50 Best Pickup Lines for Online Dating

In today's world, most romantic acquaintances take place online. It would seem what is so difficult about that? You find the profile of a beautiful girl, write to her, and that's it, she is yours. But it is not all that simple. Modern girls know their worth and are used to screw over the guys by the dozen a day. So, you should learn how to cope with the competition if you want to win over a lady's heart. And the best online pickup openers are just what you need!

best pick up lines for online dating

First message rules

Before you start communicating online, decide whom you are going to chat with – study the profile pages of female users. It's better to pay attention to those women who have signed up on a dating site a short time ago and do not yet enjoy great popularity among guys.

The most important thing to learn when dating online is that girls do not fall for all men who text them. In particular, they do not respond to trivialities such as "Hello, how are you?", "What are you doing?" – pretty ladies receive dozens of similar messages and do not pay attention to them at all, simply because they are not interested.

To make a girl answer you, you need to introduce some intrigue and arouse her curiosity. So, you can write something similar to one of the best OkCupid pickup lines: "Hi, I know an interesting thing about you." Of course, a lady will be unable to resist the temptation to find out what you know. Women are very curious by nature and such messages will not leave anyone indifferent. However, there is no need to turn every message into a play on words. This is necessary at the initial stage when you need to spark the interest of a girl you like. After that, you can already discuss various general topics.

Online pickup lines that work

There is a whole storehouse of great online pickup lines to conquer any girl. But you should keep in mind that every lady is an individual, so choose words that are appropriate exactly for your interlocutor, and do not just copy and paste random pickup lines. Yes, yes, you have to work a little for your future happiness. To achieve guaranteed success in online dating, you need to know what to write to a girl in the first message. Let’s get started!

Casual pickup lines

  • I usually do not meet girls on the Internet, but I could not resist your beauty.
  • I'm sorry to burst in on you like this, but I will not be able to continue living if I do not say that you are gorgeous.
  • I apologize for not getting in contact with you before now. I think we match each other perfectly well.
  • I've been trying to think of what to write to you for half an hour, but all my thoughts are only about your beauty.
  • I want you to be the owner of my life.
  • If I had not turned on the computer, I would not have known about you. It’s terrible, isn't it?
  • You have a flawless figure and I'm pretty sure that a light dessert for dinner tonight will do no harm to you. Where do you prefer to meet?

casual pick up lines

Original pickup lines

  • I decided to buy a costume for my pug. Can you help with the choice?
  • I’m writing a novel about the desires of girls. Can you share any secret information with me?
  • I'm afraid to oversleep, can you wake me up with a phone call in the morning?
  • Your photos are so hot that they will melt the ice of the Arctic Regions.
  • I'm a seller of happiness, but I'll give it to you for free.
  • Today, I consulted the dictionary of synonyms and saw your name next to the word "beauty."
  • Could you tell me which animal is better to get – an iguana or a chameleon?

Cute pickup lines

  • I know your name and that you have gorgeous hair, let me learn more about you.
  • I did not believe in love and fate, but when I saw you, something has changed in me.
  • I'm afraid that fate will no longer be so favorable to me and will not give me a second chance to meet you, so let's get acquainted now?
  • What do you dream about? My dream has already come true – I found you.
  • If I had a choice between a million dollars and endless life, I would choose a minute to communicate with you.
  • Have we met anywhere before? I think I saw you in my dream.

Intellectual pickup lines

  • Hey! Do you think love is simple chemistry or something more?
  • You know, I’m a lawyer, and for the sake of your beauty, I’m ready to cover up a crime of any gravity.
  • Do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen? Let's take care of our health and meet in real life.
  • I saw you and my heart began to beat faster. I hope this is love, not arrhythmia.
  • I dream of being in 30% of those people who found their soul mate on the Internet, can you help me?
  • Hey. The longest kiss in the world lasted 36 hours. Let's break the record?
  • Do you know what can be faster than light? Thoughts about you.

best online pick up lines

Funny pickup lines

  • What are your plans for tonight? Let me change them.
  • Let me chat with you all night, I'm afraid of the dark.
  • Do you sing in the choir? Me neither. I know we have a lot in common.
  • I'm not a local, please tell me how to get to your house.
  • Hawaiian pizza or pepperoni? Let's go to the pizzeria.
  • When I looked through your photos, my cat purred approvingly. Maybe this is a sign of fate..
  • I have an exciting life and I would like to spend it with you.

For shy guys

  • I'll be brief. My name is Alexander and I like you.
  • Will you let me make you happy?
  • I won't forgive myself if I don't get to know you.
  • I won't be able to sleep all night if you don't answer me.
  • Do you believe in true love? Can you tell me how it feels?
  • Is it better for a guy to be handsome or smart? And which one do you want to see next to you?

For Tinder

  • I suck getting to know girls, so I'm going to counter Tinder's tendency and invite you to take the first step if you don't mind this.
  • There is too little beauty in the world, post your photos more often.
  • What did such a cute girl forget on this site?
  • How does it feel to be the prettiest girl on the site?
  • I see you aren’t going to take the first step… So, I will do it. Let's get acquainted.

For him

  • Hello! I’m conducting a sociological survey. Tell me please: would you like to drink a cup of coffee with a girl like me?
  • You are so handsome that I want to become a person who hugs you in difficult times.
  • Excuse me, could you tell me where to find a man who looks like you? It just seems to me that you are very close to the ideal. 
  • Sorry, could you call me on the phone? I can't find it anywhere – I'm afraid it was stolen!
  • You have a wonderfully athletic body! Can you pose for me? I’m working on a statue of Apollo. 


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