Where and how to find single girls for chat

In today's world, online dating  is no surprise to anyone. It has ceased to be something immoral and causing ridicule. Since most people spend a lot of time online, relationships can start with innocent chatting. If you still feel uncomfortable using dating websites and apps, we'll tell you how to meet singles online not to get a bitter experience.

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How to Find Single Girls Online

If you think dating on websites  is something shameful or feel disappointed in this way of meeting new interlocutors, you may try your luck on other services as well. Which ones? We'll tell you more about that.

Online Games

Do you spend hours sitting at your PC or laptop playing online games? No problem! Pick up multiplayer online games, where the real-life goes on. Here you can go out, go fishing, and a lot of advanced players even celebrate birthdays and weddings here. The game has a live chat room where you can communicate with other users, and it's a myth that girls do not like online games.

Online Bars

STAYTHEFUCKHOME is gaining popularity. There are only two rooms there — Russian and English, but you can create your own space with friends. However, the most exciting thing is having a conversation with a stranger. Who knows who fate will bump into you and what might come out of casual dialogues?

Social Media

Do you still think of practical ways to how to find single girls on Instagram? Nothing can be simpler as long as you have enough time to turn your profile into an actual blog and make new friends at the same time. Share your photos, stories, and live streams, and subscribe to interesting people. The undeniable advantage of social networking is that you can learn a lot about the person you're talking to by looking at your profile.

Online Courses

You can mix business with pleasure if you sign up for a group course. Nowadays, there are lots of available resources for free. Choose the right direction and move on.

Dating Apps and Sites

Taking advantage of such services, you do not risk meeting married girls. As a rule, ladies on dating apps are serious, and they know what they are looking for. What sites and apps can you trust? Keep reading to learn the best dating resources.

Best Sites and Apps to Meet and Chat With Singles

For many busy guys, dating sites and apps are the only way to expand their social circle and find love. There are many stories of happy marriages where spouses met each other there. Check out a selection of the most popular online dating services.


Upload a couple of your photos, add a few lines about yourself, and you're ready to search. Some of the features are paid, but the app works fine without them. Tinder is based on geolocation: first, you will see people who are closest to you.


You fill out a profile, add a picture, and look for girls to talk to by geolocation and interests. The audience here is mostly older than on Tinder. Of course, some of the functionality is paid, but you can get by without it.


This is a dating app for men and women 50+. So, developers don't recommend it to young people as they might come across their divorced mothers' profiles or lonely grandfathers. But if you are over 50, you should take a closer look. Lumen is a place to meet singles for serious romance.

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Single dads and moms struggle hard to find mates. There are situations when you start communicating and find out that your partner has a child, and you may be disappointed in him or her. HeyBaby was created to bring together lonely hearts for whom children are not a hindrance.


Lavalife is a site for finding partners, both for long-term, serious relationships and temporary ones. The site encourages its users to communicate based on their interests with people with the same dating goals. Lavalife also offers its services to those who are over 45 but wish to meet and date.


Match.com is a dating website in more than 20 countries. About 35 million users from different parts of the world visit the site every month. Signing up is free, but you will have limitations: you can view profiles, receive messages, but can't reply. You need to subscribe for a fee to get rid of restrictions.

Ok Cupid

It's a popular dating site created by Harvard students. Its monthly traffic is about 10 million users worldwide. Finding the perfect match is based on a mathematical algorithm: you have to answer the questions, indicate the desired answer of your soulmate, and estimate the importance of the question. Taking into account your activity on the site, the service calculates your cross-match.

Tips for Starting a Chat With Girls

Don't forget that these are adults sitting on dating sites who know what they want. And, even more so, they realize what people they are talking to want. So, there is no point in long messages exchange. One or two days of communication, and if you feel that you are interested in the girl and she responds quickly and enthusiastically to your messages, it's time to act firmly. But first, let's find out how to meet local singles on the Internet.

Post Your Picture

Some users hide their appearance for fear of being recognized by their friends, and they post photos in oversized sunglasses or pictures where you can't see a face well. Lack of an image or a fake one in your profile is a zero chance to meet someone.

Provide Detailed Information About Yourself

You may think few people are interested in your religion, your favorite foods, or your relationship to alcohol, but answering all of these questions will help your potential girlfriend understand you better.

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Study Women’s Profiles Carefully

Don't write to everyone; you'd better take a few minutes to study profiles to filter out unsuitable candidates. In addition, analyzing profiles will help you learn more about the girl you like and prepare for your first virtual conversation.

Be Honest Using an Online Chat to Meet Singles

More girls will respond to “I’m looking for a girlfriend for a serious relationship” than to a statement that you want a girlfriend for occasional get-togethers. But if you're not sincere, you won't get a response from the woman you're looking for.

Don’t Be Too Demanded

A man in his fifties should not expect that 20-year-old ladies will flood him with tons of love messages and requests for a meeting. You need to be realistic about your chances and let your standards drop a little.

Initiate a Conversation

Ladies are ladies even on the Internet, so they start a dialogue rarely. It's you who hast to begin the discussion. Remember that the first sentences are the most important in communication. Do not start a conversation with “Hello, how are you?” Cliches are not what you need in that case.

Write a Few Compliments

It's a good idea to start dating a girl online with an honest compliment. Next, you can talk to her about your shared interests or the information she gave in her profile.

Every man dreams of finding a lady friend. Alas, sometimes getting to know a decent girl is not so easy. You do not waste time in vain, and there is plenty of virtual places to start a romance. Even if you have ideas on how to find single girls on Facebook, you might feel anxious to apply your tips. Meeting girls on special apps and sites provide lonely people with opportunities to find a partner, flirting, or a long-lasting relationship.


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