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To send a girl just a couple of messages to make her fall in love with you sounds like a dream for any guy. After all, winning over the heart of a beautiful lady in online correspondence is a complex challenge that is divided into many tasks. It is important to know what to write in the first message in order to attract the girl you like and what to tell her about in the future so that your relationship moves to a new level. But don't worry: if you know the right strategy, this will be quite an easy task for you. So, we’d like to bring to your attention an effective guide on how to win over the heart of a single lady in online chat.

How to start chat with single girls online

Don't know how to start a conversation with a single girl online? First of all, take a close look at her profile page:

  • analyze information about the hobbies and interests that a girl indicates on her profile page;
  • look through her profile photos;
  • observe her posts and saved images (if possible);
  • explore her favorite publics, music, and videos posted on her profile page.

All this information will help you to find a common topic to enter into a dialogue with a girl you like. When you come up with your first message, try to get along without boring platitudes. "Hello, how are you?", "Let's meet?", "Good evening, beauty" – you should forget about such hackneyed statements at all. Your first message to the girl should reveal some information about you and your purpose for starting the dialogue. To awaken the girl’s desire to answer you, provide your first message with the below-mentioned information:

  1. Who you are? A man has to introduce himself – indicate his name.
  2. Why are you writing a message? A man should inform about his intentions: “I want to chat/meet a loved one/find a friend/ discuss a book/ask about the location captured on your photo/find out your opinion about the movie, etc.”
  3. Why did you pick up this particular girl from the numerous female profiles on the site? A man should enlighten what attracted him to a lady: he discovered a common hobby, noticed interesting photos on the girl's page, and so on.

How to chat with single girls

Many men think that in order for a girl to fall in love with you, you need to show yourself in the best light and convince the lady in your own splendor, adding a little self-promotion. This is not entirely true: there is no point in pretending to be someone else if you plan to develop your relationships. To gain the sympathy and love of the girl you like, you need time and adherence to the following rules. Let's take a closer look at them.

Develop self-confidence. It is this quality that will help you not to feel awkward, find a way out of deadlocks when communicating in online girls’ chat, and raise your communication with a lady to a new level. If a girl feels your self-confidence, she perceives you as a reliable person and a man whom she can confide in.

Be polite. Pickup encourages guys to be persevering to win over a girl. But men often try to achieve their goals using vulgarity, overweening conceit, and pretentious haughtiness. Such a mistake alienates ladies not only on the web but also in real life. In order to spark the interest of a woman in an online conversation, you should choose your words carefully and be polite. 

Add mystery to your image. Do not tell about all and everything that happens in your life or explain your motives and actions, it’s better to answer some girl’s questions "it’s a secret that I do not share with anyone". A light touch of mystery will add interest to your personality. But do not overdo it and turn into a real brain twister for the lady – women do not like such men.

Avoid one-way communication. Assure yourself that a topic of conversation during a live chat with girls is interesting to both of you. If the lady keeps silent, it means that it's time to change the direction of your conversation. 

Keep positive. This doesn't mean “don't speak about problems at all,” just don't do it all the time. It's better to have fun and joke more. Guys with a good sense of humor always evoke sympathy in women. It’s not a big deal to mention your problems if you do not do it regularly and do not say that they are unsolvable. You should neither pretend that your life consists of rainbows and unicorns, nor transform the girl you like into your personal psychologist. Try to minimize the discussion of negative things if you really want to attract a single girl.

How to impress a girl when chatting online

In fact, women are very sensitive and impressionable creatures. There is no need to do something supernatural to impress a girl when chatting online, you just should follow the following simple tips:

Demonstrate your broad-based knowledge 

A girl should know that you are smart and well-rounded. After all, women go crazy over brainy men. However, keep in mind that the demonstration of your knowledge should be performed in an unobtrusive way, do not let it all look like bragging. 

Take care of your grammatical correctness

A man should work on his writing skills and learn spelling rules before starting to chat live with ladies. Firstly, there is a high probability that frequent mistakes will annoy a girl. And secondly, some misspelled phrases can simply mislead her.

Add visuals

Online correspondence is not only words but also multimedia. So, don't forget to use this tool! If you've already been chatting with a girl for a couple of days or weeks, it's okay to start sending her cool memes, funny videos, or cute audio files. Thus, the girl will be more interested in communicating with you.

Compliment her photos

Girls love it very much when men comment on their photos and pay them nice compliments. But at the same time, the praise should be sincere and correspond to reality. The representatives of the fairer sex perfectly feel the lie, so if you embellish a girl’s dignity, it will be regarded as a deception, and the correspondence will come to naught. 

Pass Aron's questionnaire together

These are 36 questions that couples answer together to get closer. Ideally, you should do this while sitting opposite each other. But you can also ask questions at different points in time by integrating them into your online conversation. Psychologists have proven that this questionnaire really helps people fall in love with each other.

Topics for conversations

To make a girl like you, you need to prepare in advance a list of topics that will be discussed in the conversation. This will help avoid awkward pauses and give the woman a good impression of your communication skills. Therefore, touch on the following topics when chatting online:

  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Occupation
  • Family
  • Art
  • Literature
  • Cinematograph
  • Traveling
  • Food preferences
  • Pets

Best pickup lines for online chatting with girls

  • Hey! I'm Alex. I bet within 10 messages, you’ll like me enough to drink coffee with me next Saturday.
  • How would you react to a man who claims to make the best pasta in your life?
  • Do you want me to treat you to the most delicious dessert in the world?
  • Hey! We don't know each other, but I think you can help me with one research. Could you answer a few questions?
  • From now on, I cannot imagine my life without you.
  • It seems that I’m head over heels in love with the dimples in your cheeks.
  • You definitely have an inborn sense of style! Could you please help me choose a shirt for our first date?