Learn Traditional Ukrainian Girls' Names: The Complete Guide

Many foreigners say that Ukrainian names are hard to pronounce. Even though some of the girls' names have Latin or Biblical origin, they are not so easy to understand for someone from the US or any other European city where Slavic languages are not very popular. What do these names mean and how do you get better at pronouncing them? If you want to try Ukrainian dating, got to know most of them. This is going to be an immersive guide into the world of Ukrainian names. Now you don't have to embarrass yourself and get your traditional female names in Ukraine right from the first try.

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Do Ukrainians have their peculiar first names for girls?

There is a tendency to give Ukrainian girls  European names , but this tradition is still very young. If you are dealing with someone over 20 years old, chances are, she's going to have a more cultural name. Of course, people are slowly moving away from their traditions so coming across someone with the name Milena or Nelly would be a normal thing in 2021. Still, each decade has a distinctive peculiar Ukrainian name which was the most popular at the time.

Unlike Asian names, Ukrainian ones don't have direct meaning or translation and don't define any notion, although they mean something almost 100% of the time. When it comes to Ukrainian names, girls often get something associated with their birth months. Monthly calendars for names are still very much popular in Ukraine. Chances are, a Ukrainian girl would be named after her saint patron if she is born on a date dedicated to a certain saint. If you want to find a Slavic wife, knowing these names is essential.

Ancient Slavic names for Ukrainian females

Many Ukrainian moms still have a custom of giving their daughters ancient Slavic names. Some of them date back to Kievan Rus, 9th century. As you can see, these names hold great traditional and cultural value and always have a meaning. Here are some of them:


Bozhena is a traditional Ukrainian name, popular in Western Ukraine. This ancient Slavic name derives from the words “God’s sent”, “blessed”, and “gifted”. It’s believed to be a lucky name for a girl.


Bogdana can be literally translated as “Given by God”. It’s another popular ancient Slavic name extremely popular in Western Ukraine.


This ancient Slavic name can be directly translated as “lovely” or “wholesome”. It is popular in central Ukraine and the rest of Slavic countries.


This is one of those traditional Slavic names that have a direct translation. Nadiia means “hope” in Ukrainian.


Another traditional Slavic name, Olesia means “a girl from the woods.” Quite poetic, isn’t it?


Dana is an ancient Slavic name meaning “Given to the World.” It is wildly used in central and Western Ukraine.


Zhdana originally means “the long-awaited.” Some Ukrainian households still choose this ancient Slavic name for their daughter.


Lada means “harmony” and “beauty” in ancient Slavic. This name is mostly used in Ukraine and Poland.


Yaroslava means “shining with glory.” Although it is a rare Slavic name, it has been getting popularity in the last decades.


Lana means “field,” “fertile land.” Because Ukraine is a country of agriculture, the name is still quite popular.

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Most common Ukrainian female names

If you are wondering what Ukrainian girls' names are the most popular, you have to travel to Ukraine specifically to understand that some names are wildly preferred. To be precise, each Ukrainian region has its most popular name. You need to also check the birthdate of your future girl because each decade had its favorite.

Without further ado, these are are the most popular Ukrainian female names you will come across:


Anna is a Biblical name, wildly popular in modern Ukraine. You may also come across another variation of the name, Hanna. Anna means “force,” “bravery.”

Famous Ukrainian with this name: Anna Trincher, singer


Anastasiia or Nastia is an ancient Greek name, meaning “rebirth.” It is by far the most popular post-soviet name.

Famous woman with this name: Nastia Kamenskyh, singer


Olena or Lena is a Christian name, meaning “light.” It is popular among women born after the ‘80s. Ukrainian celebrity with this name: Olena Mozgova, producer


Sofiia is an ancient Greek name, meaning “wisdom.” Another variation for this name is Sonia. Same-called Ukrainian celebrity: Sofiia Stuzhuk, blogger

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Veronika is a Biblical name. It means “victorious.” A short name for Veronika is Nika.

Famous woman with this name: Veronika Marchenko, archer


Mariia is a Biblical name, meaning “long-awaited,” “bitter,” “beloved.” A Ukrainian version for Mariia is either Marichka or Masha (Slavic origin).

Same name celebrity: Mariia Yefrosinina, TV host


Dariia, deriving from the ancient Greek, means “gifted by God.” Another popular variation of this name is Dasha.

Famous woman: Dariia Astafieva, model


Svitlana is a Slavic interpretation of a Greek-origin name Photina, which means “a light carrier.” Ukrainian celebrity: Svitlana Tarabarova, singer

Viktoriia, deriving from Latin, quite clearly is an interpretation of the word “victory.” A short name for

Viktoriia is simply Vika.

Check out: Viktoriia Bulitko, TV host

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Yuliia is an ancient Roman name that means “youthful” and “sky father.”

Eponymous celebrity of Ukraine: Yuliia Sanina, singer


Tetiana is a Greek name that means “establisher.” You can come across a Slavic version – Tanya. Check out: Tetiana Pesyk, comedian


Iryna is an old Greek name that means “calmness” and “serenity.” A short version of this name is Ira. Famous Ukrainian girl: Iryna Fedyshyn, singer


Kateryna is a name that came from ancient Greece. It can be translated as “pure.” You may come across another version of this name, Katia.

Celebrity: Kateryna Buzhynska, singer

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Maryna is an ancient Roman name that means “marine, coming from the sea.”

Check out: Maryna Tymofiichuk, singer


Nataliia is a Latin given name, meaning “born” and “Christmas.” You come across other variations, such as Natasha or Natalka.

Great Ukrainian: Nataliia Moseichuk, TV host


Khrystyna is an ancient Greek name, meaning “Christian” or “dedicated to Christ.” Eponymous celebrity: Khrystyna Solovii, singer

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Yelyzaveta, or simply Liza, is a Jewish name that can be translated as “promise to God.” Famous woman: Liza Glinska, chef


Olha is a Scandinavian name that means “wise” and “divine.”

Check out: Olha Poliakova


Valeriia, or simply Liera, is a Latin name that means “being strong and healthy.”

Ukrainian girl: Valeryia Zaruzhko, politician


Oksana is a Ukrainian adaptation for Xenia, a Greek name that means “foreigner,” an outlander.”

Famous woman: Oksana Marchenko, TV-host

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Newest names of Ukrainian women

When it comes to Ukrainian names, female given names get more creative and universal with years. Here are some examples of who you can come across as of lately:


Yeva (Eve) is an ancient Jewish name that means “giving life.”


Oleksandra is a Greek name that means “brave; defender.”


Polina has an unclear origin, but this name is believed to derive from ancient Greek, meaning “the younger.”


Vita quite literally means “full of life” in Latin.


Evelina means “vital life” in Hebrew.

So these were all the Ukrainian female names and meanings. All of them are equally beautiful and sound amazing in Ukrainian. Which ones do you know already and what names are hard to pronounce?


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