Dating a Scorpio Woman: a Complete Guide

The Scorpio sign belongs to women who were born in the period from October 23 to November 22. People born under the sign of Scorpio are patronized by Mars and Pluto. They endow them with purposefulness, good intuition, sexuality, and love for the secret and unknown worlds. Thanks to the patron planets, a Scorpio girl is incredibly sexy and attracts men with magnetism gifted by nature. As a rule, these ladies are confident in their beauty and know what impression they make on men. So, how to deal with a Scorpio woman?

What’s so special about Scorpio women and how to take advantage of it?

Some people like Scorpio girls and some don’t. Their unpredictability and secrecy are fascinating and repulsive. They can evoke all sorts of feelings, but not indifference.


Independent, self-confident ladies, behave with dignity in society, demonstrating excellent manners. They are interesting and charismatic. They attract with a magnetic look. Most often, the ladies of this sign have nice round shapes. The hourglass shape type makes them especially feminine. By the proud posture and regal position of the head of Scorpio girls, you can recognize them from afar.


The character of such ladies is rather complex. They are prone to frequent mood changes. Representatives of this sign often engage in self-criticism, scrolling through the events in their heads and trying to figure out what and when they did wrong. Having identified the mistakes made, Scorpio ladies will try with all their might not to repeat them again. They will never show true feelings: even if a hurricane is raging inside, these women are calm, even cold outwardly.

Leadership skills

Difficult tasks only fuel the excitement of a Scorpio woman and make her do the job perfectly. Such girls strive for successful careers, move up the career ladder, and often reach leadership positions quickly. They easily predict situations and quickly get out of them in the most advantageous way for themselves.


Scorpios have a strong craving for luxury, a lot of money. They are not greedy but prudent. The earned finances are spent on themselves, the needs of loved ones. In terms of financial help, it is useless to count on them. But they are extremely generous with their close people. They don’t spare time, money, energy for gifts to family and friends.

Love and relationships

A Scorpio woman can very easily decide who is good for her and who is not. She has natural discernment. Falling in love, she rushes from one extreme to another. If a Scorpio woman in a relationship decides to break up with her man, then it will be extremely difficult to change her mind. If she loves, then she does it with all her heart, if she hates, then she will easily say goodbye. Weak men often fall in love with such women, who feed on their energy like vampires. But Scorpio girls are looking for active, strong, confident, and courageous partners.

scorpio woman dating

What it’s like to date a Scorpio – if you dare

Scorpio women show certain of their bright qualities in each of their relationships. Many are wary of the representatives of this zodiac sign, but this is not correct. After all, a Scorpio lady is considered very loyal and sincere in relation to close friends, relatives, and loved ones. And you can have problems in your relationship with the Scorpio girl in one case – if you decide to control or change her. So, how to handle a Scorpio woman?

1. Be ready for her constant changes

The main thing a man needs to know about a Scorpio woman is that he should prepare for this person’s duality. Just don’t be confused with duplicity. Scorpio women in relationships are not two-faced but dual. They manage to combine femininity and strength, tenderness and rigidity, softness and steadfastness in themselves.

2. They are independent in all senses

They are self-reliant. These women will never depend on you and your money. They achieve everything on their own and are often independent not only in a spiritual sense but also financially.

3. They require respect and personal space

And don’t even think to limit it, to impose your terms, and to somehow terrorize. These women know their own worth. They don’t allow men to manipulate. And just as important, they never allow anyone to limit their personal space. Don’t even try.

4. They are principled and uncompromising

A Scorpio woman in a relationship (and even in bed) behaves in a principled and uncompromising manner. If she has decided something, then the conversation is better to end there. If she refused something or expressed her opinion for some reason, then it is better not to even try to argue with her.

5. They are jealous

They will not allow anyone to encroach on their significant others. Making a Scorpio woman jealous is frighteningly easy. A minor offense, the slightest hint of attention to another woman, and a scandal is inevitable. Jealousy deprives this woman of her mind. If a chosen one pays attention to another woman, gives a couple of compliments, the jealous Scorpio lady will never forget about it.

Scorpio and Scorpio: Compatibility in Love, Sex, and Life

Although they belong to the water element, fire zodiac signs may envy the intensity of their feelings. They are dramatic, jealous, and have a difficult inner world. The passion of the signs is extremely great. Being together, they will become more stubborn but, at the same time, resilient, decisive. Two Scorpios can confront the whole world. Partners are very similar to each other. The peculiarity of this union is that their shortcomings and dignities double up.

dating a scorpio woman


What about a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman in love? To the surprise of many, two identical people perfectly build relationships with each other, get everything from a partner they want on a spiritual and physical level. A Scorpio man is cold outwardly. He likes to win the attention of the opposite sex with boldness. A bright, sexy Scorpio woman has the same temperament. A couple likes to take and give love, tenderness, emotional outbursts that Scorpios need. Other zodiac signs are not able to satisfy their desires.

