How to Start an Online Dating Conversation

Dating sites do not stop bringing people together – more and more men and women find their loved ones on the Internet. In fact, an online conversation is your first and principal tool to get to know someone you like. Thus, the successful development of your romantic relationship directly depends on your ability to start and maintain a conversation with a girl. So today, you are going to learn how to start a conversation in online dating and what to write to a lady to make her fall in love with you!

start a conversation online dating

What makes a great online dating conversation

Before starting to chat with a girl, you should know about the main components of a successful online conversation. So, what makes a great online dating conversation?

The sincere interest of both interlocutors. Of course, this is one of the most important aspects of a great online conversation. After all, without a sincere interest in the dialog and the desire to learn more about a new acquaintance, your communication will not last long. 

Self-confidence. Be sure, a man's self-confidence is felt even in correspondence, and girls go crazy over strong and secure men who believe in their powers. Even if you are new to online dating , there is no reason to doubt yourself. You are no worse than the rest of the guys on the site, maybe even better. And you have a chance to prove it to a girl you like!

Compliments. Women love to be praised. A lady’s mood improves if she hears pleasant words addressed to her. Therefore, do not forget to pay compliments to a girl, and she will be happy to continue the conversation with you.

Literacy. Many girls admit that they get irritated by men who write with errors, especially on dating sites. So, it's better to check your message twice before sending it to a girl. Grammatical correctness delights the eye and testifies to the erudition and intelligence of a guy.

Positive attitude. Experienced seducers know well how to attract a girl from the very first messages. Notably, the topic of an online conversation does not even matter, the point is in the energy and positive attitude emanating from a man. So, positive energy is your main weapon in online dating with pretty ladies.

Some tips to start an online dating conversation

Creating a good profile page on a dating site is only half the battle, online correspondence plays an even greater part in attracting women. After all, while you are at the stage of acquaintance with a girl, text correspondence is your main way of communication with each other. So let's take a look at 10 top tips on how to start an online dating conversation.

Detective, Examine Their Profile for Clues

One of the most important rules of Internet dating is that you need to get to know a girl before you start chatting with her. So first, check out the profile page of the lady you like. Pay attention to her photos, study the girl's hobbies, view information about her interests, and so on. After you get your first impression of the lady, use this knowledge to start communication with her.

Send the first message

It is best to start a conversation with a greeting. But don't write hackneyed phrases that every lady has already heard a thousand times, you should come up with a creative message that will definitely grab the attention of a girl you like. Also, it will be useful to ask her the following questions:

  • How are things?
  • How are you doing?
  • Is it comfortable for you to chat with me now?

Girls love it when guys take care of them and concern with their feelings and emotions. Thus, you will look like a real gentleman and gain the affection of any lady!

Ask about favorite movie/ book/ food/ series

Of course, after the greeting and the very acquaintance with a woman, it will be good to find out about her interests and favorite activities. You can do this using standard questions:

  • What kind of music do you prefer to listen to?
  • Which genre of cinema is closer to you?
  • Do you have any hobbies, such as sports, dancing, singing, or something else?
  • What are your taste preferences?
  • How do you like to spend your free time – clubs, movies, cafes, or maybe just a favorite book and a cup of coffee?
  • Do you love animals?
  • Do you play any musical instrument?

Try to find some touching points so that you know what topics to discuss with the woman in order not to seem boring or stupid to her. The information received will help you to determine whether you have common interests and views with your interlocutor.

Pay attention to common interests

Once you've found some common interests, you should pay attention to them. Just start to discuss with a girl the things you both like and you will be surprised! This is a kind of psychological trick that can help you to get closer – indeed, you have something in common. Moreover, it is a good way to develop an online dating conversation and get to know each other better. After that, it will be much easier to carry on the conversation with the girl you are interested in.

Do not delay with the answers

If you delay with answers for more than a day, a girl may decide that she is not interesting to you, and so, will turn her attention to other events happening in her life. And when you write her back in a couple of days, it turns out that the girl no longer needs all of that. Modern life is very mobile and hectic, a lot of new events happen during the day, so the girl will simply forget about you. The lady will not have a mere desire to proceed in communication with a person who disappears for a long haul.

