Best Places to Date a Russian Woman

Most Russian girls who have ever been abroad or met foreign guests in their city have caught male indifferent glances. International dating Russian girls sites are simply swarming with singles. All this shows that Slavic girls are in great demand. Where are the best places to meet Russian brides? Let's find out!

dating Russian girls

Places to Meet Russian Women for Dating

Raising the question about dating beautiful foreign women, the Internet space comes to our minds at once. And that's right, but let's not discount the other options.

Russian Cities

To admire Russian beauties or have a love affair with them, you'd better go to cities with a population of millions. Although there are beauties in any settlement in Russia, it's just that the likelihood of meeting them in a big city is much higher. If you often go to Russia on business, you are definitely in luck. The best place to meet Russian girls is in the street. The right time for dating is from April to September because the weather is warm, and ladies aren't in a hurry to hide from the cold. Also, malls, nightclubs, and other public places are great for meeting your potential soulmate.


Many Russian companies cooperate with foreign enterprises, and most Russian girls speak fluent English. So, if you have a Russian colleague in your company’s staff, you should pay attention to them. The bigger the company is, the better the chances of meeting a nice girl for a serious relationship.

International Marriage Agencies

Such agencies are usually serious organizations that purposefully help people from different countries to get acquainted and create a family. They have real offices with a staff of interpreters, psychologists, lawyers, and photographers. As a rule, men who are really interested in finding a wife from another country use these services as they are looking for practical ways to find a girlfriend.

Social Networks

You can meet in dating groups, looking through other people's profiles, or in thematic communities. The latter option is more suitable for long-term relationships, as you already have shared interests. Don't despair if your first attempt is unsuccessful, as not all girls are ready to meet foreigners on social media.

Dating Sites and Apps

It all starts with a profile: you add a photo, write about your interests, indicate who you are looking for, and go ahead. Users say they have to wade through thousands of inadequate messages on similar platforms. But even so, some individuals manage to find a couple here for a long-term relationship.

Meet Russian Women

Where to Go on a Date with Russian Girls: Ideas to Melt Her Heart

A first date is an exciting event, but it also leaves a lot of room for your imagination. You almost don’t know each other, but a little extravagance would be great! All men who plan Russian girls dating should remember one simple truth. Ladies are so different and have various tastes. Here are a few options where you can invite your chosen one.

Horseback Riding

Romantic, elegant, free. Of course, everything begins with a lesson in so-called “driving,” and only then can you enjoy a free ride in nature. By the way, it's a great excuse to play the caring knight: jumping off a horse is much harder than climbing on it.

Tea Ceremony

You can choose Chinese or Japanese. The latter is much more challenging. Either way, the taste of tea and aromatic sticks flavored with an oriental atmosphere is sure to be memorable for both of you. And you can finish the ceremony by letting a Chinese lantern out in the sky.

Balloon Ride

It’s an unusual and romantic fairy-tale. Of course, a date at a height won’t leave anyone indifferent. Be sure to choose a place where you won’t have a dozen curious tourists in the basket: otherwise, you cannot call it a date. Make sure you have a proven instructor with you. Ask your girlfriend in advance if she's not afraid of heights.

Walking on Water Buses

That's a highly romantic event if your city has such a service. The more expensive option is a yacht trip. Just keep in mind to bring fruit, a bottle of wine or champagne. But first, clarify with your beloved one if she doesn't suffer from seasickness. The illness is able to bring to naught all your efforts when you plan to conquer Russian dating girls.

Stroll Through Old Courtyards

If a city has a rich past, which has preserved a lot of objects of the architecture of the bygone centuries, arrange a romantic walking tour with your sweetheart in the old courtyards. If desired, you can use the services of a guide. The instructors have a ready tour program, so you don't have to make anything up.


Invite your girlfriend to a concert of her favorite band or singer. Buy tickets in advance and reserve seats if needed. Your Russian bride will love it, especially if it's the first time she's ever been to a concert with her favorite musicians, and all thanks to you.

Picnic Outdoors

You can make it original by adding a little mystery. For a picnic, it's best to pick the best places for datings, such as a lake outside the city or an island on the river. By the way, don’t forget to think of a romantic reason for the date. Let it be a “meeting of the first day of summer” or “55 days since you first met.”

meet Russian girls

How to Impress a Russian Girl on a Date?

It might be tough to surprise a girl on a first date because you have no idea about her habits and quirks. But the ability to be resourceful under any circumstances is not given to every man. If you spend a little time preparing, then even the first date can become special and memorable. Both small gifts and the proper behavior will help you in this case.

Pick up an unusual place for a date

  • Get dressed stylishly
  • Change the program on the move: say that you wanted to take her to a cafe, but there is a more exciting idea
  • Give her flowers
  • Prepare a little surprise
  • Show how well-bred you are
  • Be a good listener and a good storyteller
  • Offer to pay for dinner
  • Don't be pushy
  • Don't be distracted by your cell phone

In fact, there is nothing difficult to date Russian woman. A man just needs to determine his preferences and then choose a way to communicate. Dating can be real through traveling, as well as the virtual one. But before taking serious steps, it’s worth getting to know the country's peculiarities, girls’ mentality to understand how to win their hearts. Keep in mind from the very beginning that distance may intensify feelings and create serious problems. Living in different countries or even continents, think hard about the consequences. Of course, you should not immediately refuse to talk, but take this factor into account. So then it won’t be painful from the inability to get out of your apartment or house and go on that long-awaited date.


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