Where to Find a Wife in Europe? Full Guide

Where did all the good women go? Wait, are you sure you are searching for them in a suitable place? Often so it happens that our true soulmates live on different continents, and without traveling the world, one might miss a chance to marry a good woman.

Because living in an American megapolis doesn't mean you won't be lonely in a capacitive crowd of pedestrians, the US men choose to seek women somewhere else. One reason males choose European wives is that they click with their mentality more than they understand their own. So, where do the best brides live?

best countries in europe to find a wife

What makes Europe the best place to find a wife?

Europe is always an excellent place to find a wife because it has a long history. The combination of political, historical, and religious factors makes Europe one of the best places to seek a contemporary wife. Some of the reasons why males want to find a European wife:


Europe doesn't end with Germany and France. There are many good countries with excellent women you might've never heard of. The European mentality is different from snappy and gorgeous Italians to jaw-dropping Eastern European brides. All these women drastically differ in their attitude, looks, traditions. On the contrary to the US and Canada, every spot in Europe is a whole new culture, so the possibilities here are endless.


Modern society imposes dismissing traditions as the current coping mechanism of equality. Men with opposing views are often silenced, so they have no choice but to look for like-minded females outside their natural habitat.


It's no secret that Europe has some of the most gorgeous brides who can make all of your friends jealous. Although these ladies are high-maintenance and moody, their looks often compensate for everything and more.

Best European countries to find a wife

So what are the best countries in Europe to find a wife? Where should you travel to become a happy man? Here are the top ten tourist destination to find a good wife:


It's only fair to start the list with the most beautiful and breathtaking women in the world – Ukrainians. These girls are known for their incredible bodies and talent to snatch any man. In addition, they are intelligent, witty, a delight to look at, and exceedingly feminine. These ladies are not afraid to flaunt the highest of the high heels, bright makeup, and a short skirt. They look fantastic in every outfit; there's no denial. Additionally, Ukrainian women are great moth ers and caregivers because family always comes first.

Dating in Ukraine stays in a courting paradigm where a gentleman shows all his merits to woo a lady properly. These ladies adore flowers and gifts as a primary manifestation of your love. You can attract them by being generous and saying endless compliments. However, these women are far from shallow, so the presence of your brain is obligatory.

Marriage is a sacred union of hearts among Ukrainians, so it's best advised to throw a pompous party. The only drawback is that Ukrainians don't believe in prenups, so choose wisely who you engage with. The best cities to look for Ukrainian wives include Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, and Kharkiv.

best country to find a wife


Russia is the easiest place to get married in Europe because it's the biggest country in the world. However, Russian cities drastically differ by traditions and nationalities, so it isn't easy to define common traits for these ladies. But if you try to draw a portrait of an average Russian, she's a lovely and captivating lady with a piercing glance and a pair of tempting assets. These women seem fun and naïve at first sight, but they are nowhere near easy and gullible. These ladies have some serious street smarts and a witty brain. They are masters of clapbacks and unintentional intellectual conversations. Russia is among the countries with the best highest education, so don't try to diminish her wit.

Dating in Russia starts with gifts and finishes with some more gifts. Some may say that Russians are money-hungry, but it's not true at all. Presents and flowers are considered good tone in Russia, so don't be surprised. When it comes to marriage, it's a serious commitment and a long-term relationship. Married couples try to save their connection at all costs, although this tendency is not so strong in recent years. Russian marriage issues include a long list of relatives that will be in and out of your life. The best places to find a European wife in Russia are Moscow, Saint Peterburg, and Sochi.


Romanian women are gorgeous and outgoing women you do not want to miss out on when traveling Europe. Not only are these ladies a combination of a model face and brilliant intellect, but they also are not afraid to show all the best sides. Moreover, these ladies are not afraid to be in a limelight, enjoying the attention and being the life of the party. Romanian women are not gypsy descendants and don't practice black magic, but they have magnetic auras and piercing eyes.

