7 Things You Must Know Before Dating a Divorced Woman

Divorced singles are often frowned upon by society because of their status and emotional baggage. But, no doubts, a breakup of a serious relationship reflects on any person, regardless of their gender. But women have a lot on their plate, especially ladies with children.

Still, the majority of men don’t avoid dating divorced women, and that’s excellent. But how to approach such a lady? What do they like in a relationship, and how not ruin their expectations?

dating divorced women

Should I date a divorced woman: seven things to know

If you’re asking yourself, “should I date a divorced woman?” the answer is simple: yes, you should. These ladies are no different than other single women. However, because past trauma inflicts some trust issues and hurt, you must be careful when dating a divorcee. What things should you expect from a woman whose marriage ended possibly not on the best terms?

She might be cautious from the beginning

People tend to become closed off after a breakup, and that’s normal. And if it brought more trauma and financial instability, no wonder the woman you’re seeing will be cautious. The problem here isn’t you, it’s the avoidance of the same relationship pattern over and over again. No one wants to be hurt twice, that’s why your road may start bumpy.

She might deal with emotional baggage

Because breakups, especially those that end with a divorce, lead to inevitable traumatizing, the effects might last while the relationship already withered away. Even if you attract a divorced woman, she might remember the past connection as a flashback, with good and bad memories in mind. Don’t be mad at her because time heals anything.

The standards are higher

Women after divorces go through an immense amount of healing and self-reflection. It’s not easy to come to a balanced state of mind after years of trepidation. Your girl might seem “in a zone” for some time, but it’s a direct consequence of shadow work.

should I date a divorced woman

She is responsible and mature

Believe it or not, marriage is always a journey. Whether you like it or not, this lady already came as a formed human being with a set of particular characteristics. While you might not succeed in changing a person, a relationship with a divorced woman is times easier because she has a clear vision of a productive connection. This lady knows what domestic quarrels would most likely lead to a fight, so she knows the best ways to avoid them. Additionally, she will be responsible and a good partner in crime.

She strives for a relationship on a new level

Because divorce puts an imprint on anyone’s life, everyone tends to avoid mistakes of the past. For example, if her ex-partner used to be solely a lover, but not a good friend, this lady would like to acquire more characteristics of a relationship. Her next lover should be a friend, a helper, and a soulmate in one person. Consequently, your relationship will be multi-faceted and thriving because now it has more sides to it.

She takes no BS

People don’t separate for no reason. Because in broken families lying takes place frequently, your lady won’t tolerate big and small lies. And because deception is annoying, petty, and childish, she would rather cut to a chase than beating around the bush. If you attract a divorced woman, it will require some work to keep her around.

She is open and sexually active

Researches show that couples before the divorce have a low sex drive and problems in bed. Consequently, meeting a new partner always sparks up a new side of a woman’s sexuality, especially if the new guy is decent and gentle. If you manage to seduce a divorced woman, she will show her experience and sexuality in her best.

How to attract and seduce a divorced woman

Attracting and wooing a recently or long-divorced lady wouldn’t be as easy as working with a clean slate. All in all, it requires some psychological knowledge, wisdom, and patience. Here are all the essential tips for dating a divorced woman dating:

Be whoever her ex wasn’t

You don’t have to know all the details of her past relationship to realize that every marriage ends the same way. When partners don’t understand each other, conflicts happen every day, becoming frequent – almost a norm. Understand that you have to be a good listener to woo any lady. Be funny, less jealous, more supportive – people love the same things. All in all, everything we care about is a deep understanding of our nature, compassion, and a gentle attitude.

Ask her more questions

Try to read between the lines when she’s talking about her past marriage. Even if you don’t want to hear about it, it’s best to use this information as study material. Realize what things triggered her the most (alcoholism, child neglect, abuse,) and never do the offensive stuff that leads to an initial breakup.

attract a divorced woman

Respect women

The shortest guide to dating a divorced woman reduces to a simple rule: love every woman, not just the one you date. It doesn’t mean that you have to sleep with all of them. You must love her mother, the waitress, a TV speaker, every female on a soul level. Understanding the way women operate, what annoys and frightens them, will lead to a deeper understanding of relationships as a whole. If a lady finds you stable and secure to be around, she will simply forget about the past lover and give herself a chance to have a new life.

Be fair about the relationship

If you think she’s only good as a one-night-stand, at least confess your intentions from the beginning. You don’t want to lead a recently divorced lady to more trauma. If you are not ready for a stable relationship, be open without fear of losing her. You’re ultimately doing God’s work by confessing the truth.

Let her deal with divorce outtakes herself

Even if, judging by her stories, her ex was a jerk, there is no need for you to beat his face, threaten a man and become a third party. Let the past be past. Allow your date to deal with the consequences of a past relationship herself with all the respect you can provide. Be by her side whenever she needs your moral support, but don’t butt into their business without invitation.

Main don’t’s of divorced woman relationships

There are some things you should never do to a divorced woman. These are general rules about things you should avoid when dating a marrige is broken. Don’t:

  • Compare yourself to her ex
  • Blame her for past mistakes
  • Shame for having more experience
  • Bring up her ex too much
  • Become jealous and suspicious if they still have to meet to handle business
  • Flake on her
  • Be mean and stubborn
  • Be afraid of financial entanglement

Here are all the basic things you need to know when dating a lady after a divorce. You have every chance to create something beautiful because it’s always darkest before dawn. Be mindful, kind, and you will receive the woman of your dreams in no time.


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