Mail Order Brides Pricing Around the World and Best Countries for The Search

Some people are lucky and find their soul mate easily, others give in to despair and prefer to wait for love to see it by itself, but some persistent men are ready to move mountains and travel around dozens of countries to find their soul mate. We'll tell you what countries are better to visit for those who want to start a family and how much do mail order brides cost.

how much are mail order wives

Who Are Mail Order Brides?  What Should You Know About the Cost of Mail Order Brides? 

Although “mail-order bride” is not a new term, it still confuses many men. Is a mail-order bride a kind of girl you can pay a tidy sum for and take her away? That sounds not good enough, does it? 

Actually, a mail-order bride is a lady registered on dating sites or marriage agencies and wants to start a family with a foreign man. By the way, lots of men don't mind having an overseas wife either and are willing to splurge well on their potential sweetheart. But some males try to predict their expenses and calculate how much their future wife will cost. It’s a waste of time. Since the mail order wife cost depends on many factors, namely:

  • the place where a bride lives
  • what budget you have
  • what resources for the bride you use (for example, marriage agencies may charge a higher commission for their services than dating sites)
  • if a girlfriend enjoys a fancy life (expensive gifts, dinners in restaurants, etc.)
  • whether she is ready to get married and move in with you or you have to visit her place for months or years.

Seven Best Nations to Find Good Mail Order Brides Cost: From the Cheapest to Most Expensive Countries

If you are willing to spend the time, money, and effort to find your only one, you need to know the countries where you can expect success.  Here is a list of some countries from the perspective of European grooms which are the most attractive for finding pretty girls. 

7. Vietnam

If you are a fan of Asian beauties, Vietnam is ideal to choose a woman with a classic Asian appearance. The Vietnamese girls are trying to get closer to the European canons of beauty, but this does not prevent them from having their true charm. The country beckons bachelors. The most significant expense is your ticket to Hanoi — about $1,000, depending on what country you are flying from.

6. Thailand

The high poverty level, the large number of single women, and the feminine beauty make Thailand an attractive market. Thais' skin is generally darker than that of Europeans, so the average Westerner with white skin gets an advantage, so you have a wide choice of beauties here.  If you plan to live in the country for a couple of weeks, the accommodation can cost about $2,500 — 3,000in a decent hotel with all conveniences, and the flight can cost about $700 — 800. Well, the costs for entertainment and courting will cost you a penny.

5. The Philippines

mail order brides prices

Although the divorce rate in the Philippines is quite low, the poverty rate is high, so a foreign man is seen as a reasonable way to get a safe roof over your head. Also, Filipino women like white men. The housing price may not be high, but since the country is touristy, prices for various entertainment can double. So, the answer to the question, "How much is a mail order bride?" can depend on how much you're ready to spend on her.

4. Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the largest marriage locations in the world. The disadvantage is that Ukrainians don't lack suitors, including those from other European countries. These women are not too romantic and not too shy. Also, if you're chasing exoticism, Ukrainians aren't too good an option. They don't look too different from most European girls. However, their temperament and sensual Slavic accent can make most grooms' hearts beat faster. The proximity of Europe and the Middle East makes it easy for Ukrainians to leave the country, and these same factors negate obstacles like the language barrier. A flight to the Ukrainian capital may cost you a few hundred dollars, and accommodation can range from $50 to 100 a night. Besides, keep in mind to give gifts and flowers to your loved one, you will spend the most of your savings on this.

3. Russia

This country is famous all over the world for its beautiful women. Several obvious advantages put them in one of the highest places in the ranking of brides. Russian women tend to be well educated — they can keep a conversation, know foreign languages, and find work quite easily in their new homeland. They aren't afraid to leave the country and start a new life. The most expensive brides live in Moscow; you can spend from $3,000 to 5,000 per week for accommodation and food (including romantic dinners), not including airfare.

2. Brazil

Women in Brazil are considered the most beautiful girls in good shape, but they might not be too attractive for Americans because they mostly have dark skin. Europeans, on the other hand, like them better. Brazilian society has no taboos about interracial marriages. In addition, it is easy to meet girls because of the developed infrastructure and tourism.

1. Colombia

how much is a mail order bride

The ranking of Colombian women in the marriage industry is skyrocketing. Colombia tops the list of South American countries because señoritas have a remarkable reputation as beauties with the athletic figures of professional dancers. Also, Colombians aren't embarrassed by the age difference between spouses, and an older groom will easily find a beautiful young wife. But a Western or European guy will have to spend a fortune to attract the girl — the flight, hotel accommodation, meeting, and entertainment with the girl. You need to show your financial well-being to the bride right away. Otherwise, the girl may think you are a pauper or greedy. 

Do you want a foreign wife? Then, be prepared to pay for it. As you have already realized, it is impossible to calculate the exact amount you will spend on your bride and answer the question, "How much are mail order wives?" It could vary from $15,000 to 35,000. Sure, this is a huge amount, but does it matter if you get a happy family life? We think the answer is obvious.


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