Dating in Romania doesn't differ much from Ukrainian and Russian courting. However, you still have to provide for a woman and take the initiative. Marriage here is a serious matter and should be treated with respect. The only drawback is that Romanian women refuse to marry into poverty (more power to them!) The best cities to find a Romanian lady in are Brasov, Sighisoara, and Bucharest.


France is a place for traditional beauties and muses and arguably the best country to find a wife if you here for the aesthetics. French women have flowy auras; they are a lot more free-spirited than Eastern European brides. But that behavior comes with some quirks, including an open relationship and total liberation. These women are the epitome of class and dignity, but they won't tolerate a bore or a skeeze of a man. Dating them is for sure easier than Eastern European women, but don't expect 100% feedback either. These ladies enjoy their lives and independence, so the most global issue in marrying them would be wooing them into marriage. The best places to meet these beauties are Paris, Dijon, Lille, and Bordeaux.


German women are the next-level boss because they have Fullmetal hearts. These women combine dignity with fascinating beauty. They do not want to serve any man preferring to date till the late thirties. German women are witty, busy, quick to react, and have a good sense of humor. They are also laid-back and love comfort food. One way to annoy a German woman is to talk about what a woman should and should not do. Dating them is easy, but these women might seem withdrawn at times. Marriage doesn't happen soon, and if it does, expect a solid union for years. The best places to seek these beauties are Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Cologne.


Norwegian princesses are sophisticated and natural, quick-witted, and powerful. They radiate confidence and positivity. These girls are not very religious and prefer to stay realistic in whatever situations they find themselves in. However, they are tolerant and free-spirited, not living by strict rules and accepting possibilities of life. These ladies are not very high-maintenance when dating, so you will have more freedom than with an Eastern European woman. Marriage is a serious step for Norwegian women, so they don't rush to pop the question (and yes, there is no problem for a Nordic girl to propose to you.) The best cities to find these beauties are Oslo, Tromsø, Lofoten, and Bergen.


Italian women are seductive and have a great sense of humor. They always look sophisticated and put together. These ladies always have willpower and are willing to take responsibility for a relationship. They can be bossy at times, but it's pretty charming and endearing. Dating is a big thing in Italy because your dates should be beautiful and romantic. Marriages usually happen in Italians' the thirties when everyone already has a career and tried some things in life. The only drawback for you would be matriarchy because women are the bosses of their families. The best places to date these Bellas would be in Rome, Venice, and Florence.

european wives


Spanish women are hot and flirtatious, curvaceous, and fun to be around. They have beautiful skin and hips and acquire enough traits to cause trouble to any man. However, these girls are smart and quick-witted, reliable, and educated. They like to date just to be in the scene and try their options. Marrying Spanish women would be a git because they are great caregivers and attentive mothers. The only issue is their jealousy at times. The best cities to meet these chicas would be Barcelona, Madrid, and Granada.


Greek princesses are born into huge families, so it's clear that most of these women are helpful and friendly. In addition, these girls are fun, loving, sunny, and addictive. They love a good getaway and go out with pleasure. Greek women are beautiful and naturally sophisticated. Once you date them, you will be amazed at how caring and attentive these girls are. Marrying them would be a gift, but remember that you are also marrying her twelve cousins who will be in your business. The best cities to look for Greek women are Santorini, Zakynthos, Nafplio, and Rhodes.


Polish women exude wit and willpower. They are pretty and cute, fun-loving and intelligent. These girls like to go out and study, go to concerts and have fun with their friends. They are good wives and mothers. Dating them would take some gentleman skills, but you will ace it for sure. Marrying a Polish girl means having a religious decent wife with a good family. The only drawback would be her strictness as a wife. The best cities to look for Polish women are Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw.

Where to seek a wife in these countries? Use a European wife finder on dating sites or allow yourself to go on a journey of your dreams – a journey to healthy married life.


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