Best Ukrainian Dating Traditions

Relationships with foreigners have long ceased to be associated with failed marriages, fatal mistakes, and quick divorces due to differences in mentality. According to statistics, over the past ten years, the dating culture in Ukraine has changed since Ukrainian ladies have married foreigners twice as often. In their turn, foreigners are also interested in dating Slavic women. Ukrainian girls are known for their beauty, good housekeeping, and kind-heartedness. If you are ready for a serious relationship or marriage with a Ukrainian girl , we have prepared a little guide for you so nothing can ruin your couple.

ukrainian dating culture

Dating Culture in Ukraine

More and more often, Ukrainian women choose a foreigner as a life partner. There are several reasons for this:

  • Western men treat their soulmates with tenderness, even after a few years of marriage. Ukrainian men may cool to a woman if he has already conquered her.
  • There is an opinion that Ukrainian men like drinking alcohol, while foreign guys are wary of alcohol.
  • Foreigners earn good money, and not every Ukrainian girl is ready to live in a ditch.

These days, it's not enough to be a Western guy to win a Ukrainian girl's heart.

Ukrainian society has not yet been swept up in a wave of feminism, so Ukrainian girls are set up for the bouquet-and-candy period and romantic dates. As long as you show your strong character, kindness, and respect for a woman, you can win her favor.

Etiquette tips for dating in Ukraine

So, you have charmed your Ukrainian girl, and you feel the happiest guy in the world. Do you know how to behave right so that your relationship does not end too soon? Pick up some advice from Ukrainian dating etiquette.

Show leadership qualities

Being a leader means taking responsibility. For safety, for reputation, for feelings. Ukrainian girls love when their men don't tolerate self-pity, solve problems by themselves, don't whine, and aren't capricious in serious situations.

Tell Tender Words

Women's ears are an erogenous zone and not only in the sensitivity of earflaps and lobes but also in the love of compliments. When you tell compliments, don't forget about sincerity, pay attention to detail, and be varied.

Go to Intimacy Smoothly

Even if your partner burns with sexual desire since the first meeting, she wants courtship. Putting aside your intimate is not a good idea but moving on to a new phase too quickly is no less dangerous. At first, your girl will be happy, as she wanted intimacy. Later, she will feel that there is too much sex and too little romance in your relationship.

Don't Be Selfish

A relationship is a two-person job. If one invests, and the second one is used to receiving contributions, this couple will fail soon. It is better to moderate selfishness and make sure that your partner isn't narcissistic.

Don’t Let Anything Slide

Girls love romance, attention, and surprises. If you cut off the flow of compliments or reduce the time they spend together, they will not like it. Showing her attention and saying gentle words aren't so tricky. Your woman will be satisfied.

Best places to go on a date

ukrainian dating etiquette

Asking someone out on a date is stressful. The easiest way is to ask a girl where she wants to spend a date as it saves time and avoids long and hard thinking. However, sometimes you want to make a surprise, or it seems as if asking a direct question is a pretty delicate thing to do. Get a list of the best places for a date covering by the Ukrainian dating culture.

Classic Date

Sometimes it's hard to know your girlfriend’s character if you haven't met in real life yet, or your partner might be shy. You can pick up classic dates and invite her to a cafe, restaurant, or cinema for such cases.

Individual Approach

If you have already known your sweetheart's hobbies and character, you can take some benefit from it. For example, if a girl is fond of handicrafts or painting, she will not mind going to an exhibition. If she likes rock music, feel free to a live music concert.

Date on Nature

If the area allows, you can go camping. It is better to go for a short time and to a proven place. Wandering through unfamiliar places and mosquito attacks will not really please her. Another type of good date is a picnic in the park. This is a great way to have a heart-to-heart talk and get to know each other better.

Lots of Fun

The emotions experienced together bring you closer. To please your companion and make her remember the romantic meeting for a long time, you can make your Ukrainian girlfriend laugh. Don't hesitate to invite her to the aquapark, circus, roller, and skating rink.

Date Just for Two

It will be much easier to open up and confide in a guy without the presence of strangers. You can arrange a date in peaceful places like the roof of the building, beaches during the closed season for swimming (don't forget to bring a blanket and a thermos with a hot drink) or a country house (you can rent a cottage at a tourist resort).

Best gifts for dating a Ukrainian woman

Ukraine dating culture includes revealing your feeling and giving small trifles as presents. A romantic gift should give pleasant emotions, and its material value is not so important. Every Ukrainian girl is unique, and their tastes and interests are still unknown. So you need to pick up something universal.


There is a huge choice of flowers, ready-made bouquets, and flower compositions. If you do not trust your own taste, you can order a customized bouquet from a florist. The candy and fruit bouquets look original and wilt not have time to fade.

Soft Toy

Some women are fond of lovely teddies. Find out from the girl how she feels about soft toys and choose the right one.


It should not be an expensive piece of jewelry. At least, it is not necessary to accentuate it. Choose something that characterizes your Ukrainian bride.


If you are good at painting, you might try to draw her portrait. If painting is not your cup of tea, order it from pros.


Depending on your girl's personality, this could be an extreme gift (skydiving, bungee jumping, or scuba diving ) or something relaxed (sharing a day at the SPA, horseback riding, or boating).

Best rules when you date a woman in Ukraine

ukrainian dating rules

Follow Ukrainian dating rules  if you want to have happy relationships with a Slavic woman.

Surprise Your Woman

All Ukrainian women are romantic, so don't be mean giving her compliments and making surprises.

Be Jealous of Her

For a Ukrainian woman, jealousy from your side means you care about her. Be jealous means to love. And Ukrainian women like it when guys are jealous of them.

Take Care of Your Woman

Women want to feel protected and loved. You do not need to do any heroic actions to prove your care. Cooking breakfast in the morning is an excellent way to start.

Keep Your Promises

Ukrainian women like men who do not throw words around. If you forget or fail to keep your promises, you may disappoint your girlfriend.

A Ukrainian girl does not need a brutal macho man who can move mountains. You just need to be a usual guy with serious intentions who will respect the girl and her interests, take care of her, and never hurt her. Ukrainian girls respond to tenderness with tenderness, so it won't be a one-way game. Your care will come back to you doubly from a sincere Ukrainian girl.


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