Where to Hook Up With a Girl: Top Places and Tactics

Wat is a hookup? It’s an act of having physical intimacy with someone with no strings attached. Youngsters often call it a quicky or a sneaky link. Both parties understand there doesn’t have to be any continuation after sex.

Hooking up is the art. You have to know how to start it, build up the desire, find a girl to hook up with, and a place where you can execute these actions. Hookups can be different: dirty, playful, mindless, but they always come down to an idea of freedom. But what are the essential steps to a hookup? Here is a comprehensive guide on how and where to link up with a girl you like.

find a girl to hook up with

Where to hook up with women: seven best places

Hookups are always risky. Whether it’s at your workplace, a public bathroom, or at home – there should be an element of excitement combined with the danger of getting caught. A good sneaky link should get your engine going. If you ask yourself “Where can I find a girl to hook up with?” These are the top seven places to hook up with a woman:

At home

Sleeping over at someone’s home is the safest and the most comfortable version of a hookup. You always have clean bath towels, a cup of coffee, and plenty of time to execute your desires. No rush, no worries. Having sex at someone’s house is an all-time classic we shouldn’t neglect.

At the cinema

Movie theatres are most men’s desires. Dim lights, a crowd of people around you, and a fear of being too noisy get that adrenaline going for the majority of couples. Another thing that makes it more dangerous is security cameras, so you have to be smart and cautious while letting your desires fulfill themselves.

Public bathroom

If you are up for quick sex in not the cleanest places, a club bathroom or a plane WC could be your jam. People genuinely divide into two categories, those who don’t see limits when they want sex, and others who want their hookup to still be comfortable and neat. An office bathroom is an answer to a “where to hook up with a girl during the day?” question.

A backseat of a car

Cars are meant for quick sex, so if you want to fulfill a high school desire of going down on a girl in a backseat, it might be the right choice for you. However, it might be a dangerous play because there are highway patrol and traffic lights. When you have sex in a car, make sure it doesn’t go anywhere and you will not get fined for hooking up in public places unless it’s your kink.

Outdoor sex

Outdoorsy sex might be great for extreme lovers and those who low-key don’t mind being caught. Whether it’s a hookup in a park or in a miracle forest, be sure there aren’t too many people walking out their dogs and families with children…unless giving pedestrians PTSD is your kink. Tents and gardens are also good places to hook up with girls.

A hotel room

A bubble bath, champagne, and a nice view are the best attributes of gorgeous sex. If you are down for taking your date to a hotel room, it can turn into the steamiest night with lots of passionate kissing and pillow talk. And the conditioner they use on their fresh linen bedding makes it one hundred times better.

where can I find a girl to hook up with

An elevator

If you want to become a star of a silent movie, go for elevator sex. It’s the best time to go down on your partner between the first and twelfth floors. Although this time might not be sufficient to have full intercourse, you have worthwhile foreplay before going to the third base.

Main rules of hookup with girls

Suppose you know where to hook up with a girl. Another question is how to hook up with a girl to get her going and receive 100% feedback. These are the main rules of sneaky links you should know about:

Start with yourself

The first rule to casual sex is taking care of your body before giving it to a stranger. And it’s not about good breath and combed hair. The main rule of a hookup is personal hygiene of your genitals. We cannot stress enough how important contraception is. And what did you expect the first rule to be? The main point is not to give someone STDs and not to contract it from a random girl.

Find an attractive woman

How to find a girl to hook up with? Research some places in your neighborhood, register on dating sites, ask your friends to link you up with someone attractive. Be sure you like this person and that’s not alcohol intoxication. Post-sex regret is a real thing.


Be friendly and open when flirting with a woman. Show your best side. We know it’s not essential to open up to a stranger you won’t see for the second time, but you are working for a result. Communication will lead to better sex.

Get her consent

Another important step is making sure the girl wants it and doesn’t agree because of alcohol intoxication or getting high. Unless you get a clear “yes,” don’t take her to your place to avoid problems.

Verbal and non-verbal attraction

The best way to hook up with a girl is to start little by little. Start with whispering sweet nothings into her ear and continue with getting more physical. Caress her inner thighs and go for a kiss if she’s down for touching and intimate conversations.

Offer continuation

Ask your viz-a-viz to continue your wonderful communication in a more private atmosphere. If a girl agrees to go to your place or find somewhere to have sex, it’s a good sign that you’re getting laid tonight.

Find a place

It’s best to think of a place beforehand, and have a couple of other variants. Invite the lady to your place or escort her to somewhere wilder. Communicate on the best spot and ask about her opinion.

where to hook up with a girl

Say no to unsafe sex

Imagine if you are in the moment, ready to have sex, but both of you forgot a condom. In most times you would prefer to forget about it and go raw. But think of the consequences of unsafe sex with a stranger. STD treatments are unmeasurable financial and physical pain to five minutes of bathroom sex, so be aware of that.

Get your groove on

Forget about limits when having a quickie. Go for your wildest dreams. Be confident and passionate, kiss and caress each other. At the end of the day, it’s just sex and you don’t owe your present partner any commitment beyond mutual pleasure.

Mind your partner after sex

Don’t treat your sex friend as if she’s disposable. Offer a towel, get her a drink and make sure she gets home safe. It doesn’t mean you have to develop any feelings, it’s just common courtesy and taking care of another human being - a totally normal thing.

Casual sex is amazing when all stars align, so be confident when picking a partner. Be bold and don’t forget about protection.


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