Pros and Cons of Dating a Married Woman

Men fall in love with married women so often that these days, you won't even surprise anyone with such a type of relationship. The only thing that remains in question when the love triangle appears is its further perspective. There are times when a romantic relationship between lovers lasts for years without limiting to a one-night stand, however, in most cases, representatives of the stronger sex do not fully understand what to do and how to behave when having a relationship with a married woman. Let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of dating a married woman and consider some tips on how to make the best of these relationships.

dating a married woman

Tips for starting relationships with a married woman

Should you date a married woman? To begin with, not all people are fully aware of the seriousness and depth of their deeds. But let's do without moralizing and stereotypical perception of the word "love", as everyone has their own understanding of relationships, instead, it’s better to figure out what you should prepare for if you decide to date a married woman.

  • If you want to save a love affair, get ready to go into hiding because, in case of disclosure, other people will at least begin to condemn, discuss, and criticize you. In some situations, you can remain humiliated, lose your job, quarrel with friends, and so on. 
  • Are you ready for a sudden pregnancy and the lady's desire to start a serious relationship with you, leaving her spouse?
  • You will have to covertly compete with a woman’s husband to demonstrate your welfare and financial independence. Moreover, you should know how to delight, amuse, and impress the woman you love. Think about whether you have enough funds and opportunities to give the beloved woman everything she wants.
  • You will need to adapt to the plans of her family, settle with less than the best, and put up with a minor role in the life of a married woman.
  • Overemotional people should prepare for the pangs of conscience, jealousy, doubts, guesses, reflections, and the constant fear of disclosure.

Pros and cons of dating a married woman

Needless to say, love for a married woman will not be as easy and unhindered as innocent flirting with a single lady. Before flinging yourself into such a relationship, reflect on both sides of the coin.

Benefits of dating a married woman:

  • Married women are experienced in all matters, they already know what is what. A married woman can give you good life advice or express her point of view on a particular issue from the perspective of a family man.
  • They are more romantic in their behavior than unmarried women. Living a restful family life and getting used to her husband, a woman still remembers those exciting emotions that the beginning of a relationship evokes. She wants to feel it all again.
  • married women are skillful in bed. A married woman can be considered an excellent lover because she has a wealth of experience in sexual life;
  • They, unlike unmarried girls, understand what it is like to be married and live with a man. Therefore, such a lady can communicate with a man more competently: paper over the disagreements, express her desires more clearly, and feel what her partner wants and needs.
  • You don't have to get married, because your partner already has the status of a family man. This is one of the main advantages of dating a married woman for many guys. Indeed, there are men who do not want to enter into family relationships for various reasons. Someone has already been there and does not want to marry again. Another is building a career and does not want to burden himself with a serious relationship. The reasons can be the most diverse, but the outcome is the same – a married woman will never expect a marriage proposal from you.

having a relationship with a married woman

Dangers of dating a married woman:

  • Revenge. Are you afraid of exposure and unnecessary showdowns with a jealous husband? Then ask yourself a question “Is it good to date a married woman?” You need to be sure that disclosure is excluded, otherwise, your health may be in danger.
  • Impossibility of marriage. Discomfort will arise if a guy wants to get a spouse. After all, if relationships with a married woman last a long time and there are some signs a single man is falling in love with a married woman, it will not be so easy for him to abandon such an affair, unless that the woman leaves her family, files for divorce, and the like. You hardly want to ruin someone's life, don’t you?
  • Permanent hy-spy and conspiracy. Although you may like this at the beginning of a relationship with a married woman, constant conspiracy is still getting boring over time. 
  • Disclosure. It brings serious troubles to all participants of the formed love triangle: you may face negative public opinion, tantrums, showdowns, psychological and physical violence.
  • Hysterical outbursts. Your unobtrusive love affair can turn into hell if you just want to cut loose, but the woman imagines herself that you are her ideal life partner and intends to leave her spouse to legitimize your relationship.
  • Sharing a woman with her husband. It is not so pleasant, sometimes even difficult, especially if this woman is dear to you. You may feel hurt and upset every time she returns home to her husband. 

Dating a married woman rules

Obviously, it is much more difficult to build a relationship with a married woman than with a single girl. There are some nuances that you should know so that everything works out in the best possible way. If you do decide to start such an affair, this is the time to learn some important rules on how to date a married woman.

Don't count on anything serious

Before start dating married women, you need to put up with the fact that such a relationship will not be permanent. Your affair may last a month, a year, or several years, but most likely, it will not fall into the “forever” category. Therefore, try to live for today and be easy-going about the future. Just get a fixed idea “I’m seeing a married woman, but it’s a short-term affair”. 

After all, women rarely cut loose from their families, even ones that are far from ideal. Some are looking for entertainment, others try to make up for what they lack in communication or in bed with their husbands. At the same time, most ladies clearly understand that their love affair is just a temporary whim. So, the extradyadic relationships end in parting, and not in a new marriage. 

how to date a married woman

Talk less

As you know, the world is a small place. Perhaps your best friend is a distant relative or acquaintance of her husband. Consequently, you should not tell anything about your love affair to friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, let alone strangers. In addition, it will help you to avoid undesired criticism and judgment from the people around you.

Don't become obsessed with this woman

It's better to take care of your personal life and happiness. Of course, it does not mean that you need to cheat on a married woman you like. Just try to start visiting interesting places, meeting new people, asking girls out on dates – you can do it all without any remorse or regret! Thus, you will not suffer and experience mental anguish when a woman decides to break up the relationship with you. 

Agree on how you will keep in touch

You simply cannot call a married woman whenever you want, or even worse, come to her place. Accordingly, you should agree on how you will keep in touch with your lady before you make a mistake. Make sure you choose a trouble-free form of communication. You can keep in touch with the help of emails or calls from different phone numbers.

Be careful with gifts

Don't forget, you are dating a married woman. There is also a husband who is waiting for her at home, and if he notices that his beloved wife is wearing a new gold bracelet or sexy underwear, he will probably start asking questions. So don't present your woman with things that might betray your love affair.

Set boundaries

One of the benefits of having a relationship with a married woman is the lack of commitment. However, it’s important to set boundaries from the very beginning of your relations. For example, you can agree that neither of you will ever try to take your relationship to the next level, that is, to make it serious and that both of you can end the affair without any explanation. This will be advantageously not only for you but for the woman as well – she will be glad to get rid of commitment to protecting her marriage.

How to end a relationship with a married woman

As practice shows, love adventures do not always bring joy and carelessness, especially when it comes to sincere feelings. If you suddenly realize that your relationship with a married woman no longer brings you happiness, consider the best ways you can end such an affair.

If you decide to end a love affair, you should think over how you will start talking to a married woman and consider your every word in advance so as not to make a grandiose scandal. Girls are very emotional creatures, therefore, you need to be ready to calm down a woman, listen to her opinion, and talk about everything openly so that the lady does not feel offended or used as a toy.

Alternatively, you can ask for help from a mutual friend who knows about what is happening in your relationship. But this is more a cowardly idea than a reasonable one.

The most twofold way to end a relationship with a married woman is to manifest romantic feelings for another lady. On the one hand, such behavior hurts, wounds vanity, and drives a woman into depression. But on the other hand, the only real victim in this situation is the woman's husband. Thus, you will even become the savior of the family – the lady will feel acutely the "influence of karma", which will make her get back to her husband with a sense of repentance. 


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