How to Date a Woman With a Child: Full Guide

Single women with children are often intimidating to men. Why? Because they seem too powerful. These ladies are true bosses of their lives. Single moms are self-sufficient, strong, determined, and are not into playing games other than those in a sandpit with their kids.

Let’s say you have fallen for one of these angels. So how to date a woman with a child and not sabotage a single lady’s relationship with her precious kid? How to avoid unnecessary awkward situations and miscommunications? How to be a reliable partner and a decent father figure? Let’s see!

dating a woman with a child

What do single women with kids search for in men

One thing a single mother is afraid of is an unstable connection with a wishy-washy partner. Sometimes relationships end on a foul note. These trepidations leave a bitter taste in someone’s mouth, so there is no way she is going to repeat past mistakes. On the contrary, stable and determined men draw single mothers like a magnet. Dating a woman with children means you have to acquire the following traits:


A man who has his feet on the ground gives single moms a sense of hope and comfort. Ideally, a perfect partner should be stable both mentally and financially. A mentally stable man will withstand all the difficulties of raising a child and supporting a family. Dating a woman with a kid means you need to be somehow beneficial, even if it sounds a little harsh.


Lying to a single woman with kids is sinful. Whether someone is lying about their current job position, bank account, or the number of exes, a single mom doesn’t want to hear all of that nonsense. Any “marriage material” a gentleman should be clear about his intentions from the beginning. If you meant a one-night stand that time you met in a club, have the dignity to admit. Any relationship with woman with a child should start with trust.


Mindful people are free from aggression. They live in kindness and balance with all their chakras. The older we get, the more we need to connect with our roots. Mothers who spend their whole day switching between a daytime job and raising a beautiful baby know that staying grounded and collected is a key to happiness. Any man who succumbs to low vibrations and projects negativity is a woman-repellent.


If a woman already has a kid, chances are, she doesn’t want to raise an adult on the side. A mature man knows he is not the top priority in a time of need. He can take care of himself and become a father figure for a child. A grown man understands what an important role this lady has, and always tries to facilitate her life. He doesn’t disappear or miss calls for no reason.


A mother’s life is too complicated as it is. She would choose not to search for her boyfriend who’s playing Wii at his friend’s house. A single mom wants to rely on her male counterpart and be sought-after as well. It doesn’t mean you need to quit a job and answer every text message within a minute. Just be there whenever she needs your help.

Love for children

Of course, any single mom would instantly monitor your attitude towards children. Are you good with kids? Do you find it annoying to stay with a six-year-old niece when your brother is busy? Do you get along with teenagers? These and many other questions are a priority on a date with a single mother. The same goes for your family bonds, love for animals, and charity work. Kindness and attentiveness are traits every single woman with kids wants to see in her future husband.


To get into a woman’s good graces, your intentions have to be set in stone. Even if dating doesn’t work out, you might want to explain what difficulties you are experiencing. And if you wish to continue your pleasant connection, a woman expects you not the beat around a bush and take it to the next level as soon as possible.

dating a woman with children

What are single mothers like: main traits

Single mothers are mysterious creatures. Everyone wonders: how do they manage to do it all within 24 hours? Dating a woman with a child means staying with a hero and a power ranger. She is the best at multi-tasking and still has the energy for a romantic relationship. So what traits do single mothers acquire?

They are fragile but agile

Single moms don’t have the privilege to wait until the situation resolves itself. They might seem tender and gentle, but have you seen a mom at the principal’s office? And what if someone hurts their kid? Single mothers have a mysterious reserve of strength in their solar plexus. They have stamina and energize the room.

They are loving and caring

By nature, mothers increase their love for close family and know how to take care of their child. Single mothers share warmth and hospitality like a Wi-Fi connection. These ladies are the life of the party. Staying in their presence is a true blessing.

They are strong

On a real note, single mothers face many challenges daily. They are strong enough to combat a bad mood and carry on. There are times when mothers want to feel like little kids themselves, be comforted, and be treated right. But in reality, being a mom is a tough job that requires 100% concentration and devotion, so their hearts are the hearts of a soldier.

They are busy

Single moms like to stay on their grind and hustle every day. These incredible ladies manage to attend a school meeting at 10 am, an office shift, and a get-together when kids are asleep. You will rarely find a single mom on the couch waiting for a better life. These women are go-getters, and it’s what makes them so attractive.

They are sensual and sincere

Single moms are not shy. They are not afraid of their sexuality, nor are they embarrassed with their bodies. Single moms are hot moms. Dating a divorced woman with a child means she already had trials and tribulations with a previous marriage, so don’t expect her to be silent. Single moms don’t want to waste their time and will be open about things they don’t find comfortable. It’s a breath of fresh air to find someone so fiercely honest.

Do's and don’t’s of dating a woman with a child

Would you date a woman with a child if you knew it’s a lot of work? Dating a single mom requires determination and emotional maturity, but it’s not as difficult once you learn the following steps:

Dating a woman with a kid: main do's

  • Always ask something about her child. What is the kid’s favorite color, place of education, dream destination? Usually, you can’t fake interest in someone’s kid unless you are an outstanding actor. Be sincere and consistent about your questions before you decide to meet her child in person.
  • Take this lady on romantic dates. Mothers or not, women want to stay desirable and playful. Although her motherhood is an integral part, your connection doesn’t need to revolve around that information. Ask her out for dinner, plan weekends together, bring presents, and don’t forget that she wants romance as much as you do.
  • Move slowly, but surely. Before you choose to meet the child, start with sending presents for the kid, such as toys and sweets. Communicate on the least traumatizing way to meet her son or daughter. Make your presence obvious, but not intrusive. A child will need some time to accustom to the idea of having her mother’s friend over.
  • Be a good friend to the family. Ask to meet her relatives and friends if things are getting serious. Prove your loyalty and serious intentions by naturally integrating into her environment. This way, your lady will understand she isn’t only a subject of your desire. You want to meet every aspect of her life.
  • Be helpful and gentle. Answer her calls, show up when invited, send flowers and everyday text messages – all that sweet nonsense. Don’t forget that any woman likes consistent treatment despite her marital status.
how to date a woman with a child

Main don’t’s of dating a woman with a child

  • Don’t call late at night. The difference between a divorced woman and a divorced woman with a kid is that rules apply to the house. If you don’t want to get in trouble, avoid contacting at times the child might be sleeping.
  • Don’t push her. If she’s not comfortable introducing you to her child yet, don’t get mad and insist.
  • Don’t make her choose. It’s the most inhumane and selfish thing to make a single mom choose between her personal life and a child. If she’s not available, there’s a reason. No “ifs” and “buts.”
  • Don’t ask too many questions related to her ex. If a woman doesn’t want to share all her secrets just yet, it’s her choice.
  • Don’t be a strict dad. Even if you don’t agree on the upbringing tactics, you are in no position to order someone’s child around. Let her sort this out since it’s her kid.

“Should I date a woman with a child?” Dating a single mom is always a stable union and an alliance. If you choose to be a part of a big family, this might turn into the most beautiful and prosperous connection you ever wanted. Stay strong and fear nothing when pursuing your dream relationship.


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