How to date a Ukrainian woman: pro tips for western men

How to win the Ukrainian girl  of your dreams? This question comes to each man's mind from time to time. When you finally meet the only one, you want to do everything possible, just to get her attention. But words are not always enough — you really need to show her your serious intentions. How to get the girl you love and take advantage of a lifetime chance? Read on efficient dating a Ukrainian woman tips not to screw your relationship up.

dating a ukrainian woman tips

Why Ukrainian Women Are so Desirable

The preferences of overseas men change every year, but one thing is unchangeable — they have always liked Ukrainian girls. Ukrainians are considered to be the most beautiful ladies in the world. Men pick up their life partners not only by bright appearance. Western men like Ukrainians because of their cheerful mood. Caring and attentiveness are the main criteria that always tip the scales to Ukrainian girls. No one knows how to take care of a man the way Ukrainian girls do. Let’s find out why dating a Ukrainian woman  is still desirable.


A cute woman's appearance is everyday work, and Ukrainians cope with this task with honor. Foreigners note Slavic girls and women manage to look as if they stepped off a glossy magazine's cover. Moreover, a girl does not need to spend a fortune on beauty salons and plastic surgery to look great — nature generously bestowed Ukrainian women with beauty.

Creating a Cozy Home

All Slavic women are famous for these talents. So, a foreign husband expects from a Ukrainian woman that she will take care of the house. A man is ready to contribute money for that even if a woman does not work. The main thing is to agree on this point with a potential husband.

Cooking Skills

The Ukrainian women's skill to bake a masterpiece out of nothing is another positive thing. In the West, women aren't used to cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Ukrainian ladies successfully do it, and they please their foreign husbands.

Gentle Character and Ability to Compromise

Ukrainian women are not stubborn and can find a common language even with the most complicated men. Any man expects his wife to listen to him and take him for a man of the house when they get married. European and American women demand more independence in that case.

Desire to Take Care of a Beloved Man

Ukrainian women are tender, kind, caring, and wise in everyday life. Foreigners have long appreciated this. There are families where sons, following their fathers' example, look for brides in Ukraine because they see how happy their fathers are in their second marriage to Ukrainian women.

How to Win Her Heart: Icebreaking Tips for Dating Ukrainian Women

All girls dream of meeting Prince Charming. But what if you are not a prince, you need to make some effort to start a romance with a Ukrainian. There is no single magic phrase that could be the key to the heart of any lady. If you do not know how to win a girl, then study the step-by-step guide to win a girl.

Always Dress for Success

Some guys make great efforts to make a girl pay attention to them. They take her to a cafe, give her flowers and compliments, but she still does not give in. What's the problem? Most of them forget about their appearance and personal neatness. It is unlikely you will impress the girl in a frayed shirt and dusty shoes.

dating a ukrainian woman

Be Her Hero

Regardless of her age, every woman wants to have a strong man nearby. You need to become a real hero for her. Meet her requests (if you don't know how to do something, call her a specialist, any woman will appreciate such care), fix a computer or a faucet, go with her to buy a dress, etc. Make her feel feminine and weak.

Take Your Time Dating Beautiful Ukrainian Women

Don't be in a hurry to invite a woman to your place or get close to her. Everything has its time if a man will not rush. When a girl sees in a man calmness, patience, and respect for her personality, she will let you know that she is ready for more.

Make Jokes

If you can make her laugh, you're on the right track. Jokes help relieve tension and increase trust. A witty man is not a stupid man. A woman's sincere smile shows that she likes you. Don't try too hard with humor, and don't turn into a buffoon. It's also better to put aside vulgar jokes and banter about her character and appearance.

Be Easy

Some men are too stressed while talking to a woman. They say ridiculous or boring things. Do not let your Ukrainian bride get bored near you. Try to behave naturally and be easy around her.

How to Date a Ukrainian Woman: Brief Guide

Strong relationships require an investment of each partner. If you know what contributes to a relationship, you can go in the right direction. As a result, the relationship will bring positive emotions and take your romance to the next level. Feel free to benefit from the following Ukrainian women dating guide!

Provide Comfort In Your Relationship

A woman stays with a man if she feels comfortable. You don't have to do anything she doesn't like. For example, if you like going out clubbing, you have to choose between a free life and a strong relationship. In this case, do not deny yourself everything to ensure women's comfort. Keep in mind that spending free time with your Ukrainian girlfriend should bring you positive emotions.

Relationships Should Not Move Too Quickly

Most relationships fail because people rush into them too quickly. This happens for several reasons. First, they don't get to know each other well enough. It's only later that they find out that they have different opinions on many things. Secondly, the suddenly erupted passion takes a lot of physical and moral strength, and in a few weeks, a couple can't withstand such a frantic pace. As a result, a couple splits.

Discuss Your Problems

You will never solve problems in your relationship if you don't talk about them. There has to be trust between you and the girl for that to happen. If you don't have faith, arguments become a vicious circle. If you're not happy with your girlfriend's behavior, talk to her about it quietly. Believe me that your Ukrainian bride will understand you and find the right words to reach a consensus.

how to date a ukrainian woman

Don’t Control Your Girlfriend

Total control is what can ruin even the most substantial relationship. You should be loyal to a lot of things dating Ukrainian woman. She shouldn't have to give up something all the time for you to be calm. One day she will get tired of it. Likewise, you shouldn't report back to her. You shouldn't check her phone, social media, don't let her go out with her girlfriends, and so on. Would you like that kind of attitude? If you're afraid to give her complete freedom of action, it just shows that you're not confident in yourself.

At all times, Slavic women were admired and inspired by famous foreign artists, poets, musicians. Even now, talented foreign men paint their lovers, compose poems and dedicate music. Ukrainian woman is a model of a family keeper, feminine and affectionate wife and mother. These are family values that attract foreigners, and not just their gorgeous looks.


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