Best Pickup lines to Attract a Married Woman

It's no secret that when men and women are looking for lovers, their goals are strikingly different. And an unsuccessful marriage is the main reason why women cheat on their chosen ones. And it is not always a rich, attractive macho who becomes a lover, this is quite rare, and women rarely are looking for a lover just for the sake of sex. 

She is looking for something she does not receive from her husband. Her goal is to find a person who can give her tenderness and care. Whether he is married, young, or old - it doesn't matter. The main thing is completely different: the ability to listen, sympathize, provide a strong shoulder to rely on, protect from the cruel world around. Sex in this case does not play a major role. These are the reasons dating sites are filled with married women. But if you don’t want to date married women, there are plenty of single Ukrainian women  to choose from.

best pickup lines for married woman

What attracts married women

Don't use labels. It is unlikely that such a woman can be called a slut or a whore. Cheating is rarely committed out of malicious intent, most often women are driven to this step by despair and the absence of a true friend.

Of course, it is difficult to find upsides in cheating, but they are undeniable. A woman again has someone to dress stylishly for, to do makeup, to do hairstyles, manicures, to lose weight, to shine like a diamond. She is calm in family life as well, does not require gifts and compliments. And her guilt makes her a great housekeeper. A woman becomes self-confident, relaxed, happy.

But all these advantages have a significant drawback: a family is falling apart. And before trying to save it, it is worthwhile to understand the reasons for cheating.

  • In marriage, a woman is often bored. Everyday life outweighs feelings, the need to earn money alienates a husband, making him no longer a beloved man, but some kind of a housemate. A wife needs something to do, she needs to fulfill the need for communication, affection, and tenderness.
  • Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the most serious problems of modern women. Over the years, marital sex becomes boring, habitual. Irritation accumulates, most often resulting in a search for sex on the side.
  • Boredom? Why not. Spoiled, confident in her husband's unconditional love, a female is looking for a new victim. She likes the process of conquest, seduction. With her husband, she no longer receives such emotions, and therefore gets a lover on the side.
  • Curiosity? This can be a reason for that. The usual human curiosity, the desire to try the forbidden, danger, risk, the feeling of "the wrong of what is happening" - this excites and invigorates a person.
  • And maybe the financial component is no less important. Whatever they say, this plays at least a certain role in a relationship. Money, no matter how sad it may be, is the main indicator of a man's wealth. Not because of his ability to overwhelm his beloved lady with expensive gifts, but because of his ability to provide a well-fed life for children. A woman always takes care of her offspring.
pick up lines for married girl

Why married women search for an affair?

"Thanks" to our psychological illiteracy, we are constantly trying to understand another person, putting ourselves in their place, not realizing that the other person, especially of the opposite sex, is arranged differently and it is necessary not to try making assumptions, but to find out what and how it really is. A husband unsuccessfully tries to figure out why his wife got a lover, as he looks at the situation from his point of view, based on his beliefs, views, needs. I think it will be useful to talk about the real reasons for the occurrence of such situations - to understand them correctly and prevent them in the future.

For most men, the language of emotions and feelings is not "native". Many men embody the care of their beloved woman, first of all, earning as much money by hard work as is needed to provide the family with a good standard of living: housing, a car (preferably two), shopping, overseas vacations, children's education, etc.

Due to the same psychological illiteracy, we do not know how to speak correctly in such cases; the whole conversation boils down to defending each side of their innocence and exchange of claims, which naturally ends with a quarrel. And even after reconciliation, the situation does not change, because no one understood anything, which means that the problem does not go away.

Let’s move on and list some of the best pickup lines for a married woman.

Best pickup lines to seduce married women

Making an impression on a girl is the first and most important step in conquering her. Men have to tell gentle, beautiful words, pleasant and tender compliments to a girl from time to time. How to give a girl a nice compliment? There are certain pick-up lines to attract women that you should use. Pay attention to what she is most proud of in herself and praise it or use dirty pick-up lines for a married woman which we published below.

  • You can play in films, you can be a heroine of a fairy tale, and I could give you the main role in my life!
  • You are like wine – you become more beautiful and tasty over the years.
  • You are so smart that you can be called a genius!
  • The green color of your eyes raises the tone of my entire consciousness.
  • When I see you, I feel a sense of shaking in my knees and an irresistible desire to touch, hug, and caress you.
  • When I’m with you, I want time to stop. But it, alas, flies too fast.
  • I regret that I didn’t meet you much earlier and spent so many years in vain.
  • I melt and fly away just by looking at your smile.
  • You fulfill all my dreams of the ideal girl. You are beautiful, smart, strong, and self-confident.
  • You are worthy of the whole world, but I can’t give it to you. So, I will give you the next best gift... my world.
dirty pick up lines for married woman
  • Although I didn’t feel it in reality, it seems to me that your lips are the sweetest in the world.
  • I’m crazy about your beauty! Your lips, eyes... I would look at them forever.
  • The glitter of your eyes can be compared only with the stars.
  • I don’t hope for anything, but I want you to know, your beauty seemed to me the most important decoration of this world! – These are quite intriguing pick up lines for women.
  • Thanks to you, I feel like a little joyful child in an amusement park. You are my adrenaline.
  • You have such expressive eyes and a surprisingly deep, wise look... I adore you and I like your eyes.
  • I want to become better, change for the better. I want to be worthy of your love.
  • Butterflies are fluttering in my stomach when your hands touch my face.
  • You look so gorgeous and luxurious, and at the same time, childishly naive that I’m afraid to touch you – you seem so airy and fragile.
  • You are the person for whom I want to thank my fate.

Text messages with such pick-up lines for a married girl will make her truly happy.


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