Why Girls Don’t Like Me: Answers and Tips

Do women reject you without reason? Do you rarely go on second dates? Why are women so harsh when it comes to communication? Do they have impossible standards?

Some men think that women are too needy and bossy; that’s why they have no luck. Others think the problem is their unattractiveness and lack of normal self-esteem. So let’s answer the question “why don’t women like me?” and see all the main reasons. 

women don't like me

Main reasons women reject men

Every man has been rejected at some point in his life. It is natural to lose when you’re trying to get better at a dating game. But do women lie when they say you’re not their type? What do they mean by that? What are the main reasons a girl might reject you?

Not their type

Some men think that the classic “not my type” rejection is just a lame excuse for having high standards. But if you think thoroughly, you would understand that men classify women the same way, defining a perfect girl and popularizing a certain look. Therefore, when a girl says that you’re not her type, she is genuine and most likely sees you as a friend. Unfortunately, you cannot do much about it because changing your type would most likely be unnatural.

They aren’t interested

Some women are not interested in dating in general, and you don’t have to take that excuse close to your heart. Just understand and respect the girl’s desire not to be in a relationship. A girl can be celibate or cold for several reasons, including a recent heartbreak or being already taken. Some women pursue their careers and focus on emotional well-being, valuing their freedom. But, again, you cannot do much about it.

Repelling featureso

why don’t women like me

“Why women don’t you like me?” Of course, everyone is a highly individual being, so something one girl swoons over might be disgusting to another woman. However, some features are considered universally unattractive. These are:

  • Bad posture,
  • Negativistic outlook,
  • Bad personal hygiene ,
  • Excessive swearing,
  • Racial slurs and disrespect towards women,
  • Lame attitude towards friends and family,
  • Overattachment,
  • Greediness.

The list can go over and over, but you already know what is considered unattractive because it works the same way in men and women. 

Girls don’t like me: all possible reasons

The reasons why women don’t like you can be a reach or objective truth. These reasons can live in your head or consist of practical examples. However, since people operate more or less similarly, these are the main reasons you think, “ oh, women do not like me!”:

1. You are self-conscious

Some women like a shy guys, but self-consciousness is generally unattractive because it is a basic social skill everyone has to obtain while growing up. And since we live in a society of tags and expectations, men are often raised to be self-assured and strong. So you might not be her dream man type because she cannot accept vulnerable men. And even if the concept of toxic masculinity is considered wrong and harmful, it’s best to work on your self-esteem for YOU, not for the girl. 

2. You might be greedy 

Frugal males are every woman’s nightmare. The reason why a girl doesn’t like you might be because you always split the bill and always count the money. Men who take their presents back are in a particular field of most-hated human beings. 

3. You badmouth your parents and friends

If you ask, “why do girls not like me?” and talk crap about your friends or family, don’t have high expectations. Men who nag their moms and order people around give off insecure energy. 

4. You are gossipy 

Gossiping is thought to be a female attribute. However, men also spread rumors. It is okay to have an opinion, but a woman doesn’t always want to hear it. Women see that behavior as sleazy and cheap, so you are not becoming closer by playing her female friend. 

why do girls not like me

5. You don’t have a moral compass

Men with a weak moral compass tend to cheat and lie and admit it with a grin on their face. But, even if you are smug and hot, a woman won’t choose such a man as she sees him as a danger. 

6. You are unemployed

Financial and social stability are the defining characteristics of a successfully developed adult. Of course, there are different circumstances, and it’s not shameful not to have a job, but making that a trait and a way of living is not the most flattering personality portrait. 

7. You are untidy

Greasy men with untidy hair and nails are female-repellent. Being disheveled and having a five o’clock shadow doesn’t equal wearing shirts with stains and not washing between the toes. As a result, women generally hate untidy males and approach them less. 

8. You don’t pay attention

Surface-level men who put their women between an X-box and their friends are not the most attractive type. Even if you have a social life and a busy schedule, women don’t want to waste time on someone who doesn’t remember their birthday. 

9. You hate children, animals, older adults, and social workers

Aggressive men are rarely in a healthy woman’s top list. However, suppose a guy doesn’t want to control his emotions, manifesting passive or active aggression towards the less-privileged and less-forceful living organisms. In that case, a woman sees that as a major red flag. 

10. You hate women

Men who disrespect and systematically oppress women calling them stupid and one-dimensional, don’t need to ask the “why don’t girls like me?” question. Women don’t like being treated as objects and servants; that’s why hateful men are among the worst type to date. 

How to fix this: tips to become more attractive to women

If you think that “welp, girls don’t like me,” remember that every problem can be easily fixed. Here is what you can do to become a more attractive male:

1. Love yourself

Treat yourself with kindness, allowing the mind to heal and your body to feel better.  A man who loves himself doesn’t cause harm to other people, compete or hate. 

2. Treat inner misogyny

Trace your problematic qualities where you might diminish womens’ qualities. For example, ask yourself when a woman starts annoying you to the point of becoming clingly or passive-aggressive. Then, fix that behavior to eliminate future conflicts. 

3. Fix the “mommy issues”

We all have issues, but when you need a woman to sustain your well-being or, on the contrary, feel the urge to oppose her every move, it looks like there might be a psychological problem. 

4. Be attentive

Trace her moves and ask the girl how she feels more often. Women love that and will answer you with kindness.

why don’t girls like me

5. Work on your self-esteem 

Remember that you are a king and deserve the best woman. You have potential, and no one can tell you otherwise. Become your best self every day, and women will quickly start paying you attention. 

6. Be tidy 

Improve your image by keeping the body and the house clean at all times. 

7. Treat her like a queen

Buy her presents, say nice words, and remember that she will always pay you back with kindness. 

If you have a “girls don’t like me” problem, don’t worry. None of these issues are external. With some work and an improved outlook on life, you will be the most desirable man ever. 


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