Essential Tips on Dating a Greek Woman

Greek girls are literal gems because not everyone knows about their greatness but once you do, you won't let go. Not only are these women extremely feminine and inviting, but they also make impeccable wives, full of wisdom and energy to create a family nest. What else does dating a Greek woman bring to the table and how do you get better at understanding a Greek girl?

dating a Greek woman

Main facts about Greece to understand Greek women better

If you want to start dating Greek women, you need to understand the basis of their mentality first. And yes, there is such thing as the Greek mentality. Here are some cultural traits you might come across in any

Greek person:

They are easygoing and naive

On the contrary to the false belief that Greek people are sly and cunning, most tourists that visit this country for international dating  state that Greeks are as naive as children. They cannot mask their emotions and will not try to sugarcoat anything. If a Greek wants to shout in the street, they will easily do it without any fear of repercussions. They are easily tactile and are not afraid to sing in public.

They like a good laugh

It is a cultural thing that Greeks have a very loud laugh. Both men and women know how to take a joke and will not be afraid to laugh at a stranger's funny story.

Greek women are fond of jewelry

Greek women love their silver, gold, and any other jewelry pieces. Made of beads, Swarovski crystals, or even ribbons, a Greek goddess loves to accessorize. This is due to cultural and historical predisposition to aesthetically pleasing appearances. Piercings are still a trend here.

What are Greek women like: main traits

If you want to find a foreign girlfriend, especially from Greece, it is essential to know her perks and unique traits before you get to talk to this person. And you better believe these women have a lot to offer both appearance- and personality-wise. These are the main distinctive (and rather random) facts about a Greek woman:

Lack of punctuality

The distinctive thing every Greek woman is known for is her complete lack of punctuality. In Greece, it is considered very tone-deaf and old-fashioned to come on time, so make sure to arrive 20 minutes later because you will have to wait for your better half anyway.

Body positivity

Greek women are not afraid to show their bodies regardless of how thick or thin you think they are. These women are true goddesses, and like every other god descendant, they are not afraid to shine. You can see these beautiful girls rocking a short skirt with extra pounds.

Incredibly beautiful hair

For some reason, Greek women have shiny and healthy hair like no other nation. They always wear long hair and prefer to wear it straight. Chances are, you have never seen women with locks this healthy.

They are very attentive listeners

Greek girls appreciate their interlocutors. If a Greek woman doesn't look you directly in the eyes, it means that the conversation seriously goes wrong. Not only are they incredible listeners, but they are also attentive and helpful.

These women are extremely hospitable

Greek dating rules always include inviting someone over and preparing a serious arsenal of snacks and main courses. You best believe that leaving her house without a full stomach will be a crime. These women just have hospitality in their core mentality.

Greek women are very open-minded and sexual

You might think that these women are shy and wholesome from the start, but this facade will soon come off when you land on the same bed. Because these women are so sensual and open-minded, you will have no problem discussing the hottest topics with some continuation.

Greek women are very positive and easy-going

This nation believes that you have to overcome difficulties with a smile on your face, so if you want a cheerful best friend and a girlfriend who doesn't get too depressed over things, dating in Greece  would be the choice for you.

dating Greek women

What do Greek girls value in relationships?

So what do Greek women like in relationships and what are they based on?

Family unity

Even if you're technically not yet a family, a Greek girl would love to share dinners and breakfasts with you. In Greece, it is cool to sit at the table with your parents, and your friend's parents, and your parent's friends. So if you want to share a big circle of warm and inviting people, dating a Greek woman is an option.

Stability and independence

Every Greek girl wants her fair share of independence because of the country's mentality. If you can provide that, plus a stable relationship, you will quickly become her favorite person in the whole world.

Ability to flirt

Greek girls know how to flirt and don't want to lose their independence in a relationship. It's ok if she winks at someone or has friendly banter with your BFF because it is completely normal in Greece.

Having a good time

Greek women still want to dance, laugh, eat good food, and go out while having a relationship. They do not want to end all the fun for the sake of a connection, that is why ideally, you should do all of the great stuff together.

