Dating Swedish Women: General Advice

Let us guess what you picture it would be: as soon as you arrive in Sweden, you’ll just exercise all your charm and then this long-legged blonde with an athletic body is supposed to jump into bed with you in no time?

Don’t ever expect that! Those who come here often face difficulties in finding a soul mate. And the phenomenon of “Swedish dating” puzzles both Americans, Europeans, and Slavs, too! But we have solved the riddle of dating Swedish women and want to share with you some proven advice on how to win the heart of a real Scandinavian woman!

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The main difficulty in dating a Swedish woman

  • Due to the peculiarities of gender relations within the country, for Swedes, it is quite difficult to get used to the mentality of foreigners, as well as to the customs of other countries. So if you really want to date Swedish girls , get ready for the fact that they will keep you from becoming too close to them for a long time.
  • They’re obsessed with independence. Sometimes you have to beg to buy her a drink at the bar! Feminism is strong in Sweden: 27% of Swedes always call themselves feminists, and 23% do it in certain situations.
  • The Swedes are quite down to earth, so don't expect them to be very romantic. Rather, they are very practical.
  • In Sweden, they don't get used to violating someone's personal space, especially in public places, which can make it more difficult for you to get acquainted with someone.

Dating in Sweden: pros and cons

So, we found out that there can be certain difficulties with dating in Sweden. Now is the time to weigh up the pros and cons of your Northern adventure!


  • Independence: at least on first dates, they try to pay the bill themselves. Of course, you can offer the girl to pay for her, but she may feel offended.
  • Cheerfulness, as well as affability, and friendliness. If the Swede laughs, she laughs so sincerely! Self-reliance: it doesn't matter what the reason is — the harsh climate, the heredity of the brave Vikings, or the decent upbringing.
  • Restraint: in stressful situations, these girls remain calm, tactful, diplomatic, and reasonable.
  • Diligence: Sweden owes much of its "Economic Miracle" to women who are now many years past 70. Sense of taste: it is easier for Swedes to endure hunger and cold than lack of coziness and comfort. The best proof is the impeccable and cozy Scandinavian interior style.
  • Love for sports: Nordic walking, jogging, cycling, roller skiing, and skating, or just walking in the fresh air!
  • Sexuality: beautiful Swedish women not only have an attractive appearance, but also they are sexually liberal.
  • Thrift: Swedes know how to cook, sew, bake, and much more because they are taught this at school.
  • Straightforwardness: a Swede will never pretend, flatter or say anything just as a courtesy. 
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Forget about chatting: Swedes are not the most talkative nation in the world. And she certainly won't take the first step and text you, asking you out on a date!

They stick to the rules: If you love spontaneity in a relationship, you shouldn't date a Swede. In this country, the buses always run on time, and people like to plan everything.

Swedish girls aren’t easy to impress: you are unlikely to interest a girl with your job promotion or buying a new Lamborghini Aventador — for them, these are little things in life. But restraint, punctuality, or gender equality is already a good conversation starter!

She will offer you to try some strange dishes like fermented fish, salted licorice, pickled herring: will you be able to get over yourself and taste these national delicacies?

Sweden is the best place for singles: love is a hassle sometimes, and Swedes take that seriously. According to Eurostat studies, one in four Swedes lives alone, and it’s the highest rate in Europe.

Breaking the ice with a girl from Sweden

As you can see, things can be very, very difficult with Swedish girls. And it is quite useless to talk about which method will work best with such a girl; after all, no two people are alike.

However, these Swedish women dating tips will help you increase your chances of breaking the ice with a Northern girl you like!

Take your time in a relationship

When a relationship is just starting, and you are on a first date, try to take your time and don't push yourself.

Keep in mind that Swedish girls don't like to feel attached to someone, so you should calm down, and just watch and wait. Just like you do it on a fishing trip!

Don't brag about anything

Sweden is a fairly rich country, and people earn quite a lot here.

Therefore, if you are used to showing off, remember to keep your mouth shut, as this quality pushes the Swedes away. Just behave like a normal guy!

Be aware of Feminism

If you haven't heard anything about this, we recommend you to read something about it. And, in a nutshell, try not to talk condescendingly about your girl from Sweden (and all other women in this world)! Also, we do not recommend you to joke about the fact that men are stronger, smarter, more reasonable, more logical, sexier, more fun, etc.

Be masculine

All of the things mentioned above do not mean that you need to behave like a shy boy and keep a goody-goody attitude when you’re with your Swedish girl!

This is the very quality that Swedish women hate about Swedish men… On the contrary, be manly, but remember not to demonstrate toxic masculinity!

Choose the right tactic

When looking for Swedish women for dating, you will be surprised to find that they are surrounded by a circle of friends day and night. This may mess up your plans to have a moment alone with her.

However, if you are brave and smart enough, you can still impress her when her friends are around; and if you manage to succeed, then you’ll get a huge bonus!

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Rules for relationships with a Swedish female

So, are you serious about heading Ikea homeland and having an affair that will last longer than this cute flat-pack furniture?

We have already warned you that dating Swedish girls is not an easy task and you will have to get used to many things But since you're serious, here's a couple of bonus tips!

Don't call it a “date” too soon

Sweden dating surely has some great peculiarities!

For example, a Swedish girl can be charmed and in love, but in the early stages, it is not called a “date” here. It is called “Fika”.

This is still a period of free relationships, and no one owes anything to anyone. But if your “Fika” continues, it is assumed that you are not dating anyone else.

Start and end with a hug

The Swedes do everything their own way; they even hug each other in “Swedish style”. And, if in America we are used to kissing a person on the cheek, Swedes can be confused with such behavior. Remember: every “Fika” in Sweden begins and ends with hugging!

Message or call her after

Any good date comes to an end. Then, do not forget to call the girl or at least text her.

The reason for this is that almost every Swedish female often experiences such a thing as “dating panic” (if she really likes someone, she is afraid of losing him or being rejected).

Do you still remember that Swedish girls really do not want to lose their independence? So, when they finally do, they feel extremely defenseless and are checking their phone every minute to get your message.

Understand the laws of Jante and Lagom

Swedes adhere to several fundamental rules in their everyday life:

Jante means that “You shouldn't think that you are special or better than us” - that is, don't brag. Lagom stands for "Treating everyone around with the same respect is the most attractive human trait".

Dating in Sweden: the happy end

You can find billions of articles about dating with Swedes, and their authors give lots of tips that can make your head spin.

However, you shouldn't worry about this: just trust your intuition and get a feel for these people. This is the best advice you can get!


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