UK Girls Dating Guide: How to Date Hot UK Women

You may not believe us, but not all Brits are mad football fans with a beer in their hands, speaking awful f-words to you through their bad teeth. British girls know how to  be charming and sexy if they really want to. However, winning the heart of a British woman is not so easy!

If you still want to give it a try, there are some tips, techniques, and behaviors to understand the specific British way of thinking and gain some success when dating a UK girl.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to date British women confidently in no time!

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Do British women like American men?

It is known that UK girls love the athletic build of American guys, their business minds; and the fact that US boys are very friendly, more sincere, and seem to be less pretentious than many British guys also attracts UK girls.

Many local women believe that American men are “genetically more attractive” than British men: the American gene pool seems more diverse, which is reflected in both the appearance and certain traits.

However, many British girls resent the toxic masculinity of Americans and the fact that they get offended so easily.

But still, do British women like American men? Go on and check it out yourself!

Common stereotypes about British girls

Many nations have become too stereotyped, and sometimes these myths are quite funny. And British girls are no exception.

However, try not to swallow this nonsense: many stereotypes are pure fiction. It’s better to focus on our UK girls dating tips!

The British are always very polite

That’s true. The British are famous for their politeness, and they are very proud of it: these are the features of their mentality. So if you're not polite, learn a few words like “please”, “sorry”, and “thank you” anyway, and use them as often as possible (but most importantly, when it's appropriate).

Chivalry is strong here

That’s also true. Gentlemanhood came from Britain, so you should learn some simple manners like carrying her bag, opening the car door for her, etc.

Gender equality in the Land of the Queen is pretty strong, which is why many newly minted British couples often split their bill on dates.

Any British girl will easily out-drink you

This stereotype is only partly true: the British have quite a high alcohol tolerance, but many beautiful British women do not drink at all.

Just know that if you are out on an evening date with a British girl, maybe you should offer her something stronger than coffee.

Brits have a strange sense of humor

This isn’t about the British sense of humor, but about the fact that people who do not speak English well are not able sometimes to understand these jokes, most of which are based on wordplay. 

Also, the British have rather sly humor, and they often joke with a poker face (so-called “dry sense of humor”). So it is just a silly stereotype born of ignorance of the local culture.

british women date

British girls have a strange accent

How to date a British woman if you can’t understand a damn word she says?

Okay, don't exaggerate! Indeed, there are many English dialects in Britain: Scottish, Geordie, Yorkshire, Scouse, R.P., Brummie, and others. So you may not understand well what the girl is saying. But that doesn't mean you should tell her that she is speaking the “wrong” English.

How to meet British girls?

You may find dating British women quite a tricky task. You may be confused by many questions such as “What are the best places to meet girls here?”, “How to start a conversation?”, “What should you tell a UK girl and what you shouldn’t ever say to her?”, etc.

Now, we will give you some tips on how to succeed with a British girl.

Top British cities for dating girls

Of course, large cities like London, York, and Edinburgh are the best places to increase your chances to meet a good girl. There are a lot of festivals, legendary nightclubs, famous restaurants, and cafes here where you can meet someone right after your arrival.

Best places for dating

Being in Britain, you should start looking for a girl at night parties, pubs, music festivals, fitness clubs, coffee shops, resorts, yoga classes, various art exhibitions.

By the way, unlike the US, it's not so easy to pick up British girls in public places. So be prepared that it may take a bit more time to succeed than you expected.

Remember the main don’ts

Of course, some things can annoy even polite British girls; and one of the reasons for that are the above-mentioned stereotypes.

For example, never mimic a girl's accent. Also, don't ask her if she had ever met the Queen in person or what she thinks about BREXIT. Despite the existing stereotype that British women are easy or always up to anything, you should not behave accordingly.

Knowing these don’ts, let’s figure out how to meet British girls to show yourself at your best!

Charm her with romantic words and gestures

Any woman will not remain indifferent to beautiful, frank compliments — this is the most obvious of the existing UK women dating tips.

Shower her with beautiful words, offer her some lovely romantic presents like a bouquet of fresh flowers, a trip to a restaurant, a cute gift, buy tickets to the movie or a party.

Be a gentleman

Although we live in the 21st century and this is Britain, do not forget about the elementary rules of dating etiquette.

Do not interrupt your lady when she speaks, be polite and caring, offer her a seat in public transport, carry her bags — we bet you’ve heard all that many times!

Don't be old-fashioned or boring

British girls are quite modern, cheerful, relaxed, and open-minded. She can go to the store one day, then meet some friends, head to the pub, and spend the whole night in the nightclub. If you have nothing against that, then just be there with her and have fun!

Make a perfect first impression

Even though you are a guy, you should also prepare for your first date. Take a shower a couple of hours before the meeting, choose stylish clothes that suit you, wear perfume, visit a barbershop, clean your shoes.

Remember: your clothes should be stylish but comfortable, so that nothing distracts you from your mission.

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UK women dating and relationships tips

British girls are beautiful, gorgeous, stylish, polite, active, love good music, romantic and beautiful gestures, and self-confident men.

Dating a British girl has its own peculiarities; knowing them will make dating much easier and successful!

Don’t be shy to evoke empathy

Yes, we know that everyone tells you that you should behave like an alpha male, show self-confidence, and grab life by the horns… But you just can’t always be like that.

The moment will come and you will want to bare your soul to your girl. Do not be afraid to do this: British girls value honesty in a relationship and will treat it with understanding!

Love their culture

Is it really possible to come to Britain and not to fall in love with its culture? After all, this is one of the most important cultures in world history. And although colonial times are long gone, British culture remains quite vibrant and distinctive.

By showing the girl that you are fascinated with the culture of Britain (or by the history of her native city), you will make her happy!

Be easy-going

We’ve already said that British women are naturally fun and love to joke (and sometimes it's even humor aka sarcasm).

You should pay attention to this trait, and also try to take these jokes easily, and not feel somehow offended.

Don't get hung up on sex

British women are rarely ready to jump into bed with someone right away; at least it doesn’t have to happen on the first date. You should keep this in mind: don't push the girl; otherwise, you will scare her away.

Better follow the signs that she gives you, and you will know when she is ready.

Dating an English girl

Unfortunately, dating techniques aren’t taught in school. Therefore, we all make many mistakes. But we can always improve our skills in this important area of life: for this, you can use our dating tips, analyze and draw some conclusions!


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