Mutual respect

You may have every family banter you can imagine, but all of that has to be based on respect and mutual understanding of boundaries. Your Greek girlfriend will be on cloud nine if you understand where to stop the jokes and have a serious talk, although it doesn't happen too often.

Dating culture in Greece: main facts

Saying that women are very appreciated in Greece is an understatement. Here, they are always showered with gifts and attention, and it doesn't matter how familiar a man is. Everyone can give and receive compliments regardless of age and gender. It is an extremely generous country; words included. So, as you could guess, Greek women are expected to be flirted with and courted properly.

Because Greece is not the most law-abiding and fearful country, their traditions changed for the better, leaving more space for frivolous behavior. The younger generation doesn't get hateful stares from the elderly for not marrying in their 30s. So how is the situation with weddings?

Generally, Greeks are not in a rush to become husband and wife, preferring living together. They usually pronounce the vows in their 30s or 40s, taking their sweet time to explore the dating scene and see what's available on the market. And even if men and women love each other to death, they do not want to take an extremely important step because they are a mentality that dictates that there is a beautiful life ahead, and many other things are awaiting.

How to impress a Greek girl

Now that you know some Greek women features, it's time to understand how to catch such a precious gem. These are all the things you need to do if you want to court a woman from Greece properly:

Buy expensive presents

Greek women or not accustomed to cheapskates or people who count money when it comes to the closest circle. Being one of the most generous nations in the world, you have to appreciate the tradition and dish out for a good dinner or some clothes for your future partner.

Invest in jewelry

Since Greek girls adore jewelry, the easiest way to court her would be buying a piece. A cute bracelet, matching rings, or a necklace would be enough to melt her heart and show the girl that you are for keeps.

Try to know her culture and understand the cuisine

One quick way to impress a Greek girl would be acing mythology, Greek cinema, or their cuisine. While the two first things are highly theoretical, you can be easily practical with the latter. If you are a foodie, your girlfriend will love you even more because the culture is wildly based on food.

Respect her parents and help them in any way possible

Because Greeks are strictly connected with their bloodline, the quickest way to impress a Greek girl would be to show sincere appreciation and adoration to her parents. If you become her parents' favorite, chances are, you can easily qualify for husband material.

Respect her boundaries and personal borders

Remember that Greek women are still very independent, so being easygoing and understanding will be the first step to your healthy relationship.

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Dating a Greek girl tips

Greek women dating starts with  a mutual understanding of what a relationship stands for. If you enter the connection without the slightest idea why you need her in the first place, a girl would simply leave without any clarifications. But if you understand that any commitment is a serious step, here is what you want to do:

Be self-assured and assertive

Greek women are still very much raised in patriarchal families, so they want a man in a traditional understanding, strong and assertive. If you can deliver that stone-cold dedication and a good heart, your dating will be the most pleasant experience ever.

Take dating as the best time of your life

Although you have to be opting for commitment, there is no need to be overly dramatic about a relationship. Have fun and go out as much as possible to understand your mutual likes and dislikes.

Be truthful and don't sugarcoat

Remember that Greeks do not like deception and weird behavior. If you don't own something or can't be sure about a certain aspect of your relationship, be direct and tell her as it is. Remember that Greeks see their partner as family, and it's unacceptable to lie to family.

Learn from your girl every day

Greek women are very educated and cultured, so it will be very flattering to know more about this nation and its customs. Everyone wants to see their country winning, especially the patriotic Greeks.

Get on her family's good side

Being on good terms with her family is two-thirds of your success in dating. Remember that spending two evenings with her best friends or mother will substitute you for three weeks of counseling.

Understand your girl better

Since Greek women love attention, they want to be treated like goddesses. If you can provide that amount of attention, you will receive 10 times more.

Talk about your serious intentions

Greek women hate wishy-washy men, so if you are serious about the relationship, it's time to tell her right now, so nobody gets to waste their time.

Greek women are some of the most incredible creatures in the world. They are the most friendly, beautiful, charming, understanding, and family-oriented women you will ever meet. But are you able to handle this greatness?


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