How to Date a Pisces Woman: Comprehensive Advice

Pisces is the last Zodiac sign in a horoscope. In the character traits of women, all the unique features of the 12 constellations are combined. There is beauty, kindness, attraction, passion, etc. The element of this sign is Water, which gives these girls mystery and secrecy.

A Pisces woman is a charming, graceful, romantic lady. She needs male support and protection. Thanks to her kindness and tact, it is pleasant to communicate with her. She can achieve success in the creative profession. In marriage, she shows herself as an exemplary wife and a caring mother. So, how to attract a Pisces woman, and what are the signs a Pisces woman likes you?

dating a Pisces woman

Pisces woman traits

How to characterize Pisces women personality? For many men, even after a long relationship, such a woman remains a mystery. But we will try to describe common features:


They like to look perfect, so they spend a lot of time in beauty salons. Moreover, you will immediately feel a kind of mysticism in this woman, which is visible in the large eyes and expressively deep gaze. These are personalities with soft features, a high and bulging forehead, and plump lips. Also, girls attract attention with their beautiful shapes. Their movements are smooth and slow. Most of them have beautiful feminine shapes that attract men so much.


By their nature, they are rather melancholic and phlegmatic. Pisces women are distinguished by tact, great taste, and romance. They often look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Girls are very kind and compassionate. They constantly take care of their relatives and friends. Excessive kindness and good character traits are often the cause of failure and broken hearts as ladies idealize their partners.

Love and relationships

Pisces girls constantly think about romantic relationships  and creating a family as they are romantic and dreaming natures. How to tell if a Pisces girl likes you? If they fall in love, they can’t concentrate on their studies or work. Women worry a lot, constantly think about their chosen partners, and also idealize men. Usually, the Pisces woman in love is monogamous, therefore, even after several years of marriage, she adores and extols her husband. These wives are not shy about showing their admiration and love. With this attitude, men feel like real knights.


Friendship with Pisces girls is beneficial and interesting. These women are distinguished by their delicacy and politeness, and they also rarely argue or go to conflict. They quickly find a common language even with strangers. Their actions are aimed at maintaining strong and lasting friendships. But Pisces women refuse to communicate with people who prefer to dominate and cause fear or force unpleasant actions.


Pisces women are wonderful. They love to take care of children and husbands. Since girls don’t want to conflict, they are often simply silent, so it is very difficult to get them to talk. Pisces women can cook deliciously, clean up the house, and take care of the children. And this brings them a certain joy and satisfaction.

Dating a Pisces woman

First of all, it is worth getting rid of the illusion that everyone can conquer the beautiful representatives of the element of Water, almost without making any efforts. There are a lot of pitfalls in relationships with Pisces women. So, you need to know how to communicate in order for them to fall in love with you.

1.   Be wise

In their youth, women of this sign have a stereotypical image of the man of their dreams, which they quickly get rid of. They want to see next to them a person with above-average intelligence and corresponding to their inner moral principles. Women of this sign attach great importance to the ability of men to anticipate situations and quickly solve problems, relying on their minds and experience. That is why Pisces women most often fall in love with men older than themselves.

2.  Take care of her properly

Meek Pisces girls dream of romance. Words and expressions of your intent must come before any action! So, tell her how wonderful she is and how pleasant it is for you to spend time with her. But don’t stop there when a relationship starts developing. Even if you have passed the cheek kissing stage, keep winning her heart.

3. Be prepared for mood swings

She laughed loudly at all your jokes a couple of minutes ago and suddenly fell silent. She doesn’t even look in your direction. No, she wasn’t offended. Don’t worry. She just remembered about a homeless kitten, and it became unbearably sad. At the same time, the young lady doesn’t consider it necessary to share with you the reason for this state. In general, she rarely opens the veil of secrecy to anyone of what kind of stone now lies in her soul.

how to seduce a Pisces woman

4. Don’t be silent

A Pisces girl is ready to do a lot on her own initiative. But feedback is important. The deathly silence will definitely frighten her and will be perceived as a signal of disapproval. Call the chosen one with affectionate names, confess your love, and do what would give her special pleasure. Speak out loud the expected scenario. If she smiles and nods her head in agreement, then it means that you are on the right way and you will succeed.

5. Remain a mystery to her

Understatement opens up room for imagination. She will be delighted to imagine how you silently think about how to save humanity or indulge in reflections on the fate of your common children. Don’t open up to her completely. Pisces women need a mystery in a man.

