5 Best Countries to Date a Woman From

Are you looking for a wife? You need to take a responsible approach to this issue because it is best to get married once and for all. So, where can you find the one? What is the best country to meet a wife ?

Best Countries to Date a Woman From

1. Russia

This is one of the best countries to find a girlfriend. The culture of relationships between men and women in the USSR affected the current customs of the inhabitants of the already post-Soviet space. Russian girls pay special attention to their appearance and behavior during the courtship stage as these are important factors. Russian women are caring, they support their men, they are kind and their maternal instincts are so developed.

To please a Russian girl, you should think over the organization of a date. Russian women appreciate the guys who make a reservation in a restaurant, buy cinema tickets, and pay the dinner bill. On the first date, you can kiss a Russian woman on the cheek and give her flowers. It almost doesn’t matter how you approached a girl and what you said. The girl evaluates you visually, first of all. If a Russian girl is initially friendly and responds well to your jokes, it means that she likes you. Wedding traditions in Russia are a mixture of old Russian rituals, traditions of the Soviet period, and Western influences. Although many couples prefer to celebrate their weddings in a Western manner, most of the spouses adhere to classical traditions.

When you start living together, you need to discuss and share responsibilities. Everyone should have their personal space, although you live under the same roof. It is worth knowing that living together doesn’t “kill” romance in a relationship if you truly love each other.

2. Ukraine

Beautiful Ukrainian women  are famous not only for their impeccable appearance but also for their benevolence, sincerity, and openness. They have some kind of special warmth in everything: in their gaze, demeanor, gait, and even gestures. In addition, many representatives of this nationality consider family well-being more important than career and financial wealth.

Ukraine is the best country to find a girlfriend. Ukrainian girls are open to new acquaintances both on the Internet and in real life. Every girl dreams of a kind, noble, and sincere man. You have to respect a woman, treat her opinions and feelings with understanding. On a date with the girl, behave naturally, and don’t try to seem someone you are not. Your decency and honesty will be a signal for her to continue dating.

Times are changing, and now many newlyweds are trying to revive ancient traditions. According to the statistics of the registry office, summer is the most active wedding season. In the wedding ceremony, newlyweds still try to combine both the obligatory registration at the registry office, the celebration itself, and completely pagan customs – theft of the bride or ransom.

When you move in together, consider the various options for your future coexistence. Maybe you are not yet quite ready for this step and it is better to take a time-out now than do it after you start living together.

Countries to Date a Woman From

3. South Korea

Well, South Korea is also among the best countries to meet a wife. A woman is a “delicate flower”. She is fragile and innocent in the minds of Koreans. Big round eyes, soft facial features, blush, and small pouches under the eyes create a cute, naive look. At the same time, an almost childish face is combined with a feminine figure.

In South Korea, you definitely need to clarify whether you are really dating or not. A man often spends time with a girl without responsibility, so Korean women prefer to clarify this way: “From today, 1 official day of our relationships.” Now he is an official boyfriend.

In Korea, 3:3 or 5:5 group dates are common. This method is popular among students at universities (they are 17-20 years old). For older people, dating usually occurs as 1:1 because they are already tired of all sorts of games and want a more serious meeting.

Usually, there are no couples where a man is shorter than a girl. They have a common ideality of the opposite sex: for men, a beautiful girl shouldn’t be thicker than him, and for women, a man should be taller than her. Yes, appearance is very important.

A Korean wedding is not just a union of two loving hearts but a real sacrament, overflowing with various traditional rites. This is a real union of the two families. The main feature of a Korean wedding is that the newlyweds don’t kiss on it at all since this is strictly prohibited by law.

In Korea, people usually live with parents, and it is not customary to introduce a soulmate to parents before a serious relationship/marriage. So, they don’t live together before the wedding. But the next day after the wedding, a wife traditionally begins with rice cooking and cleaning. She must feed the whole family and clean the house.

4. The USA

Are you still wondering where to find a nice woman? The USA is one of the best countries to find a wife! Communicating with American women sometimes evokes mixed feelings. Even though you may be familiar with American culture and their behavior from films, communicating with them, you will be definitely surprised. American women look very nice. They are educated and cultured enough. Moreover, they love sports and have amazing shapes.

American girls themselves pay their bills in cafes and nightclubs. Strong and independent women often take matters into their own hands and take the first step in dating. As a result, it is much easier to approach them and start communication. And by the way, if we are talking about best lovers by country, then the USA is a leader in this matter.

American women are in no hurry to marry, and they rarely think about starting a family until 30-years-old. In the United States, no one will judge a girl by the age of 25 who has not married and has not given birth to children since it is not customary in society to interfere with a person’s personal life.

Residents of the States are principled people, and they rarely break the rules. There are many American wedding rules. The ceremony itself has two stages. From the first stage (the engagement) to the second stage (the wedding) it can take at least six months.

Before you start living with an American girl, try to have a heart-to-heart talk. Sit down and make a list of what you like and what you don’t like. After that, you can take turns reading your notes, discussing them. Surely, you will see potential problems in the future. So, make sure that they don’t arise. Thus, you will have a minimum of conflicts in the future, which means that the relationship will be more harmonious.

Best Countries to meet a wife

5. France

French women have a special charm. They obviously know a certain secret, inaccessible to the rest. How else to explain the magnetism they radiate? French women are very freedom-loving ladies. For them, a priority is career and personal development. They are in no hurry to get married and have children. Do you know that France is considered one of the best countries for interracial dating? Yes, it is not easy to persuade a French woman to have a date. The local girl is unlikely to plunge headlong into a short-term romance. She decides whether you are suitable for her or not. And it sometimes takes an unusually long time to make a decision. If you fall in love with a local lady, then get ready to conquer her.

On the first date, French women will definitely appreciate how much a man is interested in their inner world, work, or hobbies. After all, the choice of an attentive soulmate, with whom she is united by common ideals and aspirations, is the guarantee of a happy relationship. French women will give preference to successful men with a good profession, firmly knowing what they want in life. The ideal candidate for continuing a relationship should be well-dressed, be able to choose a pleasant place for a first date, and, of course, come on time.

As a rule, a wedding in France is done according to the following scenario: on Saturday, the newlyweds sign at the municipality, then relatives from both sides are invited to celebrate the significant event. A week later, they get married in the church, after which a luxurious celebration begins with a considerable number of guests.

When you start living with a French woman, she will organize your life so that it doesn’t take too much time. The housekeeper comes in once or twice a week to do the cleaning. A simple dinner is prepared quickly or ordered home. French women devote their free time to communication with their loved ones. Taking an active part in the social life on an equal basis with men, French women can always give a spouse valuable advice if he has problems at work. They do this as delicately as possible, without imposing their opinion.


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