Which Country Girl is Easy to Marry

If you can’ meet the woman  of your dreams in your homeland, you can risk your image and buy a bride. These days, you can get married to a female living at any place. From the European men's point of view, some states are the best countries to meet a wife. Let's find out what they are and why they have such a reputation.

which country girl is easy to make girlfriend

Where to Look For a Woman: Best Countries to Find a Wife

Where should a young man go in search of beautiful and free women ready for serious relationships? After learning about the Brazilian city, where only women live, we wanted to know other places any bachelor can feel like a king.


Are you an eligible bachelor? Come to Ukraine, and you are always welcome here. This country takes a long-standing position, rich in attractive and friendly girls. It is safe enough to travel within the state despite the latest political developments. There are fewer men than women in Ukraine, so you won't have much trouble finding a life partner. Foreigners always call Ukrainian ladies  — superwomen. Moreover, Ukrainians are very stylish and prefer to wear feminine clothes.

best countries to find a wife


That is another Eastern European land full of sexy but single ladies. Since the demography is far from satisfactory — the number of men is less than the number of women. It won’t be a problem to find a soulmate. Most fair sex representatives have amazing blue eyes, fair skin, a perfect figure, and long hair. As a rule, such appearances have always attracted a lot of men. Here, girls are smart and can make a conversation on any topic. They follow fashion and look stylish in everyday life.


Having explored the marriage market, Western bachelors characterize Romania as the best country for foreign wife. Local beauties are cute and well-educated, but that doesn't help make money in a state with a lousy economy. Romanian citizens used to go to the UK to work, but they have started to return home due to Brexit. Marriage to a foreigner is an excellent way to leave a country. Being in Romania, look for a lady who has already studied or worked in another land. Thus, you'll know she's ready to move and won't get homesick a couple of months after the move.

best country to find a wife


Bulgaria is full of simple women who are not afraid of housework and know how to care for a man. At the same time, you can meet them in bars and cafes. It's enough to treat a girl you like and tell her that you have come from far away and for a serious relationship. Keep in mind that a Bulgarian wedding is a big event lasting several days when all the distant relatives come together.


Indonesia is a country of patriarchal traditions. Since girls are considered a burden on the family, they try to marry them off as soon as possible. A future Western husband doesn’t even have to help the bride's family with money, and it will be fine just to take your wife to your place. If you want to increase your chances of success, look for a soulmate from a multi-daughters family. There is a rule in Indonesia that newlyweds should have the same religion. Even if you are an atheist or agnostic, you will have to pretend to be a believer for a while. Otherwise, you won't get a marriage certificate.

best country to find a wife


To find a life partner, you should better leave the capital teemed with crowds of female sex workers. Nevertheless, the Philippines is the easiest country to get married to a decent girl. Feel free to travel around the villages and small towns meeting ladies and their families. The most beautiful local girls are friendly and kind to foreigners and ready for marriage. So, you have a good chance of finding a pretty and smart wife who will be happy to go away with you.


Scrolling the dating websites, you come across Brazilian beauties with huge eyes. Thus, Western princes think that all Brazilian women are the same, but local chicks are different. Many immigrants say that Catholicism greatly influences Brazilian society, and women are free to choose a guy to marry. However, having a traditional place in the family, they are eager to be independent and won't stand boring relationships for long.

easiest country to find a wife

Puerto Rico

There are many island nations globally, but not everyone can boast of being the best country to find a wife. Puerto Rico is a place you will constantly meet attractive girls! Not only can you enjoy the climate and nature, but you may also see what pleasant and gorgeous females live here. Foreigners are always welcome in Puerto Rico because the local girls find them good-looking.


Like on more Islamic territories, there is also a tradition of a hefty bride price. Sometimes, this price is so high that the groom goes into debt. A girl's family is often so poor and is ready to marry a daughter to anyone to make money. Wedding negotiations can turn into a real bargain. Afghan women are clean and even somewhat scrupulous when it comes to cooking. They are proud of their culinary talents and love to surprise their guests with new delicacies.

best country for foreign wife


When you think about what countries like American men, Japan might claim priority. Over 85% of the visas to the U.S. that Japanese women are marriage-related. The population in Japan is aging, and young Japanese men prefer not to get married because they cannot afford to support a wife and family. Western bachelors see Japanese women 10-20 years younger than their country females of the same age are. According to Japanese customs, girls aren't allowed to be more intelligent, stronger, or faster than men, so ambitious ladies try to leave their homes and move in with their husbands.

Bonus: Which Is the Easiest Country to Get Married For Foreigners

All lovers want their marriage ceremony to be an unforgettable event and take place at the appropriate level. Today, young people have great opportunities to organize a wedding to the highest standard. Tour operators have a huge number of ready-made bridal tours. We have collected the most popular and proven wedding destinations in the world.

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Las Vegas is the most affordable option for those who decided to get married quickly and have fun. For an official marriage registration, you need to show your passports and get a Marriage License from the city court before the ceremony. The processing time is half an hour. The ceremony is usually held in a chapel in the city or nearby. The cost of the event usually includes delivery of the young in a decorated limousine, the services of an official representative, flowers, and champagne.


Perhaps, Cuba isn’t the easiest county to find a wife, but getting married here is simpler than on other Caribbean islands and resorts. All care of the organization of the celebration assumes special wedding departments at the hotels. The official registration includes the cost of a notary and small treats for the newlyweds.

best countries to meet a wife


Watch the movie “Mamma Mia!” and you will see how a real Greek wedding takes place. There are many beautiful places in Greece, but Santorini is the one island for all lovers. The ceremony can be organized in the morning, in the background of the blue sky and sea, or at sunset — with a breathtaking view of the caldera.

The Czech Republic

You may register a marriage nicely and affordably in the Czech Republic. This country is the European wedding capital. Costumed weddings in ancient castles are trendy. Guests are dressed in colorful fancy dresses, and everyone can feel like a king or a noble lord. Just imagine what pictures you'll have in the family album!


Romantic and passionate people dream about weddings in the Dominican Republic. Here, the air is saturated with the vibes of local couples in love, and the folk drink — mamajuana — guarantees sparkles in your eyes. The official wedding package can be purchased as an add-on to any symbolic ceremonies, which start at $1,000.

To find a good foreign wife, get a lot of time and patience. Study carefully which country girl is easy to make girlfriend, visit it, and spend at least a couple of months there to know your sweetheart properly. But if you have limited time, you can find love during a few weeks, but you have to fill your schedule with dates tightly in this case.


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