How to Pick Up Cougar Women: Working Tips

Girls can be different: humble, stroppy, wild... Some of them become caring wives, some — temperamental lovers. But there is the third type of females, combining these traits, they are so-called cougars.

A cougar is usually a woman in her 40s or even older seeking relationships with younger guys. Such ladies are characterized as those who are in bleak despair. Still, they are high-flying single women  who like adventures and love affairs with immature guys who are aware of picking up cougars and handling them.

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How to Find Out If a Woman Is Cougar

Suppose your soft spot is dating temperamental females or just want to try how this stuff works. Read on to learn how to identify this type of lady and with her heart!

Extreme Confidence

These women are louder than others declare themselves. Men notice them first in any company. The self-esteem of these girls goes through the roof. They strive to live up to the highest standards and appreciate comfort. They are used to criticizing everything in the world, as criticism is the easiest way to remember.

Seductive Style

If you know how to pick up cougar but have no idea how to determine this female — pay attention to her clothes. Cougars are brand addicts! They tend to buy only the most expensive dresses of famous brands. Despite her age, she'll try on anything that will advantageously emphasize her seductive body parts.

Mature But Young Inside

Age is just a number in the passport. A cougar lady doesn't like the measured life and boring leisure time with an age-mate. She will always dive into any activity, whether it be a parachute jump or scuba diving. Some women in life are so adventurous, while others, on the contrary, try to match their young chosen ones and don’t notice how they become young inside.

Benefits of Picking Up Older Women

“Love knows no age” is an old truth that doesn’t cause any doubts. Nevertheless, couples who have a significant age difference are still under the microscope.

And if a man is a dozen years older than his beloved, it’s pretty much a constant state for our society, but the union of a young man and an older lady is a never-ending topic for discussion. What are the pros of a relationship with an adult partner for men?

Personal Growth

Being next to such a lady, a young man feels special, grows in his own eyes, and tries to be worthy of his girlfriend in everything.

Rare Conflicts

A smart woman appreciates a comfortable existence. Thanks to a wise female partner, you may cope with a conflict with a little blood. Men value this quality in a relationship above all else.

Personal Space

The young boyfriend has a lot more freedom. He realizes that this freedom is not a sign of indifference but mutual respect for the personal boundaries of each other.

Variety in Sex

Young girls might be i nexperienced, and most expect movie romance from their partners. A mature woman thinks about the pleasure she can bring to herself and a soulmate and appreciates the joy of sex.

Friend and Mentor

Mature sweetheart has much more experience in all areas. She can give valuable life advice, support in a difficult moment, talk without shyness on any topic, and guide a young friend in the right direction.

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Working Tips on How to Pick Up Cougars

It's not so tough to attract an older woman, but you need to understand that communication with her and your behavior should be different from contact with younger girls.

No Room for Hesitation

If you don't feel enough confidence, you need to work on yourself. Don't attempt to compliment a woman at the first meeting. This behavior is similar to a teenager who does not know how to fill up a conversation. A confident man makes an impression, causing confidence in himself. Try to act like this.

Pick Up Discussion Topics Carefully

Knowing some tips on how to attract cougars doesn't guarantee to develop productive communication. Showing off with your luxurious car or expensive watch doesn't work. A woman won't pay much attention to details. She needs interaction. Be an interesting person to talk to, try to talk about all kinds of topics. If the woman is much older than you, don't mention your friends and your shared interests.


Your independence and self-confidence are sure to get a woman's attention. If you feel that you have achieved this, don't delay and make a date. However, take your time and be patient, don't get a meeting the very next night. Suggest meeting next week, and let her think you are a very busy person, even if you are not.

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TOP five Places to Use Cougar Pick Up Tricks

You may think cougars spend all their free time online, looking for their chosen one, but that is by no means true! These women don’t set a goal to find a man in the first place. They lead their usual way of life, so we’ve collected places where to pick up cougars.

Fancy Restaurants and Cafes

If a woman is alone, you can offer her to drink a cup of coffee with you and start a small talk with a joke or a compliment. For example, ask for advice on what kind of coffee, dessert, or salad to choose, or express your admiration for her beauty and refined manners.

Wine Degustation and Food Festivals

Walk up to her and start a conversation about the wine or food you are treated to at the event. Find out what she thinks about this selection. Tell her about your favorite wine and offer to have a glass of wine at a nearby restaurant. Be nice and not intrusive.

Grocery Stores

A nearby store may be the best place to pick up cougars. You may have noticed a lady at the entrance and want to approach and get to know her. See what she is picking out; get close enough, and you may even get her attention. You can drop something or take something off the shelf that she just put in her cart and cast a questioning look at her.

Ladies Nights at Bars or Clubs

If a lady is surrounded by company, you should approach the entire group, not just her. Be positive and friendly. When introducing yourself, you should create a relaxed atmosphere so that everyone feels comfortable. Gradually narrow your focus and begin to get her attention. As soon as the right opportunity arises, walk out with her.

Shopping Malls

You can ask the girl where the nearest pastry shop is. If she can answer this question, then ask what kind of assortment is there. At the same time, ask her what kind of candy she likes. After a few minutes, you can start a lively conversation. Remember that age is just dry numbers. No matter what others say. If you want to be with a cougar and you feel it's yours, then go ahead and listen to no one!


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