Privacy Policy

We value that you confide us with your information and we are set to always maintain that level of trust. It begins with making sure you comprehend the information we gather, why we gather it, how it is used and your preferences concerning your personal data. This Policy describes our privacy practices in available language, reducing technical and legal terminology to a minimum.

This Privacy Policy relate to apps, websites, and other services operated by our website. In case a particular site has its privacy policy, then that policy applies.


Obviously, we cannot provide for you meaningful relationsips without some information about you, such as fundamental profile details and the types of people you want to get acquainted with. Also, we gather information about your usage of our website, for example, access logs and information from third parties, like if you connect our services through the account in social media. There is some additional information below.

Information you provide us:

  • Your accounting data, as well as some basic details such as your date of birth and gender.
  • When you fill in your profile page, you can share with us some additional details, for example, about your character, way of life, hobbies and other information about you, as well as some content such as videos and photos. To attach some content, like videos or pictures, you can allow us access to your photo album and camera.
  • If you make a purchase directly from our service or use some paid service, you provide us with information, such as your credit or debit card number.
  • When you take part in focus groups or pulls, you provide us your insights into our services and products and give responses to our testimonials and questions.
  • When you participate in our contests or promotions, we gather the information that you use to enter or register on our site.
  • Also, we work on your chats and the content you post.

Information we gather when you use our website:

  • Information about the usage. This is information about your activities on our website, how you use them (e.g., time and date you logged in, features you use, pages that you look through, advertising that you click on, etc.), and how you communicate with other users (e.g., people you communicate with, date and time of your interactions, the number of sent and received messages).
  • Device information. We gather information from and about the devices you use to use our website, including:
    • software and hardware information (device ID and type, IP address, operating system, apps settings and device-specific characteristics, browser version, language, and type, advertising IDs, app crashes, identifiers, and time zones;
    • information on your network connection;
    • information on device sensors such as gyroscopes, compasses, and accelerometers.
  • If you make a purchase directly from our service or use some paid service, you provide us with information, such as your credit or debit card number.
  • Other information by your agreement. If you permit, we can gather data about your geolocation through various means, including Wi-Fi, GPS, or Bluetooth connections.


  • To create and manage your personal account and offer you our services
  • To offer you customer support and answer to your requirements
  • To complete the transactions you perform
  • To discuss our services with you
  • To help you communicate with other users
  • To study your profile and the pages other users to make the best connections
  • To show you the profiles of other users


  • Access/Update tools. Account settings and tools help you to access and manage information you provide to us and that is connected to your personal account.
  • Device permissions. Smartphone platforms have some permission systems for specific types of device notifications and data. You can change the settings of your device to either permit or disable the gathering of the corresponding information.
  • Deletion. You have the right to delete your personal account.

We want you to know your privacy rights. There are some key points you should remember:

  • Assessing your data. Applicable privacy laws provide you the right to review your personal information. To do it, you can contact us and request a copy of your personal information.
  • Updating your data. If you think that the information we have about you is erroneous or that we no longer can use it and want to request its deletion, rectification, or processing, please contact us.


We do the best to protect you from disclosure, destruction, or alteration of your personal data. On a regular basis, we check our systems for probable attacks and vulnerabilities and review our information processing and storage practices to update our organizational, technical, and physical protective measures.

We may freeze your usage of all or some our services with no notice if we detect or suspect any breach of security. If you think that your personal data is no longer protected, please notify us about it.

To guarantee that your data and our systems are well-protected against illegal access, loss, and theft, we apply a bug bounty program.