Cookies Policy

This web-site strives to protect your personal information. We are out to supply you with well-trusted, industry-forming services and products in order that you can concentrate on creating significant relationships. Our privacy policy is aimed to offer you comprehensible information about our data practices. It is why we’ve struggled to reduce technical and legal jargon to a minimum.

To use some functions on this service, you need cookies, which are stored on your device and are used only with your sanction. The Cookie Policy represents what cookies are, what kinds of cookies are there on your device when you visit our service, and how we make use of them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are little text files that are accessed from or sent to the storage space on your device or your web browser. A cookie maintains the name of the domain where from the cookie arises, the durability of the cookie, and an arbitrarily generated exclusive number or analogous identifier. Also, a cookie may maintain data about your device, such as browsing history, custom settings, and actions carried out when using our services.

What are the types of cookies?

First-party and third-party cookies

It is we who set first-party cookies on your device. For example, we utilize first-party cookies to adjust our service to the language preferences of your browser and to comprehend your usage of our site better. Third-party cookies are set on your device by service providers and our partners. For example, third-party cookies are used to determine the number of users on our service or to make it possible for you to share content across different social networking websites.

Session and persistent cookies

Session cookies run as long as you use the browser. They are used for various reasons, including finding out more about your usage of our service in the period of one browser session and allowing you the more efficient usage the website. Persistent cookies are distinguished by a greater operating life and aren’t deleted when you close the browser. These two types of cookies are used to provide you with fast sign-in and for different analytical purposes.

What about other tracking technologies, like web beacons?

Web beacons, software development kits (SDKs), or tracking URLs are used for analogous aims. Web beacons are small graphics files that include an exclusive identifier that gives us an opportunity to identify when a user has visited our website or read our e-mail. Tracking URLs are user generated links that make it possible to recognize a source of the traffic to our web pages. Software development kits are pieces of code integrated in applications that function like web beacons and cookies.

For what purpose do we use cookies?

We use cookies to secure, improve, and provide our web services by identification your preferences, identifying you when you go to our service, and individualization and adapting ads according to your interests. To fulfilling these purposes, we may associate data from cookies with other private information we have about your personality.

These types of cookies may be placed on your device.

Type of cookiesDescription
Essential cookiesSuch cookies are used to offer you the services of our site and to make the usage of its features
Analytics cookiesThey give us an opportunity to identify how our service is used, how useful promotion campaigns are, and help to adapt and improve our services according your preferences.
Advertising cookiesAdvertising cookies make ads messages more appropriate to you. They prevent the same advertising from re-appearing, ensure that advertisement is displayed correctly, select ads according to your interests, and determine the number of advertising and its performance
Social networking cookiesThey are used to allow you to share content of our website with other social networking websites. Also, they can be used with the purpose of advertising.

How can you manage cookies?

There are several cookie control options. But remember that changes you perform can make browsing our service less comfortable. In certain circumstances, you can even make it unable to use the whole site or just a part of it.

Browser and devices controls

Some browsers offer settings that give you an opportunity to manage or decline cookies or to inform you if a cookie is set on your device. The procedure for controlling cookies is a bit different in every web browser. You can check its work in the help menu of your browser. Also, you can manage device identifiers in the settings or help menu.

Interest-based advertising tools

You refuse seeing online advertising with the help of Appchoices, the Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance, or the Digital Advertising Alliance. Such a refusal does not mean that you will not view ads at all – it just identifies that you will not see personalized ads from the companies that take part in refusal programs.

Social Cookies

To provide you with an opportunity to share content, some features of our service utilize social media plugins. Basing on the settings of your account, we receive information from the social media platform when you click the related button on our site.

Google™ Cookies

We use Google Analytics that applies cookies and other technologies for data collection to gather information about your usage of our services to give an account about the website trends.