Forget Prejudice: How Can an Indian Guy Find a White Wife?

There is a prejudice that white women do not choose Indian men because these girls are only attracted to nationality. Additionally, it is wrongly believed that Indian men only dream about women outside of their social and national circle, but they are not allowed to date someone of different skin color. Are these rumors about a white woman dating with Indian man true and is it easy to attract one?


Best sites with mail order brides or white women dating in MMXXI

International couples exist, and you can see an Indian guy dating a white girl not too seldom. These are the best dating sites to prove you otherwise: 

1. IndianCupid

IndianCupid is one of the most successful dating sites you can come across on the internet. Not only does it allow foreigners to learn more about Indian culture, but there is also a plethora of white girls on the website. Although it is not exclusively white women chat, there are enough European and Slavic women to talk to.

2. EliteSingles

This website quickly became one of the best and most well-received dating websites among representatives of every age group. Not only does it provide verified accounts, but you can also find an interlocutor from any part of the world, including India and most Slavic countries. This app is wildly popular among Middle Eastern men, as well as American and Russian women. You will have much fun scrolling down the questionnaire to get the most precise results possible.

3. Badoo

Badoo is every Middle Eastern's all-time favorite dating site for talking to white females. Not only does it have a great pool of Slavic women, but you will also be presented with multiple choices in terms of appearance and personality. White women adore this site because it allows them to talk to foreign men and engage in a relationship with them.

Specialties and peculiarities of white women for marriage

Before entering any white woman dating chat, let's talk about vital peculiarities you might want to know about white women:

1. They are very liberated

White girls spend a lot of time and money on themselves, staying autonomous and not rushing into a relationship that immediately leads to marriage. Unlike Indian girls who like to stay in the family, white women are more free-spirited and adventurous because usually, they didn't grow up in strict households, especially American women.

white woman dating chat

2. They are less engaged in family life

Even if we are talking about Russian women, modern white girls do not like to have family in their business. You can still expect large family gatherings where many generations reconcile, but that doesn't happen too often. However, white girls love kids and still don't differ much from Indian women when it comes to compassion and attentiveness.

White women mentality features

There are dozens of white nations in the world, so there is no warranty of getting a universal white girl. It all depends on the language they speak and the household they were brought up in. Still, there are some similarities in representatives of some white nations. For instance:

Slavic girls

Slavic girls are rumored to be excellent housewives. The best part is, it is not a rumor. A Slavic wife is a perfect white wife for Indian man because these women share many similarities with Indian girls. They respect customs and strive to keep traditional roles in the family, being a primary caregiver and a housewife. In most cases, they agree with their husbands and don't like getting too confrontational. Additionally, they adore children and know how to raise them with dignity.

European girls

European girls are much more liberated than every nation mentioned above. Because they don't like crossing borders, these women will ask for autonomy and will gladly provide you with the same treatment. They still know how to cook and clean, but this is not their most important daily agenda. European women are business savvy and educated and know what they want in a man.

American girls

American girls are believed to be free-spirited, quick-witted, and easy-going. They like expressing their needs and desires immediately, keeping firm borders, and staying outside somebody's business. Many Indian men say that Americans are too career-driven, but that is a national personality trait that shouldn't be questioned. Especially if it immensely helps in a household.

What is the best white women nationality for an Indian man to marry?

Since Indian men like getting attention from their wives and probably would like to get a girl on a more homely side, Slavic women seem to be the best choice. These women will understand the importance of family ties like no other nationality. Besides, they will share Indian men's traditional roles, so it will be easier to establish who was the pants in the family. Because these girls are non-confrontational, you are less likely to fight over nonsense. Russian and Ukrainian women share similar traits when it comes to raising children and maintaining firm contact with the elderly generation.

Moreover, this nation understands the importance of reputation and has a similar class system where doctors and military officers are the most respected professions, just like in India. Additionally, Slavic women love to cook and talk to family members, so you will not feel alienated in the household.

Finally, they take great pride in their appearance, and since Indian aunties like beauty and dislike skipping routines, these ladies will always have something to discuss.

How to find decent white brides?

An Indian guy can find white woman everywhere, starting from the Internet and following up with real-time dates. If we're talking about online relationships, the easiest way to find a white girl is to scroll through dating sites and forums, noticing an international community you can join. Real-life connections would involve touristic visits to the desired destination, as well as international exchange programs.

white wife for Indian man

How to meet white ladies online as an Indian man?

Find a good dating site

Selecting a trustworthy source would be 50% of your success. Because it is easy to compare dating sites nowadays due to the abundance of reviews and educational information, you will have no problem picking a good site that works for you.

Always make compliments

Women want to feel desired, so heartfelt compliments that don't include explicit language will melt any girl's heart. Your only specification would be concentrating on appearance less and trying to get to know her better.

Less is more 

Even if you have many positive emotions you want to share with a girl, try not to confess love during your first conversation. A girl would love to improve things gradually without skipping essential steps.

Stay away from scammers

How do you know if a person is a scammer? If you want to keep yourself safe and secluded, avoid someone who asks for money on your first virtual date, comes up with excuses, and makes up fictional stories that always contain financial help.

So is the white woman for Indian man? The answer is a definite yes; especially if you put your heart and your mind into this process. Good luck with finding your perfect white wife! Don't be afraid to compare different nations because it is the only way to find out what works best for you.


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