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Skinny Girls Dating

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Skinny girls have always been causing resonance among men and women. These women are incredibly fit and their shape is desirable. Although society drifts away from the idea that being skinny is the only norm, men still like slim girls with less weight. 

What are the perks of skinny girls dating? Do these women differ from girls of different weights and body types? Do these women have insecurities or, on the contrary, unreachable, high standards? How do you approach such a lady and is it tolerant to comment on her shape? Together with, we managed to collect answers to these questions. 

Why skinny girls are so cute?

Skinny girls are so cute for several reasons. People like to think of skinny women as gentle and fragile creatures, almost having angel-like innocence. These are all the reasons why we are used to seeing skinny girls as cute:

1. Society made us do it. Because of propaganda in the media, skinny was the only norm in the 2000s when Paris Hilton and Kate Moss were THE norms. Only thin women would get roles in movies, music videos, runway shows, and entertainment together with advertisements. Skinny ladies were seen as models and fashion icons because most clothes were made for 0 size women. Nowadays these girls would be considered unhealthy and undesirable because “the norm” is a construct. But since then, we are used to a certain shape being excessively portrayed on social media. 

2. Skinny girls are perceived as healthy. Although in some African tribes, skinny equals unhealthy, most of the modern world thinks that being slim is associated with good metabolism and exercising. Skinny girls are less likely to have heart and locomotor system problems, have problems during giving births, and many more aspects that lead people to think they are healthier. 

3. They look youthful and innocent. Smaller women look fragile and petite comparing to a man they are with. These girls are often smaller in height, that is why they look younger. 

Where to meet skinny girls for dating

Where do you meet skinny ladies for casual encounters and friendships? These women can be easily spotted anywhere: in the streets, cafes, shopping malls, and any public places in general. But where do seek them precisely? How do you search for such a lady with a better probability of finding someone according to your preferences? 

These are all the places you need to visit if you want to try skinny women dating: 

1. Gym

Skinny girls go to the gym to become slimmer. You would think that it's more natural to come across heavier women when going to the gym, but these places are abundant in fit girls who already got their summer bodies. These women spend long hours perfecting their physique because a slim fit requires titanic skills.

2. Pools

Speaking about summer bodies, many slim women go to the public pools for several reasons. Some of these girls want to swim, others come here to sunbathe, drink cocktails, and spend time with friends. When attending a public pool, you have many chances to come across a fit woman who would gladly talk to you in such an informal atmosphere. 

3. Dating sites and online-chats

Dating sites are an incredible opportunity to find a slim woman because most of these platforms have a slider that lets you choose a girl's weight. It is very convenient because now you can search for a partner according to your taste. You can pick a girl down to a pound and save time, filtering out people who are not on your preference list. Any skinny dating website is a great way to pursue your goal much faster. 

How to date a skinny woman: do's and don't's

If you think that skinny girls have it easy,  you need to chat with skinny women to find out it is not entirely true. These women have a lot on their plate because society has incredibly high standards for conventionally beautiful women. This is what you want and do not want to tell your skinny girlfriend:

Do not comment on her weight too much

Believe it or not, skinny women can be self-conscious about their bodies too. And if you choose to concentrate all of your attention on her body, this diminishes her whole personality and waters it down to outer appearance. This can be harmful and insulting to your girlfriend, so avoid excessive compliments and commentaries on her weight.

Do not tell her to eat more

Some women are so thin because of their fast metabolism. It might be surprising, but skinny girls suffer in high school years just as much as plump women get bullied. If you chat with skinny girls, all of them can tell you that sometimes the weight is not controllable, so it doesn't matter if she eats more or less.

Do not expect too much from your girl

Society has a stereotype that skinny women are more interested in fashion and are obsessed with their appearance. That is why most men don't give their women leverage, expecting them to look top-tier any time they leave the house. Remember that skinny women have the right to have a bad day just as much as anyone else. They do not live to serve society or live up to someone's expectations. Women from share their advice to keep silent before judging someone because you never know whether it is a stranger’s forte or insecurity. 

Encourage your girl to love her body

If you choose a neutral tactic and praise your girl for being attractive, you can avoid stereotypical behavior and show your girlfriend that her weight does not define your love for her. Encourage your girl to stay in a healthy relationship with her body and be her best friend at all times.

Bonus: five most beautiful skinny ladies

Any live video chat with skinny ladies would look like interviewing a superstar, but have you seen these incredible beauties?

1. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is a great example that a girl can be "excessively skinny" for some people's taste and still look incredibly beautiful. This woman has a thin physique and does sport so that her body looks even better.  She has always been skinny and was constantly bullied for her weight. As you can see, skinny girls have it hard too.

2. Gal Gadot

This incredible bombshell was once told that she was too skinny, and her bust was too small. As an Israeli, this woman was frequently asked if she ever had an eating disorder. This must be sad to hear because a sexy thin woman shouldn't hear commentaries on her weight and comparisons to a stick.  But luckily, this strong lady doesn't give two freaks about some haters' opinions.

3. Ariana Grande

This incredible singer and actress have always been compared to "a broomstick." You might find it surprising and even shocking because Ariana Grande is is one of the most desirable and sexy young actresses in the world. Because of her small height and tender physique, people perceive Ariana as much younger.

4. Zendaya

Zendaya was often called "starving" and "too skinny," but she always looks captivating and sexy at all times. This woman knows how to serve a look and never fails to amaze fans with her stylish decisions.

5. Audrey Hepburn

One of the most memorable and most beautiful 50s and 60s Hollywood stars has a distinctive "gamine" look. She invented fashion for skinny girls, and to this day, women can't thank her enough for her contribution to the thin women world.