How to Get a Ukrainian Wife: Comprehensive Guide

Romantic tours to Ukraine are very popular all over the world: the British, Americans, Australians pay a lot of money to dating agencies, for finding them a spouse in Ukraine.

Ukrainian girls drive foreigners crazy not only with their beauty but also with their spiritual qualities, their attitude to family values. At the same time, many foreign men are embarrassed by the fact that money problems push young Ukrainian girls for such marriages.

Now, we will help you figure out what is so special about Ukrainian women and give you a win-win guide on how to get a wife from Ukraine !

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Are Ukrainian wives as good as they’re talked about?

Undoubtedly, Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. But are women from Ukraine good wives? We can safely say yes! After all, they are very sensual, sincere, housewifely, kind, loyal, talented, hospitable, and understanding.

Local brides are distinguished by innate wisdom and being good mothers, they know how to create comfort, a positive atmosphere, and peace in the house. For the most part, these women are hard-working and know how to overcome difficulties.

However, many foreigners that were trying to find a Ukrainian wife suggested that most Ukrainian brides are only interested in money, and build their relationships around it. Moreover, there are a lot of scammers among women in some cities.

There are a few more difficulties with Ukrainian women: they might be tied by their families, are too emotional, picky and demanding, and care too much about their appearance (yes, this can be a disadvantage!). Also, you may experience a cultural barrier and you should be aware that relationships with

Ukrainian girls aren’t cheap!

Pros and cons of getting a Ukrainian wife

Ukrainian ladies are attractive and sweet, but a man from another country may face some difficulties in relations with these lovely creatures. However, if you are loyal and caring, life with a Ukrainian wife will make you the happiest man on Earth!


  • They’re beautiful and feminine: Even when they don’t wear makeup, they look stunning — it’s just their natural beauty, strong sexual energy, charm, and elegance!
  • Ukrainian women are perfect partners and devoted mates: Ukrainian brides are often ready to sacrifice something when it comes to harmony in the family and the happiness of its members.
  • Ukrainian girls are real women — they’re stylish, graceful, delightful, and gorgeous. They don’t need any masterclasses or courses to learn how to drive men crazy.
  • Ukrainian wives have incredible cooking skills: most girls can cook both traditional Ukrainian and Italian or Asian dishes.
  • They’re loyal: due to traditional dating culture, Ukrainian brides appreciate a serious relationship built on true love and mutual respect.
  • They are loving & caring mothers: Ukrainian women will never leave their children unattended and will not deprive them of love. She will be happy to sit at home, play with them, and educate them.
  • UA women are straightforward: they don’t like ambiguous games in relationships. Their goal is to marry a strong, loyal, and serious man who will truly love them and be able to prove that!

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  • They’re crazy about their appearance: these girls look like they are on the catwalk! They will look stunning even when they’re walking a dog or going to a bakery. In fact, this is good, but it has a bad side: you have to look stunning, too!
  • UA brides are very emotional: a huge mood spectrum makes them sometimes become overwhelmed by some little things, so just be tolerant.
  • They may be too demanding of a lover or husband и focused on earnings. But there’s a bright side: this may motivate you to increase your income!
  • Ukrainian girls are picky: they’re not spoiled by feminism, so they expect that you will pay for dinner in a restaurant, buy them expensive presents! So guys who want to marry Ukrainian women need to keep that in mind.
  • Ukrainian women love to be in charge of the family: they are independent and proud; however, they are wise enough, so you shouldn't always react negatively to it!

How to get a wife from Ukraine: step by step guide

If the whole process of getting married is legal, and the future spouses have no problems with documents, then getting married to a Ukrainian girl is quite easy and quick.

Finding a girl

  • Online dating: choose the most reliable dating site or wife finder (in your opinion, based on customer reviews, the age of the company), sign in and start looking for your chosen one and communicate with her. Most huge dating companies offer various services and can accompany you on your journey starting from searching for a partner and ending at marriage. The costs of services may include prices for site membership, virtual and/or real gifts, flights, hotel expenses, Visa, etc. Keep in mind that many foreign citizens trying to meet Ukrainians using an international marriage broker or dating service have fallen victim to scams that have cost them lots of money
  • Getting acquainted offline: a "classic" way — you choose one of the best cities for dating UA girls, go to Ukraine (Visa is not required for tourism stays of less than 90 days within a 180-day period), stay in a hotel, and head out to the main street, popular restaurant or one of the biggest nightclubs, and use all your charm!

First meeting and dating

Here are some crucial Ukrainian women marriage tips:

  • Be self-confident. You don’t have to be “alpha-male” or “macho”, but, since local men often do not have strong leadership qualities, this can be your main advantage!
  • Be a useful and helpful husband: Ukrainian women love independent men who can help them in the household, so if you’re not lazy, you can get some extra points here. Take care of your appearance: do your best to look perfect — stylish clean clothes, athletic body, well-kept skin, еtс
  • Be respectful. Ukrainian brides like to feel that they are appreciated for not only their look, but also their inner beauty. Admire her face, figure, eyes, hair, opinion, occupation, interests.
  • Be romantic. Every local girl wants to find the man who will make her feel like a princess. Arrange breath-taking dates with music and candles, give her unique presents, do some crazy things for her and she will be over the moon!
  • Be a good listener. If you carefully listen to someone, it means that you respect him. Since Ukrainian girls are good listeners, they expect the same behavior from you.
  • Show that you are a reliable man in every sense of the word, including your earnings. Also, learn to be generous (note: this does not mean being wasteful!

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Get the right documents

  • internal passport of a bride and a groom who is a citizen of the country;
  • international passport of a foreign person (the one you used to cross the country’s border) with a notarized translation;
  • if the foreigner’s passport does not have some information about his marital status, then he will need to present a document that confirms the fact he isn’t married. If the bride or groom (or both of them) were previously married, then they will need to present a document that confirms marriage termination. 

Depending on the home country of one of the future spouses, the submitted documents shall be legalized or apostilled.

Register your marriage

  • Marriage in Ukraine is registered by the registry office. This is the official body that formalizes marriage both between Ukrainians and between Ukrainians and foreigners.
  • When submitting an application, you must pay a state fee for the service. You can also submit an application online (in this case, you must have all scans of the documents and an electronic signature).
  • A marriage can also be registered by a consular office or a diplomatic government (then, the norms of the legislation of the respective country are used).
  • As a rule, marriage is registered after one month from the date of application. The state fee should not exceed 10 Euros.
  • Note that the norms of Ukrainian law during the marriage can be used in any other country if one of the spouses is a citizen of Ukraine. In this case, you will have to take into account foreign legislation, since you will apply to a foreign authority.

Finding your love in Ukraine

The hardest task in life (and the most important one!) is to find your love, your reliable life partner. And if you make the right choice, you will receive a lifetime reward!

You must understand that there is no such thing as your “perfect partner” in the whole world: there are just people with whom you can get as close as possible spiritually and physically. And, along the way, both you and your partner will have to put in a lot of effort, compromise, and learn a lot.

And it is important to look for this person among such women, whose qualities, for the most part, meet your expectations. And we think that Ukrainian women are perfect for that!


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