In a love relationship, a couple will be able to get along. Loving Scorpios are ready to give in and compromise. A Scorpio woman is an understanding wife, a Scorpio man is a caring husband. In this union, there will be no freedom, which suits both. They are not looking for easy ways to happiness. Their path will be difficult, dangerous, but they will pass it together.


In sex, a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman expose their weak points completely, which they also have the same. There is a lot of passion and intense expressions of desire in bed. For a Scorpio woman, sex doesn’t replace love, but it is the highest point of union. The sex horoscope of compatibility clearly shows that they are not bored in sex. For them, intimate relationships are important. And between one sign, intimate relationships develop ideally. They don’t separate sex and love from each other. Both are extremely temperamental, they have no complexes. Erotic fantasies can shock representatives of other signs, but they will embody them with each other. In sex, these two are like-minded people.

What should be feared for both are the temptations that lie in wait from all sides. In moments of conflicts, each of them can have “sexual release” with someone else, which inevitably becomes known to a partner, because they have some kind of supernatural instinct, and, in case of cheating, they just break up.


Scorpios are extremely picky about their choice of people around. It is not easy to become a close person for them. First, you need to go through a long test. But if the representative of the sign called someone their friend, then they will appreciate these relations. For Scorpio, there is no difference between a close relative and a good friend. The compatibility of a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman in life is high. The connection between a man and a woman born under the sign of Scorpio is usually strong. They love to spend time together, they always have something to talk about. They often turn to each other for emotional support or advice. For a man, his Scorpio girlfriend may become a reliable support in life. And he will help her with advice and money, if necessary.

How to impress a Scorpio woman

Do you want to please a Scorpio girl and win her heart? Then get ready for the most unrealistic challenges in your life. This is especially true for men who like the Scorpio girl who doesn’t pay attention to potential boyfriends. If you belong to this category, then you should know that there are many difficulties ahead of you, and most importantly, the stage of change and re-education. So, this is how you need to behave:

1. Be truly sincere and honest

How to deal with Scorpio woman? Well, be open and decent. Your woman should be one hundred percent confident in you. The Scorpio lady will feel falsity and lies immediately, and even if you manage to cheat her in something, this will only make it worse, first of all, to yourself.

2. Show yourself as a real man

You should have a male core, to be a real man, and not a spineless henpecked man. If you dare to attract the attention of a Scorpio woman, then be prepared for tests for a “man”. She will not tolerate a weakling next to her.

3. Be smart and strong at the same time

This woman will not tolerate a person with low intelligence, but she will react even worse to a physically and morally weak man. She will not fall in love, but on the contrary, she will hate, despise such a man.

4. Make her your queen once and for all

How to treat a Scorpio woman? All your attention should be riveted only to her. And if you pay attention to someone else, admire other girls, then this will ruin your relationships.

5. Add more variety

These women hate boredom, give them entertainment, at least, just something new. Monotony, tediousness, inability to live a bright life and act decisively and spontaneously – this is what a Scorpio woman hates in men and relationships.

scorpio woman in a relationship

How to deal with a Scorpio woman in a relationship

This is a very passionate zodiac sign – a Scorpio woman in love is at the peak of emotions and is ready to do anything for the sake of a loved one. The main advantage of Scorpio women is that they don’t quickly break up, but try their best to save a relationship.

1. Be active and involved

To awaken a desire in a woman to build a relationship, you should give her all she needs. You shouldn’t show passivity and coldness. Be friendly, somewhat detached, give expensive gifts, and arrange dates in restaurants, cafes with gourmet cuisine.

2. Show a woman that you are interested in her life

Be interested in her affairs and projects. Make her trust you: she doesn’t open the soul to everyone. Avoid open pressure, moralizing, obsessive advice, and shouting.

3. Show yourself as an interesting person

Open up like an intelligent, versatile interlocutor who knows how to keep a conversation going. Avoid rude, tactless phrases, and be natural. The main rule of courtship: words shouldn’t be at odds with deeds. Keep what you promise.

4. Make her feel special

Dating a Scorpio woman, act decisively but don’t go overboard. Admire her dress, makeup, eyes, shower with compliments, and be sincere. Praise a delicious dinner, a book she advises you to read or a movie to watch.

5. Satisfy her in bed

Good sex takes not the last place in relationships. Such a woman loves closeness and long foreplay. So, kiss, caress, and touch her like the last time. Show adoration and receive reciprocity. This is how to keep a Scorpio woman interested.


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