6. Accept the fact that she likes to flirt

How to date a Pisces woman? Well, she loves when men admire her and say compliments, vie with each other for her love. There are usually many men around her, and the Pisces girl gives each of them hope for the continuation of the relationship, smiles sweetly, and accepts signs of attention favorably.

Pisces woman in bed

They are born romantics and very often their dreams don’t coincide with reality: they want stunning all-consuming love and passion, and, at the same time, everything should be within a calm family life. Pisces considers sex a sacrament for two initiates, but this sacrament should contain the whole world.

Despite their modesty in sexual life, Pisces women can be quite liberated. They secretly dream of a strong, domineering, tough, and sexy lover. Pisces ladies know how to perfectly use female charms in relation to men and, thereby, attract them with their sexual energy. Such girls tend to surprise men because a raging passion can be hidden behind ostentatious innocence.

This girl has a high libido but how to seduce a Pisces woman? You don’t need to have fantastic skills or extensive experience, the main thing is to do your best to get her to the highest pleasure. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. If a Pisces girl likes a man, she will do everything to seduce him. She knows what she is capable of and will use all her charms.

Also, in sex, the Pisces woman prefers romance. For her, foreplay, setting, and mood are important. She perceives intimacy as a game. To satisfy her in bed, you need to be a strong man, ready for a long foreplay. And by the way, the Pisces woman will never be the mistress of a married man.

Do Pisces women cheat?

Let’s start with a question of do Pisces women cheat? Well, in the development of relationships, the actions of Pisces women are more likely to be guided by feelings than by cold calculation, because what can be more beautiful in life than complete dedication to a loved one? As all the representatives of the water element, the ladies of the Pisces sign skillfully maneuver in the difficulties of family life, gaining the title of the best wife and mother, unable to even look towards another man. They can’t be reproached for cheating – the heart and thoughts of Pisces are pure. They believe that loyalty and fidelity are the indestructible basis of a happy marriage. These ladies create a “cozy aquarium” for a partner of any Zodiac sign . Pisces are very loyal and are accustomed to completely trust their partners. No one can call Pisces women cheaters. As long as you sincerely care for them and surround them with affection and love, they will do the same in return.

how to tell if a Pisces girl likes you

Best match for a Pisces woman

A Pisces woman dreams of an understanding and proactive man. She wants to create a strong and happy family, develop relations successfully. But who is the best match for Pisces women?  

A Taurus man and a Pisces woman

According to the horoscope, compatibility with Taurus is considered successful for Pisces women. The relationship of these two is slowly melting ice. From the first days of acquaintance, a kind of coolness and tension will be felt between them, but over time, their feelings will gradually begin to turn into strong love until death, even though a Taurus man is down-to-earth and conservative in everything, and a Pisces woman is poetic and dreamy. The Pisces woman always wants to be inspired by her chosen one (even in bed), to raise him to heaven and rely on this man in everything. But for the Taurus man, it is important that his woman shows purposefulness sometimes. Having gained experience from each other, these two will be able to build a happy family without any problems, the strength of which many will envy.

A Cancer man and a Pisces woman

The compatibility of a Cancer man and a Pisces woman dating horoscope is one of the highest. The water element of both signs speaks of strong feelings in love and marriage. At the same time, each partner will need attention and manifestation of feelings in practice and will strive to reciprocate sincerity. Thanks to a developed inner and spiritual world, both partners will find a common language from the first minutes of the meeting and will maintain stability in future relationships for a long time. If there are common goals, peace and harmony will reign in the family. Soulmates can easily start a family business with the same approach to financial issues.

A Scorpio man and a Pisces woman

Astrologers consider the compatibility between a Pisces woman and a Scorpio man to be quite high in love. Mutual sparks of tenderness and passion run through from the first minutes of acquaintance. A sweet Pisces woman bewitches a Scorpio man so much with her mysteriousness and naturalness, which makes the “poisonous” partner unrecognizable. His “sting”, which bites everyone indiscriminately, suddenly disappears. For no apparent reason, such characteristic qualities as softness, compliance, and romance are manifested. Their flared feelings will persist for many years since there is a spiritual and physical attraction between them. The Scorpio man will not give offense to his loved one, and she will answer him with care, affection, and support in a difficult moment. They can handle any problem. When they are together, the whole world ceases to exist for them.


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