Full Guide on a Capricorn Woman in a Relationship

Caps are believed to be one of the toughest signs for dating. Who are Capricorn women? Do they differ from the males of the same zodiac sign? What is the best compatibility for Capricorn woman and who is a definite no-no? These and more important questions will be answered along the way.

Capricorn woman personality

What are these girls like? Capricorn women traits

Capricorn is the father sign of astrology. Not that Cap women are super masculine, they tend to be less bubbly and dependent compared to more feminine zodiac signs. These are the most typical Capricorn woman personality traits you can come across:


Cap women are believed to be the workaholics of the zodiac chart because they always maintain a strong work ethic. They hate lazy people and take whining behavior as a personal offense. When it comes to a career path, Capricorns are ruthless and will school the less fortunate rookies without a goal in life.


Being money-hungry and money-driven are two completely different things. Caps love watching their bank account grow but earn money honestly and like a civilian. Want to know how to seduce a Capricorn woman? Show her the digits, not the inches.

Stable and loyal

One thing Cap women hate to see is chaotic people and their hysteric behavior. Being one of the coldest and most calculated signs, a Capricorn girl will hate the drama and constant roller-coasters, unimportant splashes of emotions and tears. If you want to impress the girl, stay calm and collected.

What do they look for in relationships?

Do Cap women even look for relationships? Most of them do, but you have to make sure you are going in for a long run, otherwise, you will soon get on her blacklist. Capricorn women aren’t the biggest fans of hookups, so you have to know what these girls opt for:

Stability and support

These women will not tolerate any wishy-washy behavior. If you want endless fun and parties, go and find yourself an Aries queen. And if you are not ready to support your girl both mentally and financially, you better dip right now.

Loyalty and openness

As closed-off as they seem, Caps hate their inability to show emotions, bottling all that negativity inside. If they get suspicious, don’t expect loud dramas and endless talks. They will be the first to leave. If you want a long-lasting relationship  with a Cap woman, keep it clear about your intentions from the start.

how to seduce a Capricorn woman

Capricorn woman likes and dislikes

Want to know who’s the best match for Capricorn woman? Check their turn-ons and pet peeves.

  • Cap women like:
  • Couple workouts
  • Late-night shows
  • Planning the wedding
  • Family members
  • Career opportunities
  • Separate bank accounts
  • Deposits
  • Stability
  • Gossip
  • Emotionally stable people
  • Strict routines
  • Couple goals
  • Power and fame
  • Heavily employed men
  • Good sex
  • Shared chores
  • Clean dwellings
  • Healthy habits

But if you want to get on a Cap girl’s nerves, try this:

  • Sleep-ins
  • Flaky behavior
  • Loud friends
  • Infidelity
  • Emotional baggage
  • Blame games
  • Borrowing money
  • No daily routine
  • No plans for life
  • Living in “just a phase”
  • Being a pushover
  • Blaming them for being a cold person
  • Crying
  • Broke mindset
  • Whining
  • Indecisiveness

Characteristics of Capricorn woman in bed

If you want to know about a Capricorn woman in love, especially  in bed, imagine a house. It’s not a condominium, not a rental. Most people would be like, “Hey, I got my own house, what else can I ask for?” Exactly! The only thing is, not everyone wants to own a house. Some of us like rentals and a wandering lifestyle.

If you are ready for stability and the comfort of your OWN home then a Cap woman will deliver every time. She is chill and will always be there for you. Moreover, these women are crazy good at sex, if you know something about this hobby too. Moreover, these girls are rather kinky, but they need to warm up a little.

But if you are a wandering soul, always experimenting with your life and never knowing whose party to crash, a Cap girl will not be for you. She doesn’t like morally corrupt Ponzi schemes that involve several people, and infidelity as a whole is out of her box.

best match for Capricorn woman

How to attract a Capricorn woman

They say that if you woo a Cap woman, it’s like going from a rookie to a boss level. In fact, Capricorns want to pick the best option and lead them through life. Here is how you will attract a Cap girl:

Look and act put-together

They say that opposites attract, but Caps hate schizos. If you want to act like a total douche and play it cool, a reserved and humble Capricorn girl will clock all of your intentions, and blacklist you the same day. Although they get attracted to romantic and air-headed creatures, this doesn’t sit right with a Cap’s need for stability and certainty.

Be financially stable and ambitious

Capricorn women fall for money like no other sign. But they are not gold-diggers. These girls admire people who KNOW how to earn money, not simply those who OWN them. Show her your LinkedIn profile, not your Snapchat.

Don’t be late for your dates

Capricorn women will be pissed off when you are running late. But on the contrary to vivacious and conceited Leos, for instance, they don’t get offended because you don’t worship their persona enough to be on time. That is simply unprofessional and a Cap will hate you for wasting their time.

Talk about your plans but don’t lovebomb them

On the contrary to romantic Cancers, Caps don’t like first-date confessions. But they also strongly dislike the feeling of uncertainly when they don’t know where you stand. Talk about all the possibilities and if you are planning on wasting their time, read Rule 3 again.

Don’t be a cheapskate

Caps are too snobby to sit in a pile of dirt. They almost don’t get grungy aesthetic and won’t do anything for a bet. If you want to save money, a Cap girl might appreciate it, but only if you’re already in a relationship with a joined account. If it’s your first date, come get your wallet.

Best matches for Capricorn women

This is the best Capricorn woman compatibility list, although you can be any sign and still have good chances:

Virgo man - Capricorn woman

Virgos and Capricorns are both ruled by the earth, having the same strict work ethic, routine, and savvy attitude. They are naturally soulmates and a great support system for each other. It’s not the easiest tandem, but a very productive one.

Taurus man - Capricorn woman

Another earthy couple will be a good match as Tauruses give comfort and stability, and Caps perfectly understand the essence of chill life. If you are a Taurus man and want a happy normal life, your personality would be the best love match for Capricorn woman.

Scorpio man and Capricorn woman

Sometimes, opposites DO attract. A dark, mysterious, and secretive Scorpio will fill in the water/earth ratio. Cap women love Scorpio men for drama and deathly loyalty.

Ultimately, a Capricorn princess is the definition of wife material, but only if you are ready to be the husband material she deserves.


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