Frequently asked questions

Please take a look at this page. You will find a lot of general and indepth information as well as answers to a lot of your questions.
Registration on the Site
Q. - How much do I need to pay for registration on the Site?
A. - You do not have to pay for registration. Using the site is absolutely free. If you register, you can start dating women from Russia and Ukraine right now.
Q. - How to create a profile on the Site?
A. - Click the “Join” button. Upload new and high-quality photos. Tell something about yourself. The more fields you fill in, the greater the chance of finding a woman.
Q. - Why is my username not approved?
A. - Username is your nickname on our Site. Your username should only consist of latin alphabet, numbers, and underscores.
Q. - Do I need to pay money immediately after registering?
A. - No, we provide the opportunity to see photos of women and chat with them for free.
Q. - How can I register if I am a woman?
A. - We do not accept female applications for registration via the Internet. If you want, you can contact our customer support and resolve this issue.
Q. - What photos are allowed to upload?
A. - Upload YOUR recent photos. Photographs of animals, other people, and nudity, etc. are strictly prohibited. Our moderators carefully check each photo. Those that do not meet our requirements will be rejected.
Q. - What to do if you do not receive a confirmation email?
A. - Contact our customer support. We will try to help you.
Q. - How can I delete a profile?
A. - If you contact our customer support, we will help you and remove all your data from the Site.
Q. - Can I post my contact information?
A. - No, it’s not allowed. Breaking this rule, we have the right to delete your profile. You can read more in the Terms of Use section.
Q. - Do I have to pay to become a Member?
A. - We do not charge membership and upgrade fees. You pay only for the services you use.
Common Questions
Q. - What is the purpose of the Site?
A. - The Site helps single men from all over the world find women from Russia and Ukraine. Our goal is to create couples and give them the opportunity to develop their relationships through online communication.
Q. - How old are the women registered on the Site?
A. - The age of women starts from 18 years.
Q. - I want to find a woman by certain parameters. Is it possible to do this?
A. - Yes, it is. In the search bar, you can specify weight, height, nationality, eye and hair color, and many other parameters are available for search.
Q. - Why can’t I write and read messages if I am registered on the Site?
A. - Just be patient, we need time to check everything.
Q. - Are all the women real brides? Are there any fakes among them?
A. - We carefully check each profile. We ask them to send us copies of their documents and interview each individually. Our moderators do a great job in the fight against spammers, bots, and fakes. The best way to check if a woman is real is to make her a video call.
Q. - I’m 16. How can I register?
A. - You cannot register if you are not 18 years old.
Q. - Why can’t I view all photos on the Site?
A. - Sign up.
Q. - I want to find a future spouse. Do all the women want to get married?
A. - Most of the women want to get married. If you liked a certain woman, then, first of all, you should check the “Aim of acquaintance” on her profile.
Q. - Where do you find women?
A. - Our company cooperates with the marriage agencies of Ukraine and Russia, women are clients of trusted agencies. Our Site has no personal relations with them.
Q. - Can I just find a friend from another country if I do not want to get married?
A. - Yes, you can.
Q. - Men from which countries do Ukrainian and Russian women like most?
A. - They love men from the USA, Canada, Australia, and European countries.
Q. - How old should a man be to interest Russian and Ukrainian women?
A. - On our Website, there are women of all ages. Therefore, every man has a high chance of finding his love.
Q. - How to understand whether a woman knows English?
A. - Check what she wrote in her profile in the column “Languages”.
Q. - Who should I contact if I can’t find the answer to my question?
A. - Contact our customer support service.
Q. - I want to chat with the site administration personally. How to do it?
A. - Contact our customer support service and get detailed instructions.
Q. - Why should I correspond on the Site if I want to do this by email?
A. - We have several reasons for this. First, not all women speak English well, so they need help. Second, we try to make our site safe and do not allow disclosing personal contact information. On the Site, our employees try to prevent any fraud.
Q. - Why should I pay on your Site if I can use any other free site?
A. - Of course, if you just want to chat with a woman, you can choose any other site on the Internet. In this case, our Site is not for you as we specialize in serious dating and relationships. Unlike the others, we provide exclusive services for those who want to find love, for example, you can chat using a webcam, give gifts, and many more things are available. For women, we provide free interpreter services and access to a video camer mentioned earlier, we check user activity to protect men from scammers. Moreover, we help men and women to organize a real meeting. This is exactly what our customers love us for.
