Cultural Differences You Should Know When Dating a Russian Girl

What kind of woman do guys want to see around them? Naturally, a determined woman who knows what she wants. Confident, but not impertinent, not vulgar, feminine, thrifty, kind, and family-oriented. Do such females exist? Yes! These super ladies live in Russia.

As a rule, Western men imagine Russia as a distant, cold, and gloomy country. Still, for the sake of dating Russian girls, overseas males are ready to give up everything and rush after their love to this unfriendly country. Why do Russian women attract them? Do they meet the criteria mentioned above? Well, let's find out!

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Debunking Stereotypes About Russian Beauties

Western males mention that most of the ladies from Russia are goal-oriented and persistent careerists. But even a lady with a strong character will treat a man with respect. How can fair the sex manage to combine two opposites is a mystery? While you're trying to solve this riddle in your head, we'll debunk some popular myths about Russian beauties.

A Typical Russian Lady Is Blonde

As a rule, foreigners are used to seeing Russians as blondes with blue eyes and light skin. Thus, they are convinced that Russia is full of fair-haired beauties. But that's not true. Let's not deny that once it was fashionable to dye hair blond, but time goes on, and fashions change, and now girls are used to expressing themselves. So, these days, you can meet a girl with absolutely different hair and eye color (don't forget about contact lenses), as well as light-skinned, tanned, or decorated with a variety of tattoos.

Russians Are Gorgeous

There are enough females in Russia with model looks as well as women with average appearance. Just the percentage of pretty girls is higher here. Besides, women care about how they look. A Russian girl is neatly dressed, even if she goes to a nearby park or store. She knows how to combine colors and what to wear to attract men's attention. Before going out, a lady will spend long hours making themselves pretty because she strives to look attractive.

Girls from Russia Dream of Marriage

Western men go to Russia with serious intentions as in their homeland, and it's often difficult for them to find a girl who is ready to marry him after a couple of months of Russian women dating , while in Russia, quick marriages are common. Moreover, Russian women are happy to get a proposal as soon as possible, whereas an American woman would be surprised and wary.

Friendliness and Hospitality

Some Western males say that they find Russian women frowny and unfriendly. You may think like that in case you don't get to know them. Russian girls don't walk with smiles on their faces because everyone may have hundreds of thoughts and solutions to solve their problems. In fact, Russian girls are very hospitable, always ready to help, love to give advice, even when they aren't asked, and have a great sense of humor. You should visit any Russian family for dinner at least once, and you will immediately sense all the friendliness and hospitality.

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Russian Dating Means Back to Patriarchy

Being strong and independent, Russian women still believe in a strong man. A wise girl knows how to win the favor of a worthy partner and will respect him and even concede in some ways. Because she knows her benefits, on the one hand, Russian women retain the charm of the weaker sex, which European and American ladies lack. On the other hand, a woman wants to be weak and feel protected by her man. American vs. Russian Dating Culture to Know Before Dating a Russian Girl

Any international couple faces some problems in the relationship and usually finds a way out of the situation together. Guys who have decided to tie their fate to a Russian woman are lucky as their brides are close to Americans in their mentality, but there are still some pitfalls to be aware of.

They Expect You to Woo

As it was mentioned above, ladies are willing to feel love and care. So, she needs your good manners. Opening the door when she gets out of the car or you go to the cafe, taking her coat, paying the bill, and other small attentions won't burden you, but your girlfriend will be pleased. Of course, foreigners seem outlandish and contrary to the spirit of feminism. However, Russian girls, on the other hand, were brought up this way.

She Shares Your Interests

But, if you start a relationship, a Russian girl will watch bowling championships with you and put your reference books in alphabetical order. In short, she will support all the interests of her man.

She's Caring and Won't Leave You Hungry

For a Russian girl, “feeding” is synonymous with “dating.” So, when you date a lady from Russia, you should worry about not gaining weight. Apart from that, you have to please her parents and the rest of her close and distant relatives.

Only Determined Guys Can Attract Her

Girls from Russia should know for sure that you are confident in yourself and your common plans. She’s not interested in mumbles. She is ready to give you all of herself, but if you do nothing on your part, she won’t tolerate it.

If She Loves You, She Loves You Forever

According to foreign men, only a Russian woman can love her beloved one with no reservations. She will believe in him both in sorrow and in joy. When you ask, “What are Russian women like?” you'll hear, “They have a mysterious soul.” No limits in love. Such devotion makes Western men's heads spin.

