Do Aquarius Women Make Good Wives? Characteristics of Aquarius Woman in Marriage

The period of this zodiac sign is from January 21 to February 19. The representatives of this sign are charming and creative ladies. The sign of Aquarius is a woman whose characteristic is extraversion. She knows how to be in the spotlight and cause delight. She knows how to look amazing, no matter what she is wearing. Being a good conversationalist, she knows how to listen to someone else’s point of view, without imposing her own. Are you wondering? Let’s figure out more about Aquarius brides .  

aquarius wife

Aquarius woman: overview & personality traits

These ladies always have their opinion, which is completely different from others. They are not capable of being like everyone else – they are exceptional in everything. Outrageousness and eccentricity are reflected in their appearance, clothing, behavior, and conversation.


It is almost impossible not to notice this bright, fashionable woman. The manner of dressing in a peculiar way, with her inherent delicate style, favorably distinguishes her in any circle of people. An Aquarius woman is a frequenter of all kinds of events, at which she can shine in amazing outfits. She may well appear at a pretentious event in a simple, comfortable outfit, which will make a splash with her appearance. All other details of the appearance, for example, the hairstyle, are also distinguished by originality and uniqueness.

Behavior and inner world

Such a trait of an Aquarius woman as natural curiosity helps her achieve incredible heights. The Aquarius lady finds the strength to consistently and gradually work on any task. Through trials and mistakes, this energetic woman finds exactly her own business, which she will be happy to do all her life.

Love and relationships

Are you looking for Aquarius women to marry? You should know that such a woman likes the attention of the opposite sex. Bright and sophisticated, she attracts admiring looks and encourages men to take action. Without beautiful courtship and romantic deeds, she never reciprocates. Only a brave, persistent, and generous man can tame her proud disposition.

Sex life

An Aquarius woman doesn’t have complexes and restrictions in sex life. She is ready for full surrender, just to satisfy her man. However, sensuality and sexuality surprisingly dissolve when she gets married and eventually becomes a boring fulfillment of family duty. But this will not be a reason to stop having sex with her man.

Family and marriage

Usually, an Aquarius woman gets married after the age of 30. She mostly chooses a wealthy, caring, and loving man who is ready to fulfill her whims as a life partner. And she becomes a caring wife in return. But such a woman quickly cools down to a man who interferes with her professional and spiritual development.


A representative of this sign becomes a caring mother. It is important for her that a child is healthy, develops harmoniously, and grows up as an intelligent person. She instills in them the love for sports, reading, and travel. But sometimes she is uncompromising if her opinion is not taken into account.

Where to meet an Aquarius woman and how to interest her?

Those, who fell in love with a woman born under the sign of Aquarius, should be congratulated on their choice because they are the most unique of all women. It will not be difficult to conquer her heart because she loves everything new, including dating. So, where to meet Aquarius women for marriage ?

aquarius women for marriage

Social events

Aquarius women can always be found where life is in full swing. You will meet them at a fun party, and behind the scenes of the theater, at a political rally, and in the animal rights society. They occupy a leading position everywhere and share their inexhaustible energy with those around them.

Classes in fine arts

Where else to find an Aquarius wife? Well, visual arts are very interesting to Aquarius women. They often visit exhibitions and sometimes organize them themselves. Many representatives of this sign draw or photograph at their leisure.

Scientific seminars

Wanting to improve their skills, they attend courses and communicate a lot with those who have achieved certain success in the scientific field. So, the likelihood of the presence of Aquarius ladies at a scientific seminar is high. They always listen with pleasure and discuss new theories, even the most utopian ones.


The main passion of Aquarius women is travel. Whenever possible, they travel to get acquainted with different countries and their cultural characteristics. Aquarius ladies don’t need special comfort. They will enjoy a backpacking hike through a forest as much as a sightseeing trip on a modern bus with soft seats and air conditioning. Tell Aquarius girls about your love for distant wanderings, and they will certainly want to show you the whole world.

Circle of friends

Aquarius ladies spend most of the time in the circle of friends. They take loneliness hard, so go where it is crowded and you will certainly find several Aquarius women suffering from loneliness. Perhaps you will see how one of the representatives of the sign you are interested in tells some child the theory of the universe. These women love to explain unexplained phenomena, and they find a grateful listener in the face of a child.

Are they good wives?

An Aquarius woman is a very interesting and multifaceted sign, but it is also very confusing and incomprehensible for many applicants for the beauty’s heart. The representative of this sign is not used to surrendering to feelings this very second. Therefore, love at first sight is alien to her. But how good are they in a marriage? Can be they called good wives?

They give themselves completely to feelings

It is worth noting that Aquarius women, for the most part, are very bright persons who attract attention from all sides. They remain independent and free when they are not in a relationship. They are bright, cheerful, positive, effective, active, positive, and optimistic during this period of their lives. But once love breaks into the life of such a lady, everything will change. At the moment of falling in love, an Aquarius woman can change, becoming dependent on the attention of just one person, and having acquired the goal to get a man she likes by all means. And she will do this.

They are loyal

It is impossible not to mention the factor of loyalty. The fact is that, by their nature, Aquarius wives are not prone to cheating, but at the same time, it can’t be ruled out one hundred percent. The reason for cheating can be a banal restriction of the freedom and independence of the Aquarius wife. As soon as she feels that her man is trying to dominate her, somehow limit her, the Aquarius woman will immediately start flirting with other men and think about leaving for another, in the hope that then freedom will remain with her. So, if you want to see a loyal and devoted spouse in your Aquarius wife, then, first of all, remember one simple fact – you can never limit her freedom and encroach on her personal space.

Domestic life is too oppressive for an Aquarius woman

She is capable of more and goes through life with the messiah of the creator. And such small details as the order in the apartment are not of her interest at all. But it is worth considering that there are pedantic individuals of this zodiac sign who are very fond of cleanliness. They tidy things up thoroughly, but that doesn’t mean they like it. As soon as an Aquarian woman has the opportunity to hire a housekeeper, she will do it without a twinge of conscience.

They don’t divorce over trifles

Aquarius wives rarely divorce their husbands. They try their best to save their marriages, at least in most cases. They treat their men extremely tolerantly, patiently, and forgive the majority of their misdeeds, and even cheating can be forgiven. But you shouldn’t use it because an Aquarius wife will endure for a long time, but, in the end, she will take revenge and will do it very cruelly.

They will never become “comfortable” wives

She will not share the interests of her significant other if she herself doesn’t enjoy it. She will not prepare diet lunch boxes for the next workout of their loved ones. Obligations in the family are divided equally, or even borne by strangers (housekeepers, etc.).

Aquarius Woman Compatibility

In general, Aquarius is a zodiac sign that goes well with people. It is easy for them to find a common language with most of the other signs, but there are also those with whom communication and life together will be difficult for several reasons. We will find out in more detail the compatibility of the Aquarius woman with other signs and what awaits such couples in marriage if it is destined to develop.

Aquarius wife for a Gemini man

The attraction that has arisen between them is called love at first sight. The compatibility of Gemini men and Aquarius women is high both in love and friendship. It’s about compatibility at the level of the subtlest love and sexual energy. Gemini can be compared to the wind that blows exactly the way the girl wants in this couple. If we are to draw a parallel in a relationship between these signs of the zodiac, then an Aquarius woman adds fire to these relationships, being an anticyclone with thunderstorms and hail. The fact is that both signs, thanks to the specifics of their horoscopes, are changeable natures and will never let each other get bored. This couple was created to enjoy life together, travel, build a common house, and raise children. They are not bored together, although a man often goes to have fun without his significant other. The Aquarius woman takes it calmly. Yes, this woman is jealous, but she is quite sane.

Aquarius wife for a Libra man

An Aquarius woman and a Libra man are great friends, close in spirit and lifestyle. Democracy of Libra men, the ability to accept someone else’s point of view, is very appealing to freedom-loving Aquarius women. Mutual communication has a beneficial effect on the disclosure of the creative abilities of both. This is the most harmonious union in love and marriage of all other applicants. And all for the same reason – both are interesting to each other, both will not interfere with each other’s diversified development, both are delicate, well-read, intelligent, democratic, and tolerant. At the same time, the Libra men’s attitude towards partnership with the Aquarius woman, the ability to intellectually endure her standards, will not allow the Aquarius woman to seek adventure with someone else.

Aquarius wife for a Leo man

For such men, an Aquarius woman will also be an excellent partner. Some connection arises between them. She will be surprised at his eccentricity and unusual worldview, which will attract. Leo, in turn, may scare the Aquarius lady with his increased attention at first. In love, they may compete, surprising each other and sometimes causing not only positive emotions. But what they definitely don’t face is boredom. In marriage, both can change a lot, becoming more self-possessed and calm. The sexual compatibility is quite high since both appreciate these pleasures.

Aquarius wife a Sagittarius man

At the first meeting, a Sagittarius man realizes that he has met a woman with whom he can live his whole life. These two give each other vital energy. The anxiety inherent in the representative of the fire sign comes to naught in the presence of an Aquarius lady. With this woman, he can remain himself, surrendering to pleasant flirting. And the straightforwardness with which the Sagittarius man sometimes expresses his opinion doesn’t bother the Aquarius woman at all.  From the side, the couple looks very friendly and this often causes the envy of others. There is complete harmony in the family. Spouses even perceive financial difficulties with optimism, without blaming each other for the inability to manage money.



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