How to Date Hot Australian Women

Miranda Kerr and Margot Robbie, Teresa Palmer, and Jennifer Hawkins — we enjoy the natural charm of Aussies, admiring them on the tabloids every day.

But what are the Australian women  like in real life?! Neither Cate Blanchett's roles, nor Kylie Minogue's songs will tell you that! One thing is clear: women that are caressed by the sun and freshen up with the sea air simply have to be the best!

Now we will share with you what it’s like to date an Australian girl , find out do Australian women like American men, and give you some proven tips to win Aussie’s heart!

beautiful australian women

What are Australian girls like?

Most Australian people have those qualities that we love in people: kindness, cheerful disposition, and friendliness. We think, on the one hand, they are like that because the country has a wonderful location; on the other hand, it’s Australian multiculturalism that plays a huge role in shaping people’s temperament.

Let's see what other good qualities the Australian girls have!

They have a good sense of humor

Oh yes, Aussies know how to enjoy life (and they would love it if you do, too), and are always ready to laugh!

But at the same time, Australian women know how to get serious when the situation requires that. For example… when she needs to pull a crocodile out of the pool with her bare hands, while you are standing there frozen with fear...

Just kidding! Although there is some truth to that, ‘cause this is Australia, baby!

They love sports

What pops into your mind first when you think about an Australian girl? You see her in a bikini on the beach, wakeboarding towards a huge wave, right?

You are absolutely right — they are just like that! The hottest Australian women are into tennis, golf, rugby, swimming, soccer, horse racing ... The good news is that means that most Aussies are in great shape!

They are open and simple-minded

The average Australian woman won’t behave like the average American woman. The latter will try hard to show that she’s not interested in you (when she really is). Australian girls don’t like playing games, and their “yes” is “yes” and “no” means “no”!

Aussies are open and simple-minded but don’t you ever think they are stupid!

They have this cute accent

Even if you've never met an Australian woman in your life, you definitely heard that cute accent! Just watch any Margot Robbie’s interview — it makes you want to lose yourself in these sounds! 

And even if you are hardly gonna make it with Ms. Robbie, having a romantic relationship with a cute Australian girl having the same accent is just a great idea!

They love having fun and know how to do it

Many men from around the world complain that their girls don't share their interests... Well, Aussies are a different story!

Do you like doing sports, enjoying the beach, going for serious adventures and all this taken together? Do you like meeting with friends every evening, having a drink and enjoying a good time? Believe it or not, Australian girls love it too!

They are independent enough

Aussies are used to work and love to earn money, and, for the most part, these girls do not at all strive to become housewives and a burden on the man’s shoulders.

For example, if you ask her out, she will happily split the bill with you; if you don’t let her do that, she’ll just buy the next drink!

hottest australian women

Do Australian women like American men?

Australians aren’t prejudiced against Americans, if, of course, you show yourself as a normal guy, and not an arrogant bastard.

Australian women (as well as men) are not at all concerned about your cultural or ethnic background. Remember we talked about multiculturalism?

And one more thing: Australian women are always open to meeting foreigners, as there are plenty of sexist men in the country. So, if you are not a sexist — then you’re welcome!

Dating an Australian woman: a quick tutorial

In Australia, there are no clear official dating rules, so you have to understand everything on the go and be prepared to improvise. Calm, fun, and flexible, Australia's dating culture allows people to get to know each other in the most casual way!

Forget about stereotypes

You used to think women aren’t able to do men’s jobs? These beautiful Australian women are not afraid of hard, dirty work, and will be able to change a flat tire as easily as they usually babysit their little cousin.

The main thing is that you should never doubt that she can do some serious things!

Show her some respect

This is one of the most important Australian woman date tips. We have already mentioned that there are problems with sexism in Australia; so maybe, the fact that local women strive to feel respected is the result of that.

Never forget about respecting her, and try to at least pretend that you are on an equal footing.

Forget about the classic pick-up tricks

This is another very important Australian women dating tip you have to remember.

Do you think that you can attract an Australian girl just by giving her a couple of compliments or inviting her to a posh restaurant? Oh no, it just won't work. You must be an intelligent, funny, and charming man who loves to get the most out of life; then you have a chance to win her heart!

Be on the same page with her

Dating an Australian woman assumes that you have common interests. So get ready to have fun outside!

Australian women love to be lounging on the beach for hours, have some picnics, and go hiking. Well, nature in Australia calls for it!

Feel free to be funny

The traditional carelessness of Australians is extremely contagious. Get ready to have fun and joke a lot, and enjoy some jokes in return. By the way, you must not feel offended and learn to laugh at yourself!

Be in control, stay enigmatic

Aussies are strong girls, so they dominate. Therefore, you should be a strong man to be with her. Always stay calm and keep your emotions in check, and the girl will respect you.

hottest australian women

How and where to meet an Australian girl

Before looking for the best place to meet an Australian girl, you need to ask yourself the main question: what TYPE of women you want to date? After all, people choose places to spend time based on their habits and interests.

“What age range should a girl be?”, “Does she love a healthy lifestyle?”, “Is she a hard partier or a classy girl?” — the answers to these questions will help you narrow your search!

The beach

This is the number one place where you can (and should) meet Australian girl! If you are not shy to approach slim, tanned girls in bikinis, then you’ll be able to stand out and succeed!

Bars & clubs

This is another popular place for Australians to spend a good time. But make sure you go to a really cool place that you like, and not the most popular club just because there are lots of beautiful girls in there.


There’s a classic detail that will help you to spot a single girl here: most likely, she has stunning makeup and a nice hairdo, and not just a ponytail.

Social clubs and courses

This is a good place to start your search: culinary, dance, sports, intellectual clubs... This is a good chance to meet a like-minded person who is carried away by the things you like.

Coffee shops

Do you like spending time somewhere outside for hours with your laptop or smartphone? Go to the nearest coffee shop: it's a cozy place with plenty of coffee and good girls!

Dating in Aussieland

Yellow sun, blue sea, distant mountain tops, and virgin forests… Looks like a Paradise? No. This is only Australia yet.

Dating Australian girl can be one hell of a ride: leisure and laughter, passion, adventure, and hours of having fun outside. And if you show kindness and respect to these people, they will surely return the favor!


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