Know when to move things offline

Enjoy chatting with a girl online , but at the same time, try to bring a meeting in real life closer. How to do it? Everything is very simple. Send the girl a message "I like chatting online, but it's even better to talk on the phone, here's my number ...". A phone call will quickly tell you if you want to meet this girl in real life. If you set yourself up for a date, arrange it at your favorite cafe and set the time. Do not delay meeting in person, otherwise, the girl will think that you do not want to develop your relationships at all.

Stir Pleasant Memories

Try to ask questions in such a way as to evoke pleasant emotions in a girl: memories, pride in her achievements, warmth, and delight. This is one of the most effective tips on how to start a conversation with a girl in online dating! What to write about? Childhood is a win-win option!

Indeed, childhood is the best topic for you to discuss at the first stage of acquaintance. After all, it helps people to open up, trust each other more, and show themselves from the other side. Few men get interested in women’s childhood memories and they lose a lot, as this topic evokes plenty of pleasant memories. What did the girl dream about as a child? What was she fond of? What films and cartoons did she watch? Any girl will be pleased with such attention! Talking about childhood, the lady will indulge in sweet memories, and you both will discuss your family traditions and remember different funny stories from your life. This all brings people together very much!

Ask About Pets

Girls can spend hours talking about their pets and showing off their cute photos. In general, animals always evoke a lot of tender emotions in the representatives of the weaker sex. So, this is one of the best topics for discussion with ladies. Ask a girl if she has any pets and what kind of animal she would like to get. Also, you can tell her about your domestic animals and share funny stories related to them.

Ask for Their Advice

Women are very compassionate and responsive creatures, they love to help men and take care of them. So any girl will be pleased if you ask her to give you advice – this indicates that you are interested in her opinion. What advice to ask for? Anything that comes to your mind! For example, “I would like to read an interesting book to chill out a little. What can you recommend to me?" or "Hi! My sister's birthday is coming soon. She is about your age. Could you help me please to choose a good present for her?"

Be Funny, If You Can

There are a lot of worries and problems in the life of people nowadays, so you should not talk about this all during an online dating conversation. Do not start languid and melancholy reasoning about the life difficulties with a girl you like – replace them with positive conversations about pleasant things. Try to put a smile on the lady's face and she will definitely want to continue communicating with you. Women really love men who can make them laugh!

start a conversation online dating

Things to NEVER say in an online dating conversation

You are a vegan and she is a meat-eater. You believe in aliens, she believes in parallel worlds. You do not believe in harassment, she is screaming about feminism... If you start to prove your point to each other in an online dating conversation, no good will come out of it. So, there are some things that you should never discuss in online correspondence with a lady you like. 

religions, subcultures, feminism, and politics. Especially if you are an amateur on the topic and have just a base of superficial knowledge. What is more, your opinion can be offensive to your interlocutor, particularly if you are used to considering everything from your subjective point of view.

vulgarity. Self-respecting young ladies hate men who try to start a romantic acquaintance with vulgar jokes or even worse, naked photographs. Therefore, you should behave decently and try to be a real gentleman.

ex-partners. Never. Never. NEVER recall your ex-partners in an online chat with a girl, even if she herself provokes this conversation and asks about your former girlfriends. Also, don't ask any questions about the girl’s former relationships and the reasons for their break up. It's better to hold such kind of conversation in real life.

Moreover, if you managed to find out that a girl does not like her job or is not satisfied with her earnings, you should not bring up this topic in a conversation. In addition, you should avoid talking about financial problems, life complaints, psychological issues, and various gossips. The provocation of negative emotions in your interlocutor can create a barrier between you two. As a result, the girl will begin to avoid communicating with you. 

Final words

Creating the perfect profile page on a dating site is only half the way to building happy and harmonious romantic relationships. To get a girl's interest in online correspondence, you should learn how to keep a conversation going. Use the above-mentioned tips and examples of how to start a conversation in online dating and it will be easy for you to come up with a good topic for discussion with the girl. The main thing is to be confident in your abilities and not hesitate to write the first message to someone you like. Keep in mind that a positive attitude, strong communication skills, and a bit of humor will help you to attract the girl of your dreams. Good luck!


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