Honest Pros and Cons of Dating a Ukrainian Woman

Many Western strive to meet a Slavic girl and have a  romance with her, believing all the stereotypes concerning these Slavic beauties. It's up to you believe or not to believe in rumors you may hear! We'll try to arrange all the facts about Ukrainian women and tell you what these chicks really are.

At first glance, Ukrainian women can seem cold  and reserved, which can scare Western men a little. Unlike in the U.S., where people smile friendly to everyone, Ukrainians only smile at people they know. If a Ukrainian woman doesn't smile at you, it doesn't mean she doesn't like you. Over time, you'll see that they are kind and charming.

dating a ukrainian woman

10 Dating a Ukrainian Girl Benefits

Although there are cultural differences, a man should do his best to win a Ukrainian lady's heart. Western men should behave sincerely, show care like true gentlemen. Let your bride feel like a real lady taking care of her a little. For example, it would be enough to open the door before entering a restaurant, light a cigarette, or pour a glass of wine. What are the benefits of a man dating a Ukrainian woman?

Slavic Ladies Are Gorgeous

Ukrainian chicks are famous for their glory outside of Ukraine. Some men notice cute faces, but others claim that these women have inner beauty. Every man has his own beauty canons, and it's good that the overseas suitors can discern beauty in every girl.


As long as you want to see a housewife, a queen, and a lover in one person, a Ukrainian bride can give you that. These women are feminine and sophisticated, and it's not about appearance. Femininity is the way how a lady presents herself.

Slender Bodies

Tastes differ. Some men like chubby girls, others — slim ladies. And even if a Ukrainian woman's figure is far from ideal, they know how to correct it with the help of lingerie, clothes, and shoes. Female figures' assortment has always impressed foreign tourists, who can meet in Ukraine a girl to their liking.

Good Education

Most women in Ukraine got an excellent education in colleges or universities. They are well-read and can talk about anything. A smart woman is a challenge for a male loser and a blessing for a male creator.

Great Housekeepers

Maybe the reason is that Ukrainians are raised on the phrase “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach,” and the ladies use it successfully. When a foreign man, who expects only borscht and dumplings, never gets tired of being surprised when he sees a wide range of traditional dishes on the dinner table. Laundry, cleaning, and ironing do not scare women either. They cope with these household chores efficiently.

dating ukrainian woman

Perfect Mothers

In Ukraine, a girl who does not have a husband and at least one child by 30 is considered something out of the ordinary. In most European countries, girls at this age only finish educational institutions and aspire to build a career at first, and already closer to 40 years to be realized as the wife and mother. This gives Ukrainians an extra point in their score. Moreover, women in Ukraine are ready to spend as much time with their kids as necessary without a babysitter.


If a Ukrainian woman loves her man, she will be faithful to him regardless of the circumstances. She doesn't even mind starting a long-distance relationship because she knows she can pass the distance test. As long as you meet your soulmate on Ukrainian women dating site, you can take risks to create relationships.

Solid Support

You can discuss any problem regarding your relationship with a partner. Unlike hot-tempered Spaniards or Italians, they won't yell and wave their hands in anger but will listen to you and be ready to compromise.

Ukrainians Can Save Money

They won't waste your money even if you earn a lot. Ukrainian ladies are used to managing money wisely, and they can feed you deliciously, buy some home accessories, and dress according to the latest fashion even with a limited budget.

Ready to Move-In

If you manage to win the heart of your beloved, she is ready to give up everything and move in with you. You won't have to give up your job and your family, but you will need to protect your life companion who loves you so rejected.

What Cons You Come Across Dating Ukrainian Woman

Suppose you still don't mind getting reliable and long-lasting relationships with a girl. In that case, you can take advantage of dating a Ukrainian woman tips, but do not forget that there might be a fly in the ointment that may experience discomfort in the relationship. What can keep you from having a romance with a beautiful and thrifty Ukrainian woman? Let's find out some pitfalls.

Spending a Lot of Time Getting Dressed

It’s common knowledge that women from Ukraine are beautiful by nature, but this beauty has to be kept. Girlish grooming takes a lot of time. So, if you go somewhere together, give your girlfriend a head start.

You Have to Do Sports

By eating caloric and tasty food regularly, you will gain weight. You will hardly be able to refuse Ukrainian cuisine, so you cannot do without sports.

You Will Be Jealous

If you're from a distant country where Ukrainian women are a real exotic, be ready that all men will look at your partner, and you won't be able to restrain your jealousy.

Ukrainians Love Shopping

Even if your girlfriend goes shopping for groceries, she can spend hours there choosing the right products, comparing prices, or just looking for cute knickknacks.


Too Talkative

Girls love to chat, and they have a vast social circle. Are you willing to listen to gossips about people you don't even know?

Strong Family Ties

Each Ukrainian lady is close to her relatives, and she has a lot of them. Be ready to visit her mother's third cousin's birthday party and listen to stories from the family archives.

Ukrainians Are Demanding

If you promise something, always keep your word. Girls are very demanding in this regard. You don't want your girlfriend to remind you of your broken promise, do you?

Ukrainian Women Date Is Pricy

If you are in the beginning stages of your relationship, you will spend a lot of money. International flights, gifts, and courtesies will leave a gap in your budget.

Moving In May Take Much Time and Effort

Some countries have strict visa requirements for Ukrainians. You and your bride will need to waste a lot of time, money, and nerves. The paperwork can ruin the whole romantic atmosphere.

Your Bride May Be Pushy

Most girls in Ukraine get married before 30. If your girlfriend is already approaching this age, your sweetheart can hint you that it's time to move on after a year of the relationship.

To prepare for an international romance, it's not enough to look into the “How to Date Ukrainian Women” guide. When you need to see your marriage prospects with a Ukrainian woman, think about what awaits you. If challenges don't make you depressed, don't hold off developing your relationships.


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