Top 8 Best European Countries for Hookups

Why do Americans love Europeans so much? Because some countries have their unique customs and traditions, girls who live there are extremely exotic to a fellow US citizen. Wherever you are from, most Europeans, both real-life and single women online will be one of the  best experiences you’ve ever had. If you are wondering what are the best places for hookup aside from the Internet, this article will come in handy.

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What is so special about European women?

What makes European girls so fascinating to overseas men who prefer dating Slavic or Nordic ladies? What qualities do they acquire to become so sought after? These are the traits that make European women special:

Natural and effortless

European girls don't have a body cult because Hollywood didn't have such an impact on their countries. Consequently, they look completely different from impeccable Americans or perfectionist Asians. In a traditional European city, you will not see someone with pearl white teeth or a six-pack, but these girls will look natural and relaxed. According to men's opinion, they like low-key women with more effortless makeup and the absence of plastic surgeries.

Hard-working and traditional

Many European women still have the idea of a perfect gender balance in their families. Slavic women, for instance, will not hesitate to have a motherly role in a relationship. Many Europeans don't see anything wrong in men taking the leading role. Still, these girls do not want to sit at home and do nothing because time is a precious asset no one can waste. In a typical European relationship, both people work and do the chores, but women still stay a little bit submissive to their men. But if you meet European girls in real life, everyone will have a different opinion on gender roles, depending on their native land.

They are just different

It's hard to describe all the discrepancies since every European country had its unique historical events. The more countries for Tinder hookups you visit, the more cool differences you will experience. All in all, these girls have their cinematography, literature, TV shows, symbolism in language, euphemisms, traditions, etc. One thing for certain, you will never be bored with a European woman because she can teach you a lot.

Where to go to Europe for the best hookups

Once you decide to visit European cities in real life, use the following guide for hookups. It's better to try out as many cities as you possibly can to avoid bias and to fully experience Europe as it is. Generally speaking, each country you will visit is going to be incredibly exciting in terms of mentality. It's also worth noting that no woman behaves the same, so chances are, you might find two Russians or two Swedish girls with polar opinions. These are the best European hookups countries:


Hungarian girls are believed to be some of the most kind-hearted and intellectual Europeans. If you've ever been to Budapest, you might have seen beautiful women running around the town, effortlessly sexy and modest. But what's behind all of that facade? If you're dating a Magyar woman, expect her to deal with traditional roles in the relationship. These women cherish their female power over everything; that's why they always look so put-together and chic. Most Americans don't know anything about Hungarian girls, or how they look. Just remember Barbara Palvin and imagine how pretty these girls are. They are also great cooks and incredible mothers.

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Although German ladies are nothing like Eastern Europeans, they are still equally fascinating to men, as well as incredibly desirable. A typical German woman is liberal, free-spirited, and practical. She doesn't like to give her life away for a relationship; at least not at the beginning stage. Deutsch girls strongly dislike labels and limitations, but will gladly share household chores and work as much as you do. If you've ever been to Berlin, you might have seen that these women can work hard and certainly play hard. Just remember that Berlin has one of the best rave parties in the world.


When it comes to perfect women, it seems like Ukraine has it all. Ukrainian girls are beautiful, almost too beautiful to be true, smart, traditional but free-spirited, witty, and can cook for sure. These ladies are not going to hesitate to defend their boundaries, neither will they be held back by controlling partners. However, most Ukrainian girls want a family and are ready to have a traditional housewife role. If you have ever been to Kyiv, you might have seen how incredibly gorgeous usual pedestrians are, let alone their celebrities.

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It's safe to say that Swedish girls love hookups. Because this country is free-spirited and liberal, women pursue men and equally chase them because there are no traditional roles. Women can also be breadwinners in the family and have no problem taking the leading role in a relationship. Although their climate is cold, these girls are extremely hot. If you have ever been to Stockholm, you might have seen tall beautiful blondes, representing an iconic Nordic woman. Sweden is for sure among the list of the best countries for hookups.

The Netherlands

Dutch girls are extremely liberated, so the Netherlands is automatically the best place for hookups. They will never reject your offer due to shyness. On the contrary, some girls might act aggressive and atypical of females you are used to seeing. These women are also incredibly talented and down-to-earth. They don't like playing a role and will never lead you on for fun. Relationships here are crystal clear because people don't like wasting each other's time. Amsterdam is one of the best places for hookups you can come up with.

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Russians are the girls you will never be disappointed with because they are unbelievably beautiful. These girls are often perceived as trophy wives because they manage to combine beauty and kindness. However, you do not want to cross them because Russian girls know how to fight and will fiercely defend their rights. They are also great housewives and most of them are university graduates. If you visit Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can see a great variety of Russian women who remotely look the same.

The UK

British women are fun and quick-witted. Not only do they combine beauty and brains; these girls are also very practical and free-spirited. The dating climate in the UK is one of the most favorable because people here don't like wasting each other's time. It is only a matter of patience before meeting a perfect hookup on Tinder. By the way, dating apps here are super popular, so you will have no problem finding a one-night stand. Cardiff to London, all of these women are greatly different.

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It's safe to say that Finnish women love hookups. Moreover, they will approach you first at a bar or any other social event. These girls are not shy by any means and will use their charms to sleep with a handsome foreigner. Since Finnish people are practical and ecological, expect not to waste your time on mind games. 

So these were the best European hookups countries. You will for sure find a European hottie with some effort and knowledge. Now, what country do you prefer?


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