How to Date a Girl With a Nice Butt and Why They are the Best

 The late 2010s were called “the butt era.” Whether you like a girl with her body done or a fitness woman , all butts are beautiful. While in Paris Hilton times, the world opted for smaller booties, men crave some voluptuous curves now. However, girls with nice butts are too precious to approach with any attitude. Girls with a nice ass need special treatment, so this is how you date a person with a gorgeous backside.

Girls with a nice ass

Are you a butt person? Why you should meet girls with nice booties

There are two types of men: butt/thigh and boobs people. Boobies are not as popular and relevant in the recent era, while asses continue to thrive. So what are the main reasons to date a girl  with a nice butt besides the gorgeous looks?

Booties are an excellent pillow

Have you tried sleeping on a big butt? The feeling is heavenly. Big booty girls provide all the comfort in the world to fellows that stand a chance to experience that bliss. Glutes are a fantastic substitute for a pillow. You will never want to sleep on your bedsheets again if your girlfriend has a nice derriere.

Butts come with thighs

Two of the best things about an ass are the thighs that come with it. Thighs are an underrated woman body party that has been getting more attention recently. When a girl has nice round thighs, this makes the view ten times better. Ass and thighs look great in stockings and, well, basically anything she puts on.

Big booty girls are smarter according to research

Oxford University’s Churchill Hospital study shows that women with bubble butts tend to be smarter and healthier because of fat deposits enriched with Omega 3. If your girl is not big at the boob department, cheer her up because having the biggest dump truck together with small cherries is a flex nowadays. Women with nice butts also tend to be more energetic and scholarly, the study shows.

These ladies can twerk

If a lady can throw it back, you got a keeper. An addition to a big moneymaker is the skills to move it masterfully. When a girl knows how to giggle and shake those buttocks, this makes you think you’ve done something right in life. Remember that real butts have cellulite and dimples, and that’s beautiful too.

date a girl with a nice butt

They look fantastic

Big buttocks look great in everything from a pencil skirt and leather pants to onesies and leggings. Ladies with beautiful curves can get it from their momma or work hard at the gym – either way the scenery is spectacular.

How to compliment a girl nice butt politely

Making a booty compliment requires a master at work. Whether you like bigger or smaller buttocks, it’s essential to praise a girl’s backside in a way that’s not offensive. Here are some go-to phrases that will make a girl flustered in the best way possible:

  1. Girl, you look ass-tonishing!
  2. I would let you butt into every conversation.
  3. You are an hourglass but I forgot about time.
  4. Your backside looks godly, and I’m a very holy man!
  5. This behind can stop wars!
  6. I don’t usually make remarks on someone’s asses, butt…
  7. If you got it from your momma, where do I get such a nice booty from?
  8. I don’t objectify women but let me compliment your glutes respectfully!
  9. That backside is a powerful statement.
  10. Whatever artists didn’t paint your figure are making portraits of the wrong person.

How to be a good boyfriend for a woman with nice ass

If you want to chat to girls with a nice butt, some rules include common-sense imperatives. Here are the best ways to become the boyfriend of a voluptuous woman without being too annoying:

A big butt is not a personality trait

When men trying to make a compliment in a relationship, some things may sound offensive, even though guys genuinely think it’s praise. When talking to a curvy or a fit girl, don’t make the conversation about her booty all the time. You might think you’re doing something here when in reality this thing is called objectifying women. She might have some positive ASSets, but glutes don’t define the girl as a person. The number of appearance remarks ideally should be equal to you praising her personality. If a girl is uncomfortable or insecure about having big buttocks, you should explain how good they look from a humble and human standpoint.

Realize that asses come with addons

Booties are nothing social media paints them to be. They are never even-colored, blemish-free, perfectly round, even, bald, tight. Backsides are different and have a variety of additional features, such as stretch marks, peach fuzz, or hair, pimples, and cellulite. You need to love every aspect of a girl’s booty to win her appreciation. Another important thing to realize that you cannot have a juicy butt without working hard in the gym or gaining weight in other areas. If your girl is naturally curvy, having a thicker waist doesn’t mean she’s not equally attractive and amazingly beautiful!

girl nice butt

Be her ASS-man

Similar to a yesman, agree with her needs and praise her glutes in the best way possible. If you don’t know what is considered reasonable praise, ask your partner. Be her supportive team whenever she gets an extra pound, and don’t comment on her progress in terms of her looks. Being a good boyfriend includes feeding your girl to sustain that tissue, and doing exercises if that butt is a result of hard work. Buy her new jeans and lingerie to see this booty shine and thrive in comfy clothes.

Deal with jealousy

Your woman’s derriere will attract other men, but take it with a grain of salt. Please do not ask your girl to dress modestly because you are jealous and afraid of competition. Just because a woman has a nice body doesn’t mean she’s looking for the next best thing all the time. Respect her fidelity and try not to limit your girlfriend in her looks. If she likes wearing revealing clothing, that’s fine. Because that ass is not your possession, she can wrap it any fabric of any length.

Additionally, don’t boast to your friends about your girlfriend’s big butt, especially in her presence. That can be a bit diminishing. Keep that treasure to yourself.

Show love to her other body parts

A woman with a nice ass would appreciate it if you equally worship her boobs, face, legs – whatever you find attractive. Even if her bottoms in the most prominent asset, let’s make compliments of every body part and feature. Notice her hairstyles, makeup, clothes, style – anything to make your partner happy.

If you manage to find girls with nice butt and hold them down, the first rule is being a devoted soldier. Be with that ass through thick and thin, and never forget is that a whole person is attached to those glutes. Having a woman with thick curves is flex in a new era, but please remind a respectful fan of her every bun.


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