“Are Mail Order Russian Brides Real” and Other Thing to Know

It’s no secret that foreigners are in love with Russian girls. As soon as  they hear about a Russian bride, Western men imagine an enchanting tall girl and are ready to run to the ends of the earth. 

Are you afraid of international relationships? You may brush aside all doubts and the intrusive question, “Are mail order brides illegal?” and start looking for your sweetheart. Actually, this way of getting a wife is legal, popular, and has an exciting background.

 Who Are Mail Order Brides: History and Facts  

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If you think the term “mail order bride” is new and came to us in the days of the Internet, chat rooms, and international dating, you’re quite wrong. It was originated in the 1800s in the western American frontier when single men went to work there. Working hard, men felt a lack of women’s care and love. Thus, they started looking for single women in the east to build up a family. They sent letters to churches and placed advertisements in newspapers. The letter exchange lasted until a woman agreed to get married to a man. Nowadays, it's hard to imagine that a girl may marry a guy she has seen only in pictures, but that was a common thing in those days.

Are Mail Order Brides Real?

Don't believe that Russian girls aren't in trend anymore, and it's unreal to meet a Russian girl for marriage. If someone has failed in a romantic relationship, that doesn't mean you will get the same. Hundreds of happy European guys share their love stories with mail order brides Russian on social media. Getting to know a gorgeous Russian girl is even simpler than dating a woman from your country. All you need is the Internet and free time. 

Today, getting married to a mail-order bride is still popular. There are many opportunities like dating websites and apps, where you see real Russian girls who want to have a serious relationship. The main thing is to find a site with a good reputation. Every day online conversations can grow into something more.

Why Russia Is the Best Country for Mail Order Brides to Get?

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Since the 90s, a phenomenon has appeared in Russia: brides go abroad to marry a foreigner. Why do foreigners don’t mind getting married to Russian beauties and welcome them to their countries?

Russians Are Awesome

They are one of the most beautiful girls in the world who know how to take care of themselves, love their husbands, raise children and get along with their mothers-in-law. Not every European woman is capable of this.

You Can Win Over Her Easily

Russian guys have no idea how to date a girl right and don't often make grand gestures. Therefore, a Russian girl can be impressed with the lovely courtesy of a hot Western man.

Russian Women Can Love and Care

A Russian woman wants to be  loved and care about someone. Russian men can't always appreciate these efforts and take women’s caring for granted. But as we know, women need everything they do to be valued.

Seeking to Family Life 

Russian mail-order brides don’t like dating for ages. They get married quite quickly because there are more women than men in the country. It leads to an even greater desire to marry a Western man. 

Cherishing a Man

When a woman marries a Western man, she expects a good relationship and a settled life. Western men usually earn more than Russian men. As a result, foreign guys can provide a better life, increasing the family's financial security

How to Find Real Russian Mail Order Brides and Avoid Scams

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Starting a romantic relationship on the Internet is much easier than in real life. That primarily works for indecisive guys who feel uncomfortable with new people. Every girl who comes to the site has an entirely reasonable goal, and your desire to date isn't condemned here. 

If you are eager to start a serious relationship as quickly as possible, sign up for two or three trustworthy online resources to increase your chances of successful dating. 

Good Profile Is Half the Battle

When filling out your profile, you shouldn't write your full bio. Information should be brief but original, engaging, and humorous. Upload your photos. Choose clear, high-quality, and more recent images.

Read Information About Girls Carefully

Don’t send the same message to everyone in a row. You are going to stay in contact with a girl in the future. So, if you have a lot of mismatches in your profile, it can be challenging.

Be Honest

Don’t show off trying to impress a girl. She will reveal the truth anyway, and everyone will be uncomfortable. Would you feel good if a girl told you lies? There are you are, you see.

Ladies Like Interesting Interlocutors

Boredom is annoying and can kill any potential relationship. Your task is to interest and seduce the woman, not to become her friend or a dull admirer. Sharing your daily impressions is great, but avoid complaining.

Beware of Scams

Check the photo in “Google Images.” Your task is to make sure that there is no photo of the same woman under another name. You can also ask a mail-order bride to send her picture with a particular gesture or caption for you. The lady will not refuse such a whim, and the scammers won't have time for this nonsense.

Take a Closer Look at the Details

There are inconsistencies in the scammers' stories all the time. For example, if a girl says she had two sisters, she is later upset about being the only child. These trifles help to identify a scammer.

Don’t Save Money on Russian Mail Brides Cost

Don't be greed looking for a future wife. Use only reliable dating sites that really join lonely hearts, not lure money from men. Saving on the bride works not so well as you expect. But be careful: don’t send money to a girl directly if she suddenly asks you.

How Much Do Russian Mail Order Brides Cost?

There is no precise amount of money you will spend on a Russian bride. The cost can range from $5,000 to $15,000. Of course, you will not spend this sum at once. It's not too much money if you figure out what the money was spent on. That includes gifts you send to your potential girlfriend, a meeting, services of an interpreter (if you don't speak Russian, and the girl is bad at English). Moreover, you don't need to worry about how to arrange a date. A dating agency, providing you with a mail order bride, take care of everything.

Keep in mind that you have to book a hotel room because staying in Russia will take about a week or more. Money is not a big deal compared to what you get in return — a loving and affectionate life partner.

Despite the different mentality, culture, upbringing, and traditions, the Russian woman and the European man are very similar. They have the same attitude to life, family, to a person they love. That’s why millions of foreign men dream of Slavic females and spend long hours looking for the only one on the Internet and ready to cover mail order brides cost to admire her in real life. 


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