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Slavic Girls Dating

Are Slavic women a good choice for American Guys?

Let's try to figure out why American guys often choose Slavic women to be their date or wife. What is so special about these women?

First of all, these women are very faithful. Family is the main value for them. Despite the fact that they often study and work, their husband and children are always in the first place.

Most girls have a magnificent figure: pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped. Young girls exercise regularly to keep fit. They tend to avoid fast food and like to walk.

Slavic brides have a great taste and always dress well. Even in winter, they often wear miniskirts, high heels, and tights. They even dress up for an ordinary dinner or to the cinema.

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How to make a Slavic Woman like you?

So, you are into one of those hot Slavic girls, and you really want to make a good impression on her? Read our tips on how to achieve that!

Be polite

If you asked a girl out on a date, show her your good manners. If we are talking about online communication, write beautifully and competently, do not ask awkward questions, and be polite.

Learn to listen

The girls love to talk and they love when you listen to them. They can talk about a stupid incident in their childhood, and they will be very pleased if you show your listening skills at this moment. However, this does not mean that you should only listen - keep the conversation going, tell your own stories.

Give her a compliment

The next thing you should do for your Slavic girlfriend is to compliment her. The girl has spent several hours preparing for a date with you. Therefore, it will be extremely pleasant for her if you notice this and give her a compliment.

Keep promises

If you have promised something to a Slavic girl, be sure to keep your promise. This way she feels she is important to you. In addition, she will see you as a mature and responsible person.

Be honest

Do not hide information about yourself, and do not make up stories to impress her. Sooner or later, the truth will be revealed.

Show your attention

Be attentive to the girl. Offer your help, give her some flowers, invite her to a place she was talking about, or to the exhibition she wanted to attend.

How to date Slavic Girls: do's and don'ts

When it comes to Slavic women – dating them can be the best thing that happened to you, or it can be the worst nightmare in your life.

The do`s in dating a Slavic girl:

Understand and share the emotions

We have put all our efforts into learning to THINK, but we have completely forgotten how to FEEL. We became afraid of our own emotions, so we stopped sharing them.

Understand and meet your needs and the needs of your girlfriend

What do we need relationships for? Everyone determines it for himself. But, in general, we need them to get more pleasure and joy, and to be happier.

Respect your girlfriend

This is one of the fundamental things for a strong relationship between a man and a woman. If one partner is not ready or does not want to accept his or her weaknesses, the relationship will not last long.

Trust your girlfriend

There is no happy future in a relationship where there is no absolute trust in each other. Doubts can kill even the greatest love.

Have common goals in a relationship

Over time, crazy feelings subside a little and the relationship becomes insipid, understandable, and familiar. Therefore, it is crucial to discuss, form, and move towards common goals! Goals are what give energy! And energy means passion!

And this is what you need to avoid when dating a Slavic girl:

Lack of basic knowledge about women  

Male ignorance about female psychology and physiology is very common. Many men sincerely believe that “they are just like us,” and behave accordingly.

 Total control

Very often a man tries to control everything in his woman's life and wants her to obey him in everything. These women will never allow you to do it.

Inability and unwillingness to listen to a girl

This is one of the main mistakes. Men are not inclined to listen to women, especially when it comes to important issues of family life, problems in relationships and making important decisions.

Anger and offensiveness

This is another crucial mistake. Rude and cruel attitude scares and humiliates women.

Lack of support

If a woman asked to help her in a difficult situation, and the man did not take care of her and did not support her, she won`t trust such a man. After all, every woman needs a strong man's shoulder.

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