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Millions of males like to chat with blonde women on dating sites and apps. And it works not only in the virtual world but in reality, it also does. If equally good-looking blondes and brunettes walk in front of men in opposite directions, most guys will turn toward a blondie. That's a fact. So, why does this happen? will help you get to the bottom of this.

Why Do Blonde Girls Seem More Attractive to Some Guys?

If you go back in time a couple of centuries, you can see that the classic female image was created in pastel colors. The most beautiful mortal woman of ancient Greece is considered the blonde Helen of Troy, who unleashed the most romantic war of all times. Of course, the woman with golden hair, who destroyed the impregnable Troy, went down in history as a sex symbol of her time. Not only was she beautiful, but, thanks to her snow-white hair, she resembled the goddess Aphrodite — the standard of beauty. Perhaps, men's love for blond women came from there. Here are the modern reasons why men are attracted to blonde girls dating.

  • Blondies take life easier. They are less stressed and able to flirt. Besides, they act like weak women.
  • Blondes seem more feminine, gentle, and malleable. The latter quality is particularly attractive to strong men.
  • Thanks to Marilyn Monroe's wonderful movies, blondes are associated with romance and spontaneity. 
  • Many blondes are an example of a real professional woman. They know well enough that they can do everything themselves and are good at finding a way out of any situation. More often, she will let a man do it. That's the whole point of a blonde woman. She is wiser than she seems. She motivates the man and allows him to show his masculinity.

Places to Meet Blonde Ladies

You can get acquainted with a blondie almost everywhere. The main thing is to be brave and not be afraid to approach her or text her first. If you spend a long time thinking through strategies to chat with blonde girls, someone will do it for you. may advise you to look for blond girls in the following locations:

On the Street

If a man sees a girl he likes in a public place, he can get up the courage to meet her. For lots of males, that's not even a problem, but overly confident people can cause suspicion of their intentions. Also, a movie, fitness club or nightclub would be a great place. In general, themed locations are much more convenient for dating because shared interests bring people together. There is no need to invent tricky stories and dubious topics for conversation. In a club, you can ask a girl to dance, for example.

Dating at the University or Work

This is the easiest way. It’s excellent for young and ambitious men. Studying together, talking about work will perfectly bring you closer and find common ground.

Internet Dating

At the moment, it's the most popular way, as it suits everyone, without exception. Dating sites and apps allow you to evaluate a candidate before moving on to communication. Many girls sign up and wait for a suitable proposal. Of course, online dating has a certain risk—for example, some ladies dream of finding a sponsor, not a life partner. So, you should be careful before deciding on live video chat with blonde ladies.

Online Games

Thousands of modern women play games no less than men. Thus, V-world has become a great place to meet your soulmate. After all, at least you will have one common interest. However, you won’t be able to find out at once what color hair she has.

Blonde Women Dating: Personality Traits

It has been proven women with fair hair are better at the exact sciences than others. They are perfect lovers and terrific actresses. On the one hand, Blondes have charm and sexuality, but on the other hand, they are vulnerable. They have great relationships with brunettes and brown-haired girls.

These tender ladies don't go into details and prefer to rely on intuition. Fair-haired girls are feminine, soft, and cute. Blondies have a quiet character, and it attracts the stronger sex. Still, you shouldn't think that blondes are such naive fools. If you treat your blonde mistress light-heartedly, she will be able to defend herself by showing a lack of sentiment and self-possession. So, be careful as these angels may lose their patience!

Bonus: Five Hottest Celebrity Blondes

In the history of world show business, it’s a fair-haired woman who became a sex symbol and was included in the list of the most beautiful women in the world. Psychologists believe that blond hair is subconsciously associated with femininity, and colorists insist that it makes a woman brighter. Here is a list of star blondes who were considered the most beautiful women of their time.

Marilyn Monroe

Monroe is a blonde of all times and a person who is very much alive. Today's stars copy her image, and today's men admire her. She is criticized by today's reviewers, making her popularity all the greater. Not surprisingly, in 1999, Playboy magazine named Marilyn "The Sexy Star of the Twentieth Century #1" In the same year, she was declared "Sexiest Woman of the Century" by a vote of the magazine's readers. In general, becoming a legend during her lifetime, the greatest blonde has become a true cultural myth these days.

Brigitte Bardot 

This striking blond is a symbol of Europe. Bardot is not only an actress but also a singer and a public figure. In her forties, she ended her acting career to devote her life to protecting animal rights. Brigitte starred in forty films, but the most popular among them was "And God Created Woman."

Scarlett Johansson 

An American actress and singer, Scarlett Johansson, became an international celebrity thanks to her work with Woody Allen. The natural blonde beauty won a BAFTA, a Tony Award, and a Cesar Honorary Award. According to a number of respected magazines, Scarlett is considered the most beautiful blondie of the modern world, comparing her with Marilyn Monroe. This sexy girl has sensual beauty and an elegant body shape. Apart from her external attractiveness, the actress is very talented and witty.

Amber Heard

An American actress, Amber Heard, has been starring in movies since 2004, brilliantly performing hot blonde beauty. In life, she's an independent and self-sufficient person. Amber had a failed marriage to Hollywood heartthrob — Johnny Depp and dated the founder of Tesla and SpaceX — billionaire Elon Musk. She keeps starring in movies, gathering an army of fans in every corner of the world.

Amanda Seyfried

An actress, singer, and model, Amanda Seyfried began to learn the basics of show business and made her film debut as a 15-year-old teenager. The natural blonde has big expressive eyes and a fragile figure. Her stunning feminine image helped her win the lead role in the musical "Mama Mia" and strengthen her status as an international beauty.

Girls are amazing and mysterious creatures. Men often call them sweet and unpredictable. All women are unique and interesting in their own ways. Of course, males like different types of girls. Some men adore bitches, others are looking for faithful girlfriends, and others prefer to surf the blonde dating website to find their fair ladies. As a rule, every guy subconsciously chooses a life partner according to his temperament.