How and Where to Meet Single Women Without Online Dating

Today, if you want to get to know someone, you just need to tap a few buttons on your smartphone. You don’t even need to leave your bed.  But many people know: online dating is like buying a pig in a poke.

The “offline classics” also involve some nuances, and the main problem is to determine the best places to find your partner. So, let’s find out where to meet single women offline!

13 Best places to meet women in real life

What kind of relationship are you looking for? One-night sex? Fun football trips? Having five kids?

We bet you haven’t thought of it yet... However, the answer will greatly help you to understand where to meet good women for such a relationship!

where to meet women

At the bar

This is one of the best places to meet single women: alcohol and atmosphere are a perfect mix to make people feel relaxed, but you are unlikely to find a serious relationship here on the first try.

At the GYM

There are always a lot of pretty girls who visit GYM just to get to find someone. You will recognize them by their perfect makeup and neat hairstyle instead of a typical ponytail.

You can also get acquainted with someone while jogging, cycling, swimming — there are a lot of options.

By the way, the skating rink is another good place to meet single women: girls are sure they look touching and beautiful when they’re skating!

At a party with friends

This place combines friends, coziness, atmosphere, and lovely music: this perfect mix makes it easier for you to find a girl here!

If someone caught your eye, it’s a good idea to ask the party organizer about her first. Start your conversation with how she met your mutual friends and ended up at this party.

In College/at University:

This is another great place to grow your social circle and build relationships: you can take risks and have a blast!

Another benefit is that everyone here has many friends, and these friends know each other. And mutual friends can always introduce you to a girl you like!

At work

That’s easy: you can find out the girl’s name, phone number or email, and department where she works on the company's corporate website, and then “accidentally” meet her in the kitchen, in the hallway, or the elevator.

Corporate events are also a good place to make new acquaintances. But remember, if something goes wrong, all your coworkers will probably find out.

At a wedding

Actually, this is one of the best places to meet women, who are dying to get acquainted with someone special! Usually, the bride invites unmarried girlfriends, and the groom sends invitations to all his single friends.

To be successful, make sure:

• tuxedo suits you perfectly;

• you have prepared the most touching or funny toast;

• you dance like a King!

At training courses

Cooking classes? Fine. Couple dance classes? Excellent!

Such places are spaces, where people are messing up, so everyone will feel close and connected quickly.

If there’s a booking page in social networks, check out the members’ pages: this will help you to find out who is married, who is brokenhearted, and who is ready for a new relationship!

best place to meet single

At festival/concert

The benefit is that a place with such an emotional atmosphere makes it easier to get acquainted with someone.

The downside is loud music. But you can always dance together, use nonverbal communication, or move away from the stage and talk!

At the beach/at a swimming pool

If you're wondering how to meet single women, simply go to the beach or pool: everyone here is in a romantic mood, half-naked, relaxed, happy, and has plenty of time.

For example, on the beach, you can always join a group playing tennis or volleyball. In the pool, you can talk to someone when swimming or find a vacant seat on a sun lounger near a beautiful woman and try to start a lovely conversation.

In a coffee shop

There are always some pretty girls in places like these, especially in Starbucks; but a small cozy place nearby will do.

Here you will have enough time to sit and watch people around you, to think things over and get ready. Then, just make eye contact with the girl you like and wave "Hi!".

At stores or shopping malls

If you don’t know where to meet women, head straight to a cosmetics store or crockery shop.

Find a pretty young lady and ask for advice, making a confused face: “Excuse me, but it is quite a difficult task for such a lonely man like me to choose perfumes himself, can you smell me? How do you like this perfume? Oh, please help me with some pots too, I see you are so good at it!”.

Public transportation

There is a great chance that every day you’re riding the same bus with a cute girl. And there’s a great chance that both of you will get incredibly bored and you will stare into each other’s eyes.

This is a great moment to start a conversation!

…Just anywhere!

Remember that there is no such thing as the best place to meet single girl as it can happen anywhere: in the park, on the street, and even near your house.

What's more: you don't even need any special pickup line. Just be prepared, relaxed, and honest!

How to meet single women offline: tips and approaches

The girl forms a first impression of you in a few seconds. It is important to win her heart during this time ‘cause it’s an opportunity that won't come again!

Choose the right moment

You should analyze the situation and notice when she pays attention to you — for example, she looks at you furtively. But don’t try to bother someone you like if she is really busy with something.

Be confident

Since you’ve got a real chance to meet a pretty girl, then be sure of success and act quickly. If you constantly work on yourself, you can develop confidence the same way that you develop the other personality traits.

Use any available information about her

Does she read Murakami in the subway? Or is she wearing a Darth Vader T-shirt? Carefully analyze what you see and you will find out how to start the first conversation.

best places to meet women

Сreate an atmosphere of safety

How to meet women, if getting to know each other on the street is always a surprise, and most surprises make people (especially girls) get suspicious?!

Try to be extremely tactful, polite and never invade a girl's personal space.

Main don't when meeting single women offline

Men often make the same dumb mistakes and fail to succeed. So if you really want to win her heart, but not screw everything up again, then follow the tips below.

Don't try to be what you are not

Stop trying to hide your face behind the mask — girls feel that something is wrong and it reduces your chances to build trust.  

Don't ask her for a number right away

Don't be impatient. To get the number, think over the structure of communication. First, you need to offer the girl something: have a coffee or dinner together, go for a walk, and only then, you should ask her for a number. Ideally, you should make her so interested in you that she will want to give you the number!

Don't take the first rejection seriously

Almost every acquaintance with a girl includes one stage at which 80% of the guys are cut off: let’s call it “the verification stage”. The girl wants to make sure that you have some serious intentions.

Does she say she's in a hurry? Offer to take her there. She’s cold? Give her your jacket!

Remember: if a girl isn’t interested in you at all, she will just walk by. And if she's already talking to you, then challenge yourself and successfully pass the test: be funny, confident, and act fast.

How to meet a girl: the main secret

Don't look for any special places to meet women. Stop using cheap pickup tips. Don't try to shock the girl. Don’t curry her favor, don’t demand or beg for anything. Don't give any ambiguous compliments.

Just take a step and be OPEN and SINCERE at this moment. Be yourself!


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