What Nation Makes Best Mail Order Brides

Making international relationships  today has become much easier. Geography no longer matters — you can meet someone from any continent and decide together where to live.

Against this background, agencies that arrange marriages between men from high-income countries and women from more impoverished regions in Asia, Latin America, and the former Soviet Union continue to exist. Some guys are willing to pay thousands of dollars to marry a woman they barely know, and some women keep focusing on rapid emigration at any cost. Let's find out what countries with mail order brides are popular among bachelors of all ages.

best country for mail order brides

A Few Words on Mail Order Brides and Their History

In the early nineteenth century, American farmers and ranchers who lived in isolation placed ads looking for wives dreaming about moving from more populated areas. A few decades ago, the first international dating  agencies appeared. At first, they existed offline: men picked up brides in printed catalogs. Now the industry works online and partly reminds of dating sites.

Ordering a bride isn't cheap. Thus, one agency calls the sum of $5,000 and promises to include a trip to any Asian state, the bride's choice, the wedding, and return home in one week. The wife arrives one month after all the documents are ready. This field is completely legal and is quite popular.

Best Mail Order Bride Countries

Dominican Republic

This nation is rich in one of the best foreign brides that combine beautiful appearance and good personality traits. Local women are known for their culinary skills, hard work, and sexuality. Still, it's worth noting that this is the only Caribbean country where you can order a wife. Dominican girls are demanding: a single poor loser is unlikely to impress them, so if you want to be liked by such a bride, you will have to do your best. Dominican men are not highly valued because they are less wealthy and ambitious than Western bachelors and not faithful, which offends their women.


The tradition of arranged marriages has been preserved since ancient times. Even in the 21st century, about 85% of Hindus get married according to their parents' choice, with the bride's family paying a substantial sum of money. If you are a foreigner, it’s challenging to find a future bride avoiding the middle man. Besides, a lot of Indian women don’t want to leave their familiar environment. Most females of this nation have pretty faces with the expressive classical beauty of correct lines. Indian women, unlike the Arab and Asian type of women, are good at any age.

whats best country for mail order brides


If you wonder what country has the best mail order brides, pay attention to Columbia. It tops South American countries' list because señoritas have an exceptional reputation of beauties with athletic figures. Colombians are not embarrassed by the age difference between spouses, and it will be easy for an older groom to find a young wife. Hot Latin ladies don't mind escaping from their extremely criminal country, where most men are imprisoned or wanted, so they have to survive independently. Many beauties are very active, cheerful, and optimistic, always smiling and talking politely. This liveliness of character is inherent in all the country's citizens.


The Philippine culture is considered to be the most open-minded in all of Asia. Divorce rates are quite low here, and a lack of males makes a Western prince a reasonable way to get a secure roof over your head. Filipino women like white men. Like most Asians in the Philippines, girls are graceful, and their fragile figures are their pride. The slender legs of Filipino women disarm men. Asian eyes, small and neat nose, shiny black hair, gorgeous smile, and snow-white teeth make men worldwide come to admire local brides.


A large number of single women positions the country as the best country for mail order brides. The Thais' belief in the social superiority of people with lighter skin can help grooms play into their hands. Thais' skin is darker than European's, so the average Westerner gets an advantage. Beyond that, some men mention that Thai girls might have a secret recipe for eternal youth. Indeed, many Thai women look considerably younger than other women their age. Grace and incredible slenderness, which almost all the girls from this corner of paradise have, attract a lot of bachelors.

what is the best country for mail order brides


Has Vietnam ever come to your mind when you thought which nationality makes the best wives? No? Well, but it should. The state has long been the object of Western attention, and it only increased when American soldiers discerned the elegant beauty and refined manners of Vietnamese women. Europeans love Vietnam due to the local women's modesty. The gentle character and classical understanding of the man's role and appropriate attitude toward him bribe guys looking for family happiness. The marriage business in Vietnam is relatively recent. Most of the females live in rural areas with poor transportation infrastructure and limited Internet access, but even considering this, the choice of brides in Vietnam is huge.


Brazil has the most diverse ethnic composition, so you can find a bride for every taste. Most Brazilian women don't speak any other language than Spanish, which is rather bad for a woman going to marry a European. You can meet both fair-skinned ladies and girls with "chocolate" skin. The figures of Brazilian women won't be a confirmation of universal stereotypes. The seductive curves can be found more often at the carnivals than on the streets of Brazil. Many women are plump and don't hide their drawbacks. Tight clothing is an everyday outfit of Brazilian women.

what country has the best mail order brides


Having googled “What’s best country for mail order brides?” you’ll run into Cambodia in the list. It’s one of the poorest Asian countries. Therefore, Cambodian women take every chance to get as far away as possible. If you meet a woman you like, don't hesitate to ask if she is married. Keep in mind that the "right" Cambodian woman will only live and have sex with a man if he proposes to her or at least confesses his love. To get married to a Cambodian woman officially, a future husband has to be under 50 years old, but you can go to a neighboring country and get married there in practice.


Over 1,000 dating sites and apps offer you to meet thousands of Russian girls at any time — it’s almost the highest rate in the world. Russia has a good level of education, which means that Russians know foreign languages, understand other cultures, have a better chance of finding a job, and can cook. These features make the Russian Federation the best country to find a wife. These women don’t differ too much from ladies from other European countries in appearance, so they will look harmonious on the streets of any city.

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This state in Eastern Europe is famous for its beauties. Several obvious merits put them in one of the highest places in the ranking of brides. Ukrainian ladies don’t mind leaving their homeland and starting a new life. This Slavic nation provides one of the largest marriage markets in the world. The downside is that Ukrainians have many suitors, including those from European countries, so you need to stand out to conquer the bride’s heart. Girls in Ukraine are well-educated, speak many European languages, and you’ll find common ground with them.

It’s impossible to give a clear answer, “What is the best country for mail order brides?” In each country on our list, you will be surrounded by attention and love you may not find in your own country. What motivates these women? Mostly a desire to find a safe and secure place. Keep in mind that many of these countries are popular primarily as sex tourism destinations. If you don't want to marry a sex worker, avoid the tourist spots and go inland and get to know the local community.

Don’t trust everything a new bride says. There's always a chance you'll just get scammed for money and dumped. Money can still be made, but a broken heart is harder to fix.


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