Slavic Women Dating VS American Women Dating: All the Truth

You can find your perfect partner in any country. However, in recent years more and more Americans have been marrying Slavic women or at least having affairs with them.

Let's see what are the main reasons for that, compare the key features of American and Slavic women, and define the challenges that an American man can face when dating a Slavic lady.

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There's a reason why American guys choose Slavic girls

Let's start with the fact that Russian women were something really exotic for western men: this is something unknown that they want to discover, and get to know better.

Also, hot Slavic women are endowed with some qualities that American girls cannot boast of (or these qualities are not fully developed in them).

Slavic women features VS the American

As you might know, there are big Russian VS American cultural differences. Differences in upbringing and lifestyle affect the formation of the personality, therefore, some features of American women are strikingly different from those that Russian men are used to seeing in their compatriots.


  • A Slavic girl won’t even go to the bakery without dressing up and wearing makeup as for the “Oscar” ceremony (which, of course, takes a lot of time!). And it’s needless to say that she will prepare for a trip to a restaurant as for a huge social event! Yes, Slavic ladies used to dress to impress, and apparently, this is one of the most lovely Slavic women features for American men!
  • In America, girls are more restrained in their clothing style, and use less decorative cosmetics. They go to work wearing sneakers, not high heels, but they suffer less from varicose veins.

Attitude to men

  • One of the biggest Russian women VS American women differences is that a Slavic woman can constantly take care of her husband, giving herself completely to her family, even if the husband is not quite worth it. It is important for her to just love her man and create comfort in the family. 
  • Also, Slavic women have a closer bond with their parents, and, choosing the groom, they can consider their opinion. And one more thing: they are more compliant to men, many can be persuaded endlessly.
  • American women live more “for themselves”. In America, if a lady isn’t fully satisfied with her partner, she simply leaves him (“I'll find another one”!).
    On the other hand, they are accustomed to taking everything from life, and if they fall in love, they won’t bother about the parents’ opinion, or the color of the partner’s skin, or the prejudices, or the opinion of other people, as often happens with Russians!
    Finally, if an American girl said no, it's hard to convince her!

Dating traditions

  • Another Slavic VS American feature is that a Slavic woman has a more traditional approach to courtship: it is not so easy to win her heart, and you need to be ready for various “tests”. Such a girl will never make the first step — you’ll have to do it. The smallest part you need to do on first dates is to try to understand her, find out what she likes and dislikes.
  • Girls in America are easier on courtship and dating, they are fun, sociable, and easy-going. They have a kind of cheerful enthusiasm: from the first minutes of acquaintance, you will have the feeling that you have known her for many years. Also, they are more open with men when it comes to intimacy. 

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Family values and roles

  • Also, there are some Russian VS American women differences when it comes to family values. Slavs are sure that the true woman’s destiny is to get married, give birth, and be the keeper of the family hearth. Moreover, many girls are sure that they need to get married before 30 so that others do not consider her an "old maid". Having a strong, good family, they are ready to sacrifice a lot and stand up to protect their family members, their happiness, and well-being.
  • American women are more judicious when it comes to starting a family. Often, they decide to tie the knot in their 30s or even 40s (in Russia, women usually become grandmothers at this age). Also, American women do not give up their careers and self-development for the sake of marriage: “I'd rather work hard and be able to pay for the housekeeper and the babysitter”, — an American woman would say.


  • In this sense, there is no big difference between Russian or Ukrainian girls VS American girls. For example, the vast majority of Slavic women are devoted wives. If she truly falls in love, she may even leave the university and go to the end of the world for her beloved, or she may wait for her husband for years and remain faithful to him. These women seem to merge with their husbands into a single whole, which is why Slavic families are so strong!
  • Most American women, although they have a slightly different approach to family, are also loyal to their husbands if they truly love them. Of course, there will always be those who are not, and no statistics or research can tell you exactly if your partner will be loyal or not.

Challenges of dating Slavic women for American guys

Of course, Slavic girls are a sweet ride for American guys, and they often do not think about the difficulties they will face in relationships with a girl with a completely different mentality. 

Here are some challenges to get you prepared!

The language barrier

Nelson Mandela once said: “If you talk to someone in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language that goes to his heart”.

Although many Slavic women speak English very well, it is important to understand that they still grew up in a culture that is very different from Western or US culture. This difference can lead to cultural misunderstandings.

She expects you to pay for everything

If you are used to splitting the bill on a date or doing it in turn, you will have to forget about it with a Slavic woman. These girls are more conservative than Western women (‘cause they are less feminist): if you look at Western dating culture 50 or 60 years ago, you will probably see the same types of behavior. 

Note: nobody says you have to mindlessly pay for everything - you have to use common sense. But by paying for your Slavic lady, you make her feel more safe and confident and prove that you love her.

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Russian women dress to impress

Slavic women look more feminine than women in other countries, and this undoubtedly makes them very popular with foreign men. However, if you are prone to jealousy, then you should prepare for this: it will be difficult for you to turn a blind eye to the fact that other men stare at your lady.

Also, be prepared for the fact that it can take her hours to dress up and get ready to go out somewhere.

Prepare to get Slavic parents in law

The Slavs have very strong family ties, and, for many girls, the opinion of their parents means a lot. So be prepared for the "rite of passage": you will have to make a good impression not only on your partner but also on her parents!

They are extremely independent

Nekrasov, a 19th-century Russian poet, said: "A Russian woman can stop a galloping horse and enter a burning house". This is a powerful image of an independent Slavic woman who, even though she needs help, support and protection from her man, she knows that she should be self-sufficient and independent. 

That’s why a Slavic woman may be quite stubborn in relationships. But on the other hand, she is courageous and strong and that will help you both get through the most difficult times.

They’ve got high expectations

Typically, Slavic women are very demanding: they need more than just a loving man: they want to have the best man on Earth by their side!

You will have to learn many Slavic girls dating tips, and the most important one is to remember the good old manners: opening doors for her, helping to put on a coat, giving flowers, and complimenting her.

You’ll have to be patient to break the ice

Slavic women are quite restrained and try to keep their distance from strangers. You will have to take the first step and make the perfect impression for such a girl to pay attention to you.

Get ready to conquer her step by step, slowly and persistently!

Dating Slavic women

The most important thing about dating people from other countries is to learn more about them and their culture. An international relationship may be quite a tough task, but you will get huge benefits if you manage to succeed!

Now, you’ve learned valuable Slavic women dating tips, so be careful and just enjoy the ride!


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