Russian Women Are Devoted to Families

The maternal instinct is well developed in most representatives of the weaker sex in Russia. We won't say that any girl is ready to give her man five kids. Still, after getting a degree, getting married, and working for a couple of years, Russian women usually have a child and successfully combine career, child-rearing, and everyday life. After all, a family without children is not a family for a Russian woman.

Russian Dating

Working Dating Russian Women Tips

Perhaps, one of the most inspiring goals for any man is the desire to build a relationship with the girl of his dreams. At the same time, this goal requires a lot of time, effort, and, of course, the necessary knowledge on how to build this relationship. It's not easy to have a real strong union compared to a short romance or casual dating. But at the same time, it's quite possible if you are good at understanding Russian women.

What Do Russian Girls Value in Men?

Girls value attention. It's always nice if your lover remembers the day you met, had a first date or kissed, gives your favorite flowers, knows the soulmate's tastes and range of interests. Even minor signs of attention allow a woman to feel loved. Another important thing is your ability to listen. Women want to see interest in their partner's eyes and feel an emotional connection with him. In addition, women are willing to see their men as defenders. In this case, he doesn't have to be a strongman or an oligarch. It's enough to calm your girlfriend and surround her with care. Of course, women are looking for a man to love. It's necessary to prove it to her as often as possible because even the strongest and most independent lady needs to know that she is loved.

Main Dislikes of Russian Females

Women dislike men who don't pay enough attention to cleanliness and neatness and don't care what they wear. If a man does not have a job that he loves and brings him income, he is just a boy. When a guy doesn't know what he wants to do in his life, this fact disappoints so much. There is nothing worse than a man's indecision. If a woman asks you for something and you forget, she will remember that for a long time. If something has been asked twice, even a loving woman will deal with it. Three times may cause a scandal. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to fulfill women's desires, but voice your decision immediately — will you do it or not.

Best Gifts for Russian Girls

Any foreign man would like to surprise a woman. He should first find out what his woman is interested in and what she dreams about. If a man is dating a romantic woman, such a lady will appreciate a beautiful bouquet. When a man goes out with a businesswoman, a good gift corresponds to her lifestyle. She'll like a nice leather wallet or fashionable bag, which will not only be a stylish accessory but also adds new traits to her feminine image. You can also give her an original diary or an expensive set of writing utensils. A woman who prefers sports, a healthy diet, and leads an active lifestyle might be glad to have a sports accessory.

Dating a Russian Woman Rules You Should Follow

First of all, always stay positive. Your woman studies or works and might be exhausted, and after a hard day, your negativity won't bring her joy. A man shouldn't complain about his life, his boss, or his friends. You can discuss your problems and failures with your friends or colleagues. Or just forget it and put it out of your mind. Show that you are not a chatterbox and that deeds follow words. It's important to let her know that you are responsible. Be attentive. When she gets a new hairstyle, makeup, or clothes — greet this with a gentle compliment. She's sure to appreciate it. After all, she does it all just to be noticed.

How to Impress a Russian Woman on a Date

Dress unusually and stylishly. There is no need for exaggerated tricks, but add exciting accessories or choose a T-shirt with a provocative inscription. Preferably not from a joke store. Think through the idea of a date in advance and let it be fascinating. Give her a bouquet with the phrase “I almost forgot,” as if that were the plan. Take the girl to a picturesque place that few people know about. Let your table be arranged and served something from an exclusive menu if you go to a cafe. You can also pretend to make a meal on the fly, and she'll be surprised at how you're treated in the establishment.

Traditional Places for Dating

A win-win option is a cafe. It may be quite a romantic and not very expensive place. We recommend you choose a cafe with traditional cuisine. At least until you don't know your lady's tastes, probably, it is the best place for a first date. Of course, it may be trivial, but effective. If you want to surprise your girlfriend with your originality, you can choose a restaurant, for example, with exotic cuisine. If your chosen one is young and active, you can invite her to a nightclub. The advantage of a nightclub is that you can play bowling or billiards. Classic places for a date in the Russian women culture, including the first meeting, are a cinema, theater, and concert of her favorite band. If it's warm summertime outside, then you can make your date insanely romantic by spending it in nature! Do you want to impress a girl? Arrange a date on a roof for her. You can also organize a small picnic there! If you meet your girlfriend in winter, invite her to the skating rink.

As even the most enviable bachelors admit, Russian women are indeed one of the most beautiful in the world. Perhaps, the fame of these beauties overpowers the myth of bears roaming the streets. Besides, women from Russia clearly understand their role in a relationship and the man's role in the couple. In addition, many representatives of this country can boast of a soft character, which simply amazes men from the West. That is why foreign princes are so hungry for Russian beauties.


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