Best Places to Date a Ukrainian Woman

Ukrainian women are the epitom e of attractiveness and femininity. Many foreign men desire them, seeing Slavic girls as trophy wives. So where do you meet girls from Ukraine if you are going on a trip to this beautiful country? Where is it easy to find a future wife?

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What are the best places to meet Ukrainian women?

Ukrainian women are not the easiest type to approach in the street. Because Slavic culture presupposes a decent degree of mistrust and suspicion towards strangers, you have to be smarter when looking for a Ukrainian girl. These are the best places to meet Ukrainian girls  and successfully talk to them without being creepy:

1. Cafes and restaurants

Public places are the best locations to meet Ukrainian women during the daytime. Because these women are casually conversing with their friends and colleagues, you should have no problem approaching a Ukrainian and asking her something about an item on a menu. You can come up with any gibberish because the atmosphere is relaxed enough to talk about sweet nothings. Don't worry if the girl doesn't reciprocate at first because Ukrainians can be thrown off by sudden approaches, and that is completely normal for the nation.

2. Nightclubs

If you are into nightlife, clubs are the best places to look for a potential partner or at least a hookup. We are not going to talk about alcohol intoxication in most human species; the only thing that matters is that those girls go there partially to meet other people, so it's your lucky chance to shoot your shot at a beautiful lady standing next to the bar.

3. Gyms

It is easy to approach a girl at the gym by initiating mundane conversations or asking questions about training. Ukrainian women are no exception because in most cases, they are not against talking to men at the gym. Moreover, you will be surprised how many Ukrainian girls prefer going to the gym to improve their shape. Since these girls care about their appearance, you will always be in luck.

4. Parks

Although it is not commonly praised when stranger men approach women at public places like parks, there is still a high possibility of meeting a Ukrainian woman willing to talk to a foreigner outside. In Ukraine, strangers don't approach each other with small talk, so you have to come up with a question or ask for help to increase your chances.

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5. Grocery stores and supermarkets

Again, initiating contact must be defined by an according situation because, in Ukraine, people don't start conversations with compliments or straightforward propositions. Therefore, grocery stores and supermarkets are a perfect opportunity to come up with an effortless dialogue where everything depends on your wit.

6. Shopping malls

Who doesn't like shopping? Ukrainian women love spending time at shopping malls, either eating out or buying new clothes. Therefore, malls can be included in the "best places to meet girls" list. You don't have to do much besides building a basic conversation or trying to impress a woman with an inventive and creative approach.

7. Concerts and improv nights

Any type of event with music or dancing presupposes that a woman must be in a chill, relaxed mood, willing to meet new people and expand her horizons. A surprising number of women attend these public events alone or with closest female friends, so it sounds like a great opportunity to approach a girl on a Friday night.

8. In a waiting line

It might be an unexpected location, but since Ukraine doesn't have automated waiting lines, people spend a chunk of their free time at post offices, hospitals, etc., it’s your lucky chance to come across a beautiful lady standing in a queue. However, you cannot predict an outcome for such an encounter as a woman can either be delighted or pissed off when forced to interact in a waiting line. 

Where to meet Ukrainian girls: Top five best cities

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Each Ukrainian city has a unique culture and deniable differences, beneficial for you when meeting a Ukrainian girlfriend. These are the best places to get acquainted with a Slavic girl:


Dnipro is called a Ukrainian industrial wonder. It is a huge city with lots of enterprises and facilities. It is a city of serious women who do not play about getting into a relationship. Dnipro women are smart and calculated; they will not be too shy when meeting a foreigner. Additionally, Dnipro has relatively high tourist rates, so there should be no problem with conversing or approaching a girl. These are the best places to meet women in Ukraine when staying at Dnipro: 

  • Yavornytsky Avenue
  • Menorah Centre
  • Lazar Globa Park


Odesa is an incredible city, flooded by overseas tourists during summer. It has spectacular views, amazing cuisine, beaches, and hot women, of course. You will be fascinated by the number of hotties per one square meter. If you want to get closer to Odesa culture, it’s best if you visit old streets, go to a marketplace, and talk to Odesa girls by the seaside. Here is where you can meet Odesa girls, as well the best places to spend time in this city: 

  • Ibiza Club 
  • Lanzheron Beach
  • Vulytsia Derybasivska


Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine, the most modern and civilized city with the most popularity. You will have no choice but to have fun here, as the amount of sightseeing will fascinate you at a first glance. Women from Kyiv seem hard to approach, but they are generally communicative and willing to meet foreigners. These ladies are always in the work mode, so hanging around business buildings might be a good idea. Here is where you can meet Ukrainian girls in Kyiv: 

  • Khreshchatyk
  • Andriyivskyy Descent
  • The Golden Gate of Kyiv
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Lviv is where almost every aspect of Ukrainian culture comes from. This city is abundant with national cuisine, music, fashion, and many Ukrainian attributes. Women from Lviv love Ukraine and support the national language. These girls and gentle and womanly, but with a European flare. Since Lviv is a modern city and a cultural capital, Lviv girls act accordingly. Here are the best places to look for these young ladies: 

  • Town Hall
  • Armenian Quarter
  • Italian Courtyard


Kharkiv is a modern city, also called the capital of science. This city has many universities and colleges, libraries and museums. It will be perfect for scholars or curious tourists. Kharkiv is one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities with natural reservations and botanical gardens. Women of Kharkiv are intelligent and willing to converse with strangers on different topics and willing to know more about any matter. It’s best if you approach these women during the daytime because the nightlife is not very popular here. These are all the places to meet women in Kharkiv: 

  • Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure
  • Botanical garden 
  • Strilka square 

These were all the places to date Ukrainian woman. Sure, Ukraine has much more to offer in terms of abundance and diversity, but you should start with the basics and ideally visit every city, listed above, to see the difference for yourself. Ukrainian women seem tough and unapproachable, but only until you decide to talk to them. 


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