Q. - May I call you?
A. - Yes, you can. For this, find out our contact details from customer support.
Q. - What is your postal address?
A. - Our address is We also work through marriage agencies in Russia and Ukraine.;
Q. - Can I be sure that no one will know everything that I ask you?
A. - We never share the details of correspondence with us. You can be sure of that.
Q. - Do I need to report if I find a bug on the Site?
A. - Yes. We will be grateful if you help us make the Site even better, and we can fix the error on time.
Q. - What if some women seem suspicious to me?
A. - In this case, contact us and our customer service will check the woman.
Q. - What to do if a woman asks to send her money?
A. - Firstly, never send money if you are asked to do this on our Website. Secondly, tell us who is asking you to do this. On our Site, it is forbidden to ask for money and attempts to do this will be regarded as fraud.
Q. - How can I use all the services of the Site?
A. - Purchase credits first.
Q. - What does it mean to purchase credits and what is it?
A. - If you are serious in your intentions and want to use all the services of the Site (messaging, live chat, etc), then you should purchase credits. This is a kind of currency of our Site. They don’t have expiration dates, so buying them, credits will be available to you at any time.
Q. - How can I buy them?
A. - Select the item “Buy Credits” which can be found in your account and select the amount you want to purchase. The more credits you buy, the greater the discount. As soon as you pay for them, credits will appear in your account. You can always check how many credits are left.
Q. - How can I pay?
A. - You can do it through Visa, Mastercard and AmEx cards. All the payments should be done in USD. If you don’t have plastic cards or have any other reason why you can’t pay, use Western Union, Moneygram or PayPal services. If none of the payment options suit you, we can solve this problem individually. To do this, contact our customer service.
Q. - How long does it take to transfer funds through Western Union or Moneygram?
A. - It usually takes from 1 to 10 hours. If you pay on weekends, it may take longer.
Q. - I purchased credits today, but they didn’t appear in my account. The payment was successful. Where they are?
A. - Perhaps the transaction process takes longer. This process can take 24 hours. Our computer processes only completed payments. If you have such a problem, you should contact our customer service.
Q. - Will you continue to charge money for credits after the first payment?
A. - We will never debit funds from your card without your permission and consent. You yourself choose when you want to pay.
Q. - Why do you ask to fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form?
A. - It all depends on the bank through which the payment passes. All information that you provide will be provided to the bank for data processing. We guarantee that no one else will find out the details that you give us.
Q. - Can I attach files to my messages?
A. - You can attach one photo to one message. No more attachments are allowed.
Q. - Can I attach my personal information to my messages?
A. - According to our Privacy Policy, you can't exchange personal phones, email, and so on. Our filtering system will block this information and in the worst case, we will delete your account.
Q. - Can I delete the message that I don’t want to be read?
A. - Yes, we can help do this. Tell us the time and date when the message was sent. Note that your account will not be credited after we delete the message.
Q. - Can you tell me about Presentation Letters?
A. - These are messages that were prepared in advance by women for men. They help a woman draw attention to her. If you like some kind of letter, you can write to the woman.
Q. - If I know a little Russian/Ukrainian, can I write Cyrillic on the Site?
A. - Yes, our Website provides the opportunity to communicate in Russian and Ukrainian languages.
Online Video Chat
Q. - How can I communicate through online video chat?
A. - If you have a broadband internet connection, then read the rules of communication through online video chat first. After that, you can start using the service.
Q. - How to use it?
A. - Choose one of the women you like, click on her profile, and greet her.
Q. - How can I watch a lady?
A. - You can do it when the button “Start watching a woman” is active.
Q. - How can a woman watch me?
A. - You can make a certain woman watch you on a webcam. But for this, you must have an active chat. You can start broadcasting yourself by clicking on the appropriate button. Check the box next to the photo of the woman who can watch you. Once you deactivate the checkbox, she will not be able to see you. The number of women who can watch you is unlimited.
Q. - How to end online video chat?
A. - Click the “Close” button to end the conversation. But you can continue to watch a woman. If you close the Live Chat page, all video chats will be ended.
Q. - How much should I pay for this?
A. - Check the costs in 'Buy Credits' section of 'My Cabinet' page. For each service, you will need to pay separately.
Q. - I cannot use video chat normally. It does not work or works with errors. What to do?
A. - Try to reinstall the browser or download the missing components. If it does not help, contact our customer support.
Q. - Can other people interfere with my online chat?
A. - No one except you and a woman can participate in your chat.
Gift Delivery Service
Q. - How long will a woman wait for a gift delivery?
A. - We will do everything so that the woman gets your gift within 5 days. Of course, you have to understand that this may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances.
Q. - Will my gift be delivered to a woman for sure?
A. - We will take a photo of the woman with a gift when it is delivered.
Q. - How to order a gift?
A. - You can choose one of the gifts presented on the Site by clicking “Send a gift” in a woman’s account.
Q. - What if I want to give a gift that is not presented in the list of those offered on the Site?
A. - Contact us and we will solve this problem.
Contact Information of Women
Q. - Can I get additional contact details of a woman?
A. - Yes, you can. To do this, open the profile of a woman you like and click the button “Request Contact Info”. Your request will be sent to one of the Ukrainian or Russian agencies, and if the woman agrees to give you full information about herself, you will be provided with this within a few hours. You will know the woman’s full name and her contact information outside the Site.
Q. - What should I do for requesting contact info?
A. - If you want to receive additional information about a woman and get permission on requesting her data, you must write at least 15 messages or spend 3 hours in online chat.
Q. - Why should I send 15 letters or spend 3 hours in chat for this?
A. - We cannot disclose personal info of women without their consent. Thus, we express our respect for them. Every time men ask us to send them contact information, we write to women about it. If a woman is against it, then we do not disclose her information. Most often this happens because the woman does not know the man enough, so she does not want to give her number or email to him. We believe that 15 messages and 3 hours online are enough to get to know each other better. However, if a woman is ready to give you her contact details before this deadline, we don’t mind.
Q. - Should I pay for requesting personal info?
A. - Yes. Check the cost in 'Buy Credits' section of 'My Cabinet' page. This is what we pay for the work of our agent. We do not know the contacts of the women on the Site. Therefore, we must ask this information in the agencies of Ukraine and Russia agent contacts a woman, receives her contact details and permission to transmit this information.
Q. - When will I get a woman’s personal info?
A. - It takes no more than 5 days. In rare cases, this can take a week. Do not worry, if you do not receive the information you are interested in soon, we will refund you 20 credits.
Q. - What if a woman’s personal info is incorrect?
A. - Contact our support as soon as possible. Despite the fact that we check every contact, sometimes errors occur. This usually takes a few days to figure everything out. We personally never contact women. We fully rely on our agents in Russia and Ukraine. But we are ready to return your credits as an apology.
Q. - Why can’t I get a woman’s email?
A. - When you send a request for personal info and get a positive answer, then you can ask the woman to send you her email. Our Site does not have such information, so we cannot give it to you.
Romantic tours
Q. - What if I want to meet one of a woman in real life?
A. - We can help you with the trip. Provide the identity card of the woman, the date and duration of the planned trip.
Q. - What should I do to see a woman in real life?
A. - You can do this in two ways. You can find out the woman’s contact details through our Website and plan your trip yourself. We do not help you at any stage of planning. This option is cheap and convenient. Or you can use our services. In this case, all duties are performed by our agents in Ukraine or Russia will be provided with a transfer from the airport, accommodation and meals, a personal interpreter, romantic leisure, etc.
Q. - What should I do if I choose your service?
A. - Open the profile of the woman you like, click the “Visit the Woman” button, fill in all the fields that are required of you. We will contact you after processing the application.
Q. - Do I need to ask for the help of your managers if I know how where a woman lives and her contacts?
A. - In this case, there is no need to contact us. But as practice shows, we can provide you with the best package of services and you will definitely be satisfied.
Q. - How can I meet a woman in real life if I don’t want to use your services?
A. - Contact a lady via our Site, get all the information you need, and arrange a trip yourself.
Q. - Will you help me with buying airplane tickets?
A. - We do not provide such a service and also do not know how much the plane tickets cost.
Q. - How much do your services to help organize the tour cost?
A. - You can find out the estimated cost of the tour by clicking on the appropriate link. The cost of the tour may vary depending on your wishes, as well as the number of days you want to spend with a woman. If you want more information, contact our support team.