What are The Best Countries to Find Loyal Asian Bride

According to the results of sociological research on Facebook and on various dating sites, in recent years, men prefer dating women from Asia more than girls of other races. Psychologists and ethnographers explain this by the fact that most of the Asian ladies remain committed to patriarchal relations, where the man is given the leading role in the family.

However, these are far from all the reasons for such an interest in Asian women! If you also like Asian girls, want to find an Asian bride and learn more about them, then read on!

Main qualities of Asian brides: why guys are mad about them

The attractive, childlike body shapes of Asian brides, their shyness, submissiveness, exotic appearance, and mysterious look of beautiful narrow eyes often work much better than tight blouses and silicone lips of Western women!

They are beautiful and attractive

Porcelain skin with an even tone, beautiful and “forever young” face, fragile and slender figure, shy posture, and graceful gait... Do you still ask why Asians attract men’s attention?! Overall, sexy Asian brides have a unique sense of style, and they always know how to look good, how to carry themselves, and how to dress to drive men crazy!

They are well-mannered

Asian women are known for their perfect upbringing, intelligence, and complaisance. They seem to have some kind of natural positivity and an innate gift for forgiving, coping with any situation, creating coziness and comfort in the house, and never making scenes to get what they want or resolve disputes. Also, an Asian woman is a loyal and helpful wife that will become both a true friend and a loving partner that will always support you!

They’re hard-workers

They know perfectly how to harmoniously combine their work and family life. Also, an Asian wife will never complain about her husband’s low income. Staying calm, she will accept the situation when, for example, her husband will decide to spend the whole evening watching the TV instead of taking her out somewhere.

They are relaxed and have brilliant sex skills

Young Asian brides are insanely sexy in bed: they have their own unique flavor, which is difficult to describe in words. The combination of femininity, naivety, and coquetry of Asian women drives men crazy, and their relaxedness motivates them to add new experiments to their sex life. Their ability to make love with dedication and commitment is in the genes: remember the geisha, in whose life sex is a real art and a science at the same time?

Speaking English well

Many modern Asian women know English well, at least enough to engage in more or less serious conversations with their future English-speaking husbands. Combined with exotic beauty and education, this is a serious advantage!

Best countries to search for an Asian bride

Many Western men are just tired of the superficial Western dating scene. Many of them feel like they’ve spent too much time and money on the wrong women. That is why the following countries are rated the best places to seek out real Asian brides!


asian brides

Characteristics of women: cheerful, calm, gentle, skinny, beautiful, good cooks, very family-oriented, enjoy housework, and they’re good at taking care of children.

Dating/marriage traditions: here, traditions are quite different in various parts of the country. But some are the same everywhere: the day before the wedding, the bride should not try on the wedding dress, the groom should be the first to arrive at the church and wait for the bride at the altar, and if it starts raining on the wedding day, the newlyweds’ life will be happy.

Best cities to meet single girls: Bohol, Manila.

Tips for success: respect the traditions and her religious beliefs, be respectful, generous, and kind with her and towards her family, learn the local dialect, be funny, polite, and always confident.


  • many Filipina girls speak English well;
  • women are open to meeting foreigners;
  • they have a powerful faith in marriage;
  • they’re loyal;
  • you have a great chance to find a virgin wife.


  • they tend to gain weight after their thirties;
  • many of them turn out to be scammers;
  • most of them are low-educated.


Characteristics of women: pretty, “with a twist”, independent, self-confident, practical, value their man, family-oriented, smart, enduring.

Dating/marriage traditions: in China, marriage is always a real thing, for love and forever. Beautiful Asian brides from China treat foreigners well, although not all girls know English well.

Best cities to meet single girls: Shenzen, Shanghai, Guangzhou.

Tips for success: be employed, interesting, and serious, express your interest in her personality and family.


  • Chinese girls are well-educated;
  • they're financially secure;
  • they age well.


  • you need to dive into their culture.


loyal asian bride

Characteristics of women: inexplicable, beautiful, free-minded, modern, multi-talented, good both as housewives and business ladies, hold the whole family together.

Dating/marriage traditions: many dating and marriage rules have become less strict and today, the bride’s relatives have to take into account the opinion of the newlyweds, so you can freely date your south Asian bride before the wedding.

Best cities to meet single girls: Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata, Bangalore.

Tips for success: earn her trust, charm her parents, know what public places are appropriate to approach a girl, learn how to deal with the “moral brigade” (local enforcers of moral values).


  • girls are fantastically charming and become perfect wives;
  • Indian weddings are really extravagant;
  • an Indian woman will make your family future secure;


  • most of the girls are prudes;
  • there are a lot of feminists;
  • you have to convince her family that you are a worthy candidate for her.


Characteristics of women: beautiful, smart, bright and positive, open-minded, caring, good wives, have strong family values, conservative. highly-educated (much better than Cambodian or Filipina girls).

Dating/marriage traditions: ancient traditions have a huge impact on relations in Vietnam. But, unlike in ancient times, today young Vietnamese choose their partners themselves. By the way, the wedding is celebrated here twice: at the groom’s house and the bride’s house.

Best cities to meet single girls: Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Hanoi, Da Nang.

Tips for success: be honest, sexy, respectful, proactive, dress up tidily, respect her parents and siblings.


  • beautiful Vietnamese girls have perfect fashion taste;
  • they age well;
  • they know how to please a man;
  • they’re very kind, loyal, submissive, and romantic.


  • Vietnamese girls can be cunning;
  • they’re very jealous and clingy;
  • hookup culture is quite rare here;
  • you’ll be fully responsible for finances.


Asian brides dating

Characteristics of women: cute and mysterious, kind and independent, know how to maintain harmony in a family and prevent conflicts.

Dating/marriage traditions: about half of the Japanese marriages are marriages of convenience. A man marries a woman to ensure the continuation of a family, and a woman seeks reliability and prosperous life. Also, expressing your feelings in public is considered to be bad manners.

Best cities to meet single girls: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka.

Tips for success: give her flowers, write love letters (or send her messages), host a beautiful date (just like in movies), compliment her — just behave like a gentleman!


  • they’re good wives and mothers;
  • even young girls have a mature mind;
  • most women who speak English are eager to build relationships with foreigners.


  • not all women here speak English, so you’ll have to learn Japanese;
  • it’s an absolutely different culture;
  • Japanese wives often focus on kids, but not on their husband’s sexual needs.


Characteristics of women: beautiful, feminine, strong, caring, kind-hearted, faithful to their men, and family-oriented.

Dating/marriage traditions: even today, traditional weddings in Thailand are a mixture of long traditions and religious practices. For example, they newlyweds the “Tree of Love” together, they are blessed by a Buddhist monk who puts three dots of white clay and incense on their foreheads, and the groom’s friends help him to wash his legs before letting him visit the bride.

The main difference from ancient ceremonies is only that young people today are allowed to choose their soul mate themselves, without the matchmaker’s help.

Best cities to meet single girls: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket.

Tips for success: get to know the local culture, mind your manners, be glad to meet her family, set up a second date till the first one is over, and avoid kissing her in public.


  • Thai women are attractive and slim;
  • these girls age well;
  • they look after themselves;
  • they’re patient and very positive;
  • they’re flexible;
  • here you have a big chance to meet a young wife.


  • Thai girls are low-educated;
  • the competition among foreign men is fierce here.

Your love is just one flight away!

Asian women know how to make a man's dreams come true. No doubt, these mysterious beauties were born to become perfect lovers and wives that will fulfill your relationship with harmony and pleasure! With these Asian brides dating tips, you’ll easily win her heart and make her happy!


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