8 Signs You're Ready for Marriage: How to Know It's Time

If you have already found yourself a couple and understand that you truly love this person, then you have already thought about getting married. Starting a family is, first of all, showing a desire to be together all your life and to give each other all the love you have. But are you 100% sure that you are ready to do that?

Now we will help you to find it out and share with you 8 proven tips on how to know if you’re ready for marriage !

how to know if you’re ready for marriage

False reasons to marry

Trying to analyze if your new family will be happy, you should start with analyzing your motivation. There are various signs you're not ready for marriage, and there are numerous wrong reasons to do that. We don’t recommend you to take a big step with the wrong motivation, no matter how important your goal is.

Distribution of annoying household duties

For many men, the bachelor’s life turns into the purest hell over time. They’re sure that when they get tired of cleaning, washing, cooking themselves, then it's time to look for a wife

However, this approach often leads to disappointment: getting ready for marriage, you will never know in advance how your partner feels about this issue, and it is extremely presumptuous to expect that he will 100% meet your expectations!

Regular and trouble-free sex

A lot of young men claim that regular sex is the big reason they’ve got married! As for the older and more experienced men, they often realize that they are losing their “sexual shape” and they decide to marry the same “experienced” women.

Parents and peer pressure

Many parents consciously or unconsciously exert psychological pressure on their children and rush them to get married. Moreover, they may have the best intentions: they worry that their child will grow up, but will never find a soul mate, or that the reproductive age will end before marriage, or that relatives and friends will condemn them.

The same is true for your friends: you may feel somehow “different”, believing that all your friends have already found their perfect match and got married a long time ago.

But you will never know for sure if your friends are happily married! After all, it is better to be the last of your friends to marry than to be the first to divorce!

getting ready for marriage

What are the keys to a happy marriage?

No one is perfect; yet, some personality traits increase the chance of building a lasting happy relationship. Try to understand whether you have already developed these qualities in yourself, and if you haven’t, then it’s the best time to start doing that!

Believe us, you won’t need no “are you ready for marriage” quiz if you just check out these main keys that you are ready for marriage!

The responsibility

Taking responsibility for your relationship and family means understanding that a person is 100% responsible for his actions and their consequences, his happiness, and does not expect his partner to be responsible for that.

The positivity

The ability of one partner to respond positively to another is invaluable. We do not mean that you should blindly admire your partner or lose your ability to analyze and criticize. The point is that the partner should perceive any proposal or request constructively, as a kind of task, for which he needs to find a solution.

Focusing on the positive aspects of your partner's personality, in turn, can completely change the way you view marriage.

The acceptance

Are you asking yourself “am I ready for marriage”? To begin with, assess your willingness and ability to accept your partner. This quality enhances the sense of security. It means that the person accepts differences and the fact that his partner sees things differently.

In return, he expects his partner to be honest, open with him, and sympathetically listen to his most bizarre ideas without rejecting him. Acceptance also implies a willingness to forgive, make proposals and listen to any suggestions for correcting a situation during a conflict, and not dwell on a single option.

The willingness and ability to take care

When you are ready to get married, you are ready to take care of a loved one — his health, mood, state of mind, interests, well-being. That is, you want to help your loved one at all costs, whatever your mood and whatever your disagreements may be.

By the way, such partners always become good parents!

The ability to forgive

How to know if you’re ready to get married? One of the ways to do that is to understand if you can forgive!

All people make mistakes. Your partner may accidentally hurt or upset you, and you may even go berserk. But it's important to deal with your feelings, let them go, and move on without looking to the past.

How to know if you're ready for marriage

Sooner or later, any relationship needs to grow and reach a new level: people who love each other easily become a family and give birth to children, and if they come up with excuses, then they are not quite ready to let their relationship grow. It all depends on the priorities, desires, and goals of young partners.

You love yourself

You cannot be happy with anyone until you are completely happy with yourself!

Of course, you still have the right to doubt yourself sometimes, to ask your partner's support in some cases. But you must remember that being married means bringing two lives together, but not to fill the voids in your life!

You just feel that you’re ready!

It may sound too simple, but it’s really so. You can accept each other's flaws and still love each other. Therefore, listen to your feelings. But also, if you are feeling anxious in a relationship, there is probably a reason for this.

You are ready to compromise

Marriage implies constant working on yourself and your family. There will always be conflicts, sometimes arising from scratch due to misunderstandings.

But you will know that you are ready for marriage when you will feel that you are not afraid to compromise in a relationship. It’s not that you should indulge your mate in everything, being afraid to upset him; you will be ready to do that to find a way out of tough situations.

signs you're not ready for marriage

You can talk about serious things

If you are ready to get married, you must have good communication skills and talk about serious things that can affect your relationship and even your life. Spouses should be able to constructively discuss their common goals and ways to help them get what they want.

You can accept your partner's flaws

Over time, you may still be in love, but your partner’s traits may begin to annoy you. The only way to change the situation is to realize that your partner will never change and accept the oddities of your soul mate as part of your life.

You understand that relationships are a hard work

People love to say that true love doesn’t need extra effort, but that’s not true. Successful couples will attest to this! You will have to find compromises, work on relationships, and learn to adjust. Therefore, it is better to make sure in advance that you both have no illusions about your future.

You trust each other

“Why didn't you call me back within 10 minutes?”, “What if I take your fingerprint to unlock your iPhone?”… Is that how you want it to be?! By constantly suspecting your loved one and setting traps, you show that you feel deeply insecure about your relationship. And only if you completely trust each other, then you should seriously think about settling down.

You always miss each other when you’re apart

“I miss you” are not just words that you used to say. This is reality, even if it's only been 2 hours since you’ve been there with each other.

You want to live with your partner, you are looking forward to the end of the day to meet him? Then you might be ready!

So, are you ready for marriage?

We hope that this ready for marriage checklist will help you understand if you are ready for one of the biggest steps in your life.

Creating a family is a deal between two like-minded people, their willingness to be loyal and invest in a relationship. If you're both on the same page, then accept our congratulations!


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