. If you consider this inappropriate, and you believe that it may cause some emotional distress, then you should better desist from using the site;
  • Webcam video streamed by a user can be recorded beforehand. We cannot technically distinguish a live video from one created in advance.
  • Users that you are communicating with, may ask you about some financial assistance. You shouldn’t do that in any case! The provision of any material assistance to other users is strictly prohibited on our site.

The above-mentioned risks are inherent. We do our best to eliminate the risks, but there are still chances that they can happen. We are not liable for the likelihood of risks except for ones, provided in the Terms and Refund Policy. If you run into any of the above-mentioned cases, please report this to the support team at support@annadating.com to help us take all steps necessary for a prompt solution to the issue.

Translation Services

When it comes to international communication, sometimes people face a language barrier and use translation services to overcome it and be able to communicate with other users. This implies the fact that a translator can write and send messages on behalf of a user. The gender of the user and the translator may not coincide. Besides, the Agreed users may use translation services, suggested by their referring Suppliers. Since a Revenue Sharing business model (see Revenue Sharing) is used by our company, our Suppliers may encourage their permanent translation staff and/or Agreed users to talk to you in a way that can increase your spending on the site.

We take measures to lower the risk that the Suppliers' translation staff will communicate on behalf of (or pretend to be) any of the Agreed users without first informing you about that. Nevertheless, we shall not be liable for such situations during your usage of the site.

Suppliers. Registered Users

To provide you with our services via the site, we are collaborating with independent service providers (“Suppliers”) like dating and marriage agencies. Female users who are eager to be involved in online dating turn to such companies (Suppliers). That’s why we are interested in collaborating with such Suppliers and suggest them to direct female users to our site for registration. The Suppliers, including but not limited to the following actions:

  • They can direct female users to register on the site (Agreed users);
  • They provide all the required info about the Agreed female users, including copies of their identity papers. A certain part of this info is indicated on the site (name, personal details, pics, videos, etc.);
  • They can buy and deliver presents ordered by you through the site to the Agreed female users;
  • They can gather the Agreed female users’ paperwork, including the consent to face-to-face meetings or the disclosure of personal contact info.

If you want to know whether a user is an Agreed user, you can contact the team, using any suitable contact info provided on the site.

Suppliers. Levies

The fact that Suppliers expect to get a cut of the amounts spent by you in the process of communication with the Agreed female users of the Suppliers, including the cost of gifts made (“Revenue Sharing”) is a widespread practice. We act in accordance with the most online dating business models that involve collaborating with local female members' introducers based on Revenue Sharing to stay competitive.

The above-mentioned info suggests that the Supplier who has directed a certain Agreed female user to us may get a percentage of your spending on the site in the process of communication with that Agreed user as well as “Profile-Linked Fees.”

Profile-linked Revenue Sharing may increase the risks of encouraged communication, impersonation and other fraudulent activities.


Encouraged Communication. False Personation

Because of Revenue Sharing, the Suppliers may try to increase your costs on our site connected with a certain user (thus, increasing the Supplier's Profile-Linked Fees). Particularly, a Supplier may share their Profile-Linked Fees with their Agreed users with whom you are communicating (“Encouraged Communication”) and/or delegate that to the Agreed users’ translators or other personnel of the Supplier to talk to you on behalf of the Agreed users without the involvement of the Agreed users, and without disclosing this to you (“False personation”).

This presupposes that there are chances that when you are using any online dating website, you might be talking to a person who is explicitly or implicitly interested in increasing your costs on the site, or to a person who is not the owner of the profile and is even of another gender.

We are trying to do our best to eliminate and lower the risks that our Suppliers will practice something from the above-mentioned by introducing different requirements and verification procedures for the Suppliers.

Please tread cautiously and keep your eyes open since we are not liable for you being engaged in encouraged communication. If you run into some suspicious activities you think we should be aware of, please contact us in any suitable way, so we can conduct an investigation and take measures.

We are not liable for the occurrence of these risks during your usage of the site. Nonetheless, we suggest you review our Refund Policy. If you use the site, you agree to the likelihood of the occurrence of encouraged communication and false personation.