Dating a Woman 15 Years Younger: How To Make It Right

If you think that dating someone significantly younger is difficult, consider the fact that human relationships are complicated regardless of age or status. Okay, suppose you don’t care about the age gap. But what to do with the outcome of “he says, she says,” as well as different interests and core values? 

Dating a much younger woman  is not wrong as long as it’s consensual and she is of legal age. Other than that, who cares? But let’s cut to the chase and understand what makes older men so attractive to women in their twenties and thirties? 

Dating a much younger woman

Reasons why younger girls like older men

Older men wonder why younger girls choose them over college pals and co-workers. Most of them think it’s because of money or a social ladder. However, the reality is more positive and older men can be objectively better. Here is how: 

1. They are stable

Younger women are scared and frustrated with non-committal men in their twenties. Since getting a definite answer is almost impossible because the younger guys are too wishy-washy, many young women want to end their suffering by choosing someone who can reciprocate. Since most older men have already seen life, they most likely understand what they want from a spouse, girlfriend, workplace, etc. 

2. They “have found themselves” 

Younger men spend decades trying to form a rock band and becoming first-class lawyers. Oh, youth is incredible, but what if the longevity of indecisiveness scares the hell out of a poor girl? She just wants to be loved, now and for long. 

3. They are financially stable 

No wonder why younger women  are attracted to stable men. If you think that this is a sugar-baby agenda, think vice versa. Would you be pleased to date a completely broke woman who doesn’t have a dime for a cup of coffee? If you don’t agree on completely financing your girl, that’s fine. However, there is nothing sinful in wanting a partner who is more established in life. Younger woman older man dating means she considered this fact.

4. They are better at sex

People say that younger men are better at sex because they have more potential. In reality, women dislike many young guys for being too “harsh and inconsiderate.” More mature men realize that sex is not a race. They learn to be gentle and attentive with years of experience.

dating a 15 years younger woman

5. They are good mentors 

Many younger girls seek mentorship, that is why they choose to date older guys. But what makes dating a 15 years younger woman beneficial for an older man? The thing is, your connection will resemble a symbiosis where both of you get to draw experience from a different age group representative. 

Dating fifteen years younger woman: Pros and cons

Dating girl 15 years younger doesn’t mean you are going to struggle with attempts to lure her in. However, consider some major pros and cons to understand before getting in a relationship with a younger girl. 


An attentive girlfriend with lots of potential 

This young lady will be the highlight of your day as she has a lot to offer. Younger girls take pride in looking after and assisting their older boyfriends or husbands. The best way to reveal someone’s potential is through talking and constantly conversing on important matters. 

A seductive lover

No secret that younger girls perform magic acts in the bedroom. They have the looks and energy to maintain passion in the connection, that is why men prefer dating younger girls. 

A person who brings a new perspective

Dating someone outside your age group can be beneficial because both of you have something to offer and learn within the course of your relationship. Your younger girlfriend will teach you important messages of modern society while you can bring in core values and experience. 

How to date a younger girl


Younger girls are not financially stable

If you date someone in their early twenties, they might not a career or a stable income. However, if you are ready to deal with the consequences and be the provider, opting for a younger partner is normal. 

They lack experience

Because experience is something you cannot buy or achieve overnight, your partner might deal with business differently. They might live in a bit of a hassle, but can you blame someone for that? 

The age gap is real

Because fifteen years is a reasonable age gap, belonging to different generations might bring in some confusion. Try to see it as a potential of exchanging facts, not as a burden. 

Essential tips on dating fifteen years younger woman

Dating a younger woman advice  includes following common sense and understanding that an age gap is not something you should be afraid of. Here is what you have to do when dating a significantly younger woman: 

1. Don't make your relationship overtly sexual

Although you might be tempted to get action anytime you see a younger girlfriend, there is no need to be openly aroused all the time as she might find it disrespectful. Try to stay calm and collected, getting to know the girl better before getting physical.

2. Put her personality first

Even if you don't believe that dating a younger girlfriend might bring some insight into your life, don't be too fastidious with your conclusions. A younger woman is a life-changing experience because she has a fresher look that might help you understand the world from a different perspective.

Dating a younger woman advice

3. Don't father her

You might have a compulsive tendency to change your girlfriend or boss her around. However, there is no need in setting this relationship model because it will eventually lead to the slow decay of your tandem. Realize that both of you are adults with an age gap, not a father and a daughter.

4. Be yourself in a relationship

Many mature men are often tempted to act younger, braver, more reckless when dating a younger woman. These men often think they are not cool enough for a younger girlfriend. Pretending someone you're not is not the best way to start a relationship. Try to be fair and open even if you don't understand some of her hobbies or views on life.

5. Don't be jealous of her lifestyle

Because mature men have a more settled way of life, they might be jealous and act possessive towards their younger spouses and girlfriends. Because these women naturally have more friends and colleagues, going to parties and meet and greets are essential for these souls. Therefore, you should not forbid going out on Saturdays and talking to younger males.

6. Don't be afraid of meeting her parents

It doesn't matter if you are approximately the same age as her father; a woman made a reasonable choice to make an adult person her partner. Even if her parents decide to give you a cold shoulder at first, realize that it is simply a defense mechanism. How to date a younger girl if her relatives are against your connection? Try to have a serious talk with her parents to explain that you are not playing around. 

7. Don't spend time on haters

Of course, there will be people who have a lot on their minds. But do you have to measure up and accept criticism even though it's your life? Be happy and forget about judgemental glances because, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what other people think.

How to get a younger girl to like you? Be yourself, respect her boundaries and opinion, and you will have the best partner in your life. 


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