How to Date a Busy Single Mom: Essential Advice for Men

 Single moms are a fairly large category of women, and, despite some disadvantages, it is quite possible to have happy relationships with one of them — you just need to find the right approach. So do not rush to turn your head away from the girl you like when it turns out that she has a child!

Now we’ll tell you how to date a single mom , give some tips on how to win her heart, and share with you some pros and cons of such relationships.

how to date a single mom

Is dating a single mom good or troubling?

Dating a single mom  has its positive and negative sides. For example, such a woman already has invaluable life experience that taught her to be a wonderful wife and mother.

Psychologists assure that such a woman appreciates human qualities in a man more than his money (with the birth of a child, her attitude and priorities change). In addition, a relationship with such a woman is proof of the man's maturity (which has a very positive effect on his self-esteem).

However, consider whether you are prepared for the disadvantages of single mom dating: she may often feel tired and stressed out, her kids will remain her #1 priority and they might not necessarily like you, etc.

Main challenges of single mom dating

Having kids is a big responsibility, therefore, single moms can find it difficult to focus on dating. If you're dating a single woman with a child and have deep feelings for her, then think: can you get used to the flaws of such relationships, and is it really worth it?

Her kids will always be her #1 priority

Dating a single mother, you need to take one important fact into consideration: she will be always taking care of her kids before/instead focusing her attention on you. She has many daily chores like cooking, washing, raising children and helping them do their homework, looking after herself, etc.

Why it's important: you can become jealous of her kids and that will ruin your affair.

Solution: if you really want to date a single mom, you must be a very understanding and patient person. Think about how you can cope with your jealousy; perhaps you should help her more, take over some of her responsibilities and this will help her start devoting more time and attention to you?

She can often look tired and stressed out

Single mom dating childless man can often seem too tired and stressed out to him. This is true: she can work full-time while fulfilling her maternal responsibilities.

Why it's important: if you're used to dating young girls who are full of energy, her fatigue can start to annoy you.

Solution: help her with lots of things she is doing every day and be patient, and she will appreciate it very much!

single mom dating

Her kids may not like you

One of the hardest challenges you will face when dating a single woman with kids is getting her children to love you. They cannot easily open up to you completely feeling that you are trying to take their father’s place.

Why it's important: these are children, and they are HER children, and she feels an inseparable connection with them. More often than not, they will be of greater importance to her than you.

Solution: understand this and accept her kids. Don't try to make them accept you and love you right away, but also don't keep your distance from them — just build the relationships step-by-step!

Single moms need supportive partners

If you don't feel like taking on the burden of a single mother, don't even date such a lady. And if you feel that you’re completely ready to become a reliable support for her, then prove it to her!

Why it's important: such a woman is looking not just for a beautiful romance, but for a supportive man who will become the new head of the family.

Solution: you should learn to be selfless, to forget about yourself, and give all your attention to your family. Do your best to become someone she can always rely on and you will surely win the jackpot!

Working tips for dating a single mom

Such relationships can be a real challenge. But, as challenges go, you know it was worth it! Believe us, there are strong reasons to date a single mom, substantial advantages that go along with all that laundry and diapers. Single moms have some unique qualities that other girls do not possess. So, learn how to win her heart!

Strive for self-improvement

If you seriously want to become the best version of yourself, then stop listening to myths and horror stories about how hard it can be to date such a woman! Yes, this is a serious challenge, but like any other challenge, it will make you a better, stronger, and more confident person!

Also, you get another pleasant bonus: you will start a family that will love you endlessly, appreciate and become a reliable support for you.

Get ready for a good work

Single mothers often carry a double workload. This means that you will have to keep up and do as much as she does, and maybe even more!

Do not hesitate and act as if you do not think about yourself, your today, and tomorrow: paradoxically, it is your present and future that you will build at this moment!

Be a friend with her kids

Well, at some point, you simply have no choice but to make friends with her kids!

By doing so, you will not only prove that you get along well with kids: you will find the key to her heart.

This is the most reasonable and necessary thing you can do when dating a single lady.

Dating a single mom

Never badmouth her ex

By doing that in front of her, you make yourself look stupid, mean, and make her think that you perceive her as a promiscuous person.

Her ex-husband, the father of her children, is still a significant part of her life and that of her kids. Therefore, try not to create unnecessary tension in the relationship between you, your bellowed one and woman, her kids, and their biological father.

Be flexible

If you have been dating only young girls before and love some kind of spontaneity in relationships, then you will have to forget about it being in a relationship with a single mother. At least for a while, until the child will grow up and both of you have fewer daily responsibilities.

She might be busy 24/7, cancel dates, or not devote enough time to you. So, be flexible and understanding, and you will quickly win over your beloved woman!

Don't forget to pamper her

Even if you help her with everything, do not forget to pamper her anyway. Remind this busy woman that she still has a life of her own: make it so that she can take time out and make time for herself without worrying about her baby.

Hire an experienced, reliable nanny, and go somewhere out of town, rent a house for a couple of days, invite her for a dinner, get her an appointment at a SPA, etc.

Learn how to look past her motherhood

A single mother can be very demanding with her new partner. But the most important wish she has is to feel desired, even though she is a mother.

Just imagine: this busy, independent, responsible and demanding woman needs your love, affection, and care more than many other things on the Earth! Therefore, do not treat her like a single mom: never forget about this fact, always compliment her, and tell her why you love her.

Should I date a single mom?

Despite the challenges mentioned above, dating a single woman with kids can be an invaluable experience for you and your relationships can grow into something bigger — for example, starting a really strong, loving family.

Some people manage to build a wonderful relationship with single ladies and their children. We sincerely hope that our tips for dating a single mom will help you find happiness!


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