Pros and Cons of Ukrainian Dating Websites

A plethora of dating sites existing on the Internet allows modern uses to operate the dating pool, quickly finding an appropriate couple. However, what if somebody wants a Ukrainian girlfriend, but lives nowhere near Ukraine? Is it even possible to find a Slavic girlfriend on the Internet, overcoming the language barrier and possible complications connected to a long-distance relationship?

Dating experts are sure that one can easily find a fitting partner, especially if they know where to search. These are the best dating websites in Ukraine, mostly loved by foreigners and receiving great reviews each year.

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Most popular Ukrainian dating websites

The possibilities on Ukrainian online dating  websites are endless because here, foreign users can link up with incredibly hot-looking Slavic women while constantly browsing through their options. Here are the best websites and apps you can come across:

1. Badoo

Badoo is a massively popular dating site among Ukrainians and foreigners seeking international relationships. It made its way through simple Internet quizzes and dating compatibility tests. Emerging in 2012, Badoo became one of the most sought-after online platforms among Slavic singles. Apart from being a dating site for youngsters and the elderly audience, the site positions itself as full-fledged social media.

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Main advantages

The site members say that dating Ukrainian girls has never been this easy. Being one of the free Ukrainian dating sites gives Badoo leverage opposing costly foreign platforms. And yes, the first advantage is having a freemium plan.

Badoo developers that messaging should at least be free, and it’s everyone’s business to upgrade or not. There are no compulsory checkouts, making the site truly resemble social media.

The site is also good for anyone who doesn’t exclusively want to stick to a commitment or a fling. There is an “in-between,” and only YOU decide to choose the degree of closeness. Casual dating and flings are normalized on Badoo because foreign men still want that passion from single women chat .

When it comes to the audience age, Badoo positions itself as a Ukrainian dating chat for young adults and adults over 30. Here, one may find every age group represented, starting with 20-year old students and graduates to 60+ singles. Most women are under 30, as a rule. As a cherry on top, the site has a free app, easy to download, and realistic in operation.

Cons of Badoo

The only main disadvantage of Badoo would be its priciness. But didn’t we just mention its free perks? Yes, you can easily navigate the site for free. But to receive the most updated high-rank options, you have to pay a good price. This includes the wide range of options that will be described below.


So how much are the prices? On Badoo, there are several Premium options, and all of them are determined by the duration of use. For a weekly Premium, you will pay $3.99. A monthly subscription will be $9.99 while three months will cost $24.99. Half a year with Badoo is $34.99 which is a considerable price. A lifetime Premium subscription will be $59.99 which is not too much if you are a frequent visitor.

Significant features

Since Badoo is a combination of a dating site and social media, the features presented on the website will be unique as well. One of the main options is called Badoo Encounters, allowing users to search singles easily and match with them more precisely. The site also has a Profile Score with pic ratings, just like any other social media. The more likes and comments the user has, the more popular they will be. Additionally, a fun Lookalikes feature allows users to find twinning members of someone they might like. Another sneaky feature is called Visits because, with a paid membership, one may see who visited their profiles. Members can also like and add other visitors to their Favourites list.

2. Love Planet

Do you want to go naughty? Love Planet is a dating site with plenty of naughty chat rooms made for online flings and mindless flirting. It is among the spiciest dating sites in Ukraine, beating other sex chat rooms in a second. The site can be labeled as 18+ because it may contain graphic content as well as nudity. But sometimes it's all you need because not everyone comes to Ukraine for serious relationships, and that's normal. Ukrainian women want to have fun as well and not be pressured by the urge to have children or married life.

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Main advantages

There are plenty of unexpected advantages connected to Love Planet, starting with its specification. Because there are no similar sites in Ukraine yet, the dating pool here is very active, having millions of visitors daily. The site positions itself as a sugar momma space, so young foreign men may consider significant financial aid from single and very rich cougars.

Cons of Love Planet

The main disadvantage is the age gap that might not be suitable for everyone. While most men are hardly over 20, the majority of Ukrainian women here are 35 to 60 years old. You have to be of legal age to join the website as the contents and the topics touched upon may be risque for some users.


Love Planet offers different Premium plans for every taste, starting with a trial Premium for $25.99. A week with Love Planet will cost members $9.49 per week while a standard Premium membership is $23.49. The website also offers credit recharges, as well as account boosts.

Significant features

The site has been labeled as cougar space, allowing wealthy women to date younger men for mutual benefits. Yes, the website doesn't agree on weird stereotypes, allowing adult people to have fun in multiple ways. Moreover, it provides 100% privacy and information security. Ukrainian mature ladies connect with younger foreign guys for intimate connections and ways to spoil their dates.

3. Mamba

Mamba is an originally Russian dating website for singles looking for serious relationships and hookups. People from all over the world search for connections and friendships here including Ukrainian girls. The site now has more than 40 million followers.

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Main advantages

Mamba's main advantage lies in its trustworthiness. With more than 12 years on the market, the site provides quality online dates for singles that believe in love. The website gets updated roughly once a month, allowing followers to catch up with new-coming features and get better at dating. The site would be perfect for or naughty singles, as well as people striving for friendships.

Cons of Mamba

The main disadvantage would be the absence of sexually active fling-seekers who don't want any type of commitment. This site is not meant for free sexual relationships that is why it dictates a different message.


To be a VIP member for a week, you have to pay $9.14. For a monthly VIP status, members have to dish out $13.74. Finally, three months with Mamba will cost $38.78. The site supports a coin system, allowing members to purchase features selectively.

Significant features

The site allows members to join dating games, have lifestreams, and watch videos of potential partners. Additionally, members have a swiping game called Encounters, similar to a Tinder selecting system. Finally, you can post personals with specific information about singles you're looking for. So these were all the sites that practice Ukrainian dating online. Not only are they fun and high-quality, everyone stands a chance to find their